G'day from the land of the dreamtime

Looking forward to exploring this website and fellow lovers of dreams.

Born in Australia, and after years of travel, i realize how much I love it here.
Although i have often wondered, “hmm, if I lived in a situation i didn’t enjoy so much, would it make me a better meditator and dreamer?” - by virtue of the uncomfortability…

Times at work and undesirable situations always summon the most presence for me.
I found this network via podcasts interviewing Andrew holoceck, and have enjoyed realizing that listening to podcasts on dreaming seems to do the best job of keeping me present and aware of the dreamlike/illusory nature of reality.

The earliest aware dreams that i can recall date back to around the age of 4-5. And through a life of dedicated practice (and being somewhat ungrounded and probably a little too spacey), i discovered i was grasping for lucid and astral dreams in the same manner as one might grasp after a fancy car or drug.

My current practice is to not hold onto any experience. yet this appears to decrease aware moments currently as a result of less diligence I’m assuming…

Anyways, that is a loose introductory biography. I look forward to connecting more with everyone.

feel free to say Hi and share some insights if you feel, advice on navigating this page, or just general chit chat for the love of awareness



Great to have you here. Are you coming online for any of Andrew’s webinars or taking advantage of his many interviews/dialogues over the past few years? You’ll find a very eclectic sangha here which is most evident during the online Zooms which include the Monday meditations, Sleep Doctor talks, Q&A with Andrew and the Book Study Group, currently focusing on Andrew’s Dream Yoga book.

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Hi Barry,
Yeh I will for sure be browsing around. Last night though simply enjoyed the dream journal section.
I have been slowly digesting the dreams of light book. It really provides the deeper insights into nature of mind and dream yoga, which is exactly the direction I have been wanting to move for a few years. Just never found any writings that really resonated…

Any other books on the dream yoga topic you may recommend?


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I’m a fan of Charlie Morley’s Dreaming Through the Darkness, and I’ve attended both online and in-person retreats with him—Andrew also has a couple of good dialogues with him in the interview series. There are many others including one by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep) who is coming out with a newer edition of his book soon, so we’re told it’s worth the wait for the update. I’m sure other Night Clubberz will chip in with their suggestions too.


Awesome Barry, thanks very much for those gems. :relaxed::pray:

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Hi @hanuman

Welcome to our community, we are so glad you’ve joined us! I absolutely love when new members introduce themselves because I find it so fascinating to see where everyone is from. Australia is one of the many places on my bucket list! My name is Alyssa and I am one of the admins here. I saw that you were asking about other book recommendations and wanted to let you know that under the recordings that are posted here, I list any books that Andrew happens to mention during each session along with the links to directly access them. As you browse around I am sure you’ll see those. If you need anything or have any questions please let me know, I’m here to help.

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Amazing thanks very much for your help.
Yes keep Australia on your bucket list… And when the time comes I’ll give you the best locations :blush:

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Always interested in mining opal in Goober Peady . . . .

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Yes Cooper peady is a peculiar place. With lots of beautiful earth. There is also a spot in Queensland named lightening Ridge, which is popular for opal.
Which country do you live?