Introducing myself from Seattle

I have been taking Andrew’s dream yoga online course at Tricycle and found this community after a bit of searching. Lovely to virtually meet all of you!

I have been a questioner of reality all my life from the very first dream I ever remembered (i am in a field where wheat has just been harvested and i ‘pop’ the image with a pin, waking up) at age 4 to the present. Generally people have looked at me as if I’m an alien or nuts when I’ve tried to explain what I now recognize as a perception of the illusory form of reality, but previously tried to articulate as ‘but how do you know any of this is actually real?’

I look forward to meeting you and learning from this thoughtful, curious, and courageous community.


Welcome to the Night Club! I had a similar experience. I took Andrew’s Dream Yoga class at Tricycle, mostly because I thought it would help me with insomnia. I never realized how deep and how far he would go.The online experience led me to register for one of his in-person retreats (Sedona) and found the follow-up to be very special. In addition I like this online website, full of interviews, resources and excellent lucid dreaming suggestions.

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Welcome, so glad you found your way here! I’m Alyssa and I help moderate so please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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