Another article on this virtual reality dreamscape we live in

“A study of people’s color awareness has shown that we see surprisingly little color in our periphery and that the brain actually constructs much of our sense of a colorful world.”


I always thought it a bit odd when Apple bragged that its monitor could display 16.7 million colors. I had trouble with the first hundred thousand, let alone 16.7 million.


Great article…thanks for posting it.

“…our perception of reality is based largely on what the brain “expects” us to see. It may be, therefore, a cleverly weaved network of predictions informed by what we know to be true from our past experiences.”

Ah yes…good ol’ karmic conditioning. :wink:


Same for sound. A friend asked (facebook) about the widest possible frequency range and listed headphones she was considering. All were outside the human capacity to hear, but she was willing to spend a lot more for it.

And what about our ‘personal filters?’ I’m ashamed to admit how many times I’ve heard what I wanted to hear and not what was said. Shows how present I’m not:confused: