Awake Academy Dream Summit Review of Andrew's Interview

Awake Academy Summit

A couple of weeks ago the Awake Academy, anchored in Great Britain, held a massive virtual gathering of many Lucid Dreaming experts, hosted by Charlie Morley, a charismatic, adroit, lucid dreaming teacher. For premium members, you can hear Andrew’s earlier interview with him here, one of the first in the Night Club series. I’ve been to in-person retreats with both of them, just a month apart last summer, and it is brilliant to hear their interplay a year later. The four day “Summit” was divided into distinct strands, Day 1-Lucid Dream Healing, Day 2-Tibetan Dream Yoga, Day 3-Shamanic Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences and Day 4-Lucid Dreaming In-Depth. The Summit was free during those four days, but recorded as a paid content for later viewing. Smart move.

I actually didn’t listen to any of the presentations until the very last day, the very last one, which was a live Q&A with several of the expert presenters. Since I had prepaid last month ($49) I have “lifetime” access to the online materials and several bonus materials, as well. The Q&A was amazing, and I will try to post a summary of that and perhaps a few others later because it will help me to review the dialogues and remember so much more of the remarkable material covered. For the Q&A, for the first part each of the presenters was encouraged to ask questions of one of the other experts. It was fun because their questions were deep and lateral-thinking in scope with a touch of admiration for their colleague’s different areas expertise.

For his Dream Summit interview Andrew’s topic ostensibly was “Dream Yoga and Death” and Charlie interviewed him with the same sharp, deeo-dive questions that made the entire retreat a cut or more above most online programs that I’ve experienced before. Having taken three separate Bardo classes from Andrew I thought I had heard most of the most common themes that he weaves into his talks, but this interview with Charlie was something else and I was glad to be surprised. Andrew’s responses were quite illuminating. I’m thinking that after hearing him speak for a long time and working through dreams at night, some realizations have actually stuck, and I can connect to them through my own experience.

The interview itself was almost a mirror of how Andrew approaches his dialogues posted on Nightclub where both participants combine to make a 1+1=3 experience.

“Do you really believe this stuff?” Charlie questioned.

Andrew replied, “The problem of proof? I’m more than willing to go there.” He did!

I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew’s response as he tied together five or six disparate ideas and experiences into a legitimate explanation for the self-evident knowledge he shares with such passion. Charlie asked him about Lucid Living and how Dream Yoga fits into that. Andrew became very Andrew-animated and left Charlie almost speechless. If you ever met Charlie, you know how rare that is.

He looked at Andrew and blurted out, “When can I go to bed? It takes a lot to re-inspire me but your enthusiasm is coming through the screen!” He also volunteered, “You’re making me excited to die! Well, maybe 10%, not quite ready to go yet."

There is so much here that it would be great if Andrew could get permission to post this interview to the Night Club site.