Couldn't get admitted to tonight's Meditation Group

Tonight, September 6, I couldn’t join the meeting. Please advise why. I find it usually takes a long time to admit everyone but tonight I wasn’t admitted at all.
~ Evelyn

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Neither was I nor was Stephanie from the website. So I went in on my iPhone and it said September 13, so I assumed it was cancelled for Labor Day, the US holiday but not changed on the website. Growing pains. Maybe every other week? Last week Andrew said the Hangouts will be bi-weekly so none this week I assume.

Thanks Barry. Yes perhaps a holiday but I don’t recall Andrew saying anything about it last week.

The hangouts on Thursday will now be bi-weekly? I missed last Thursday’s so I did not hear Andrew tell about it there. I have not seen any notification of it on the site. I also tried to get into the meditation group and didn’t know why I couldn’t get in.

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Barry, Thanks for mentioning that the Thursday hangout is now bi-weekly.