Schedule blips?

Hello dreamers,

Not sure who to address this to but I am feeling a bit confused about changes in scheduled activities. I have not been able to get into the Monday night meditations. It appears that the Thursday Hangout has not occurred for two (or is it three?) weeks running. I only heard rumor of that being told at a hangout I couldn’t make, so it was confusing.

The beloved Tuesday night bookclub has been postponed without clarity as far as i have been able to see on when or if it will resume. Touching base through Dr Ed’s monthly meeting and following discourse on the community board solely remain stable.

Sat movie night and Sunday Dream group have gone away and I understand why. Beloved Andy has moved on with no clarity as yet on how he will be replaced. All these things together, I am beginning to feel untethered to this wonderful sangha. Am I the only one floating out here?

Are we experiencing temporary blips due to personal transitions? Are we to expect the weekly activity schedule to be less abundant than it was over the last year in an ongoing way? Am I the only one feeling a bit sad about these changes and wondering if some clarification might help?

I understand things go through cycles and change. Hoping to see a return to the vibrance and connected weekly treasure trove of the amazing teachings and wonderful sangha connection on Zoom meetings on Night Club.