Don't need drugs to trip out

not sure about you but i’ve had some real Dharma dreams ,hyper real, without taking chemicals .
i enjoy the odd roll up when on vacation & addicted to coffee but the chakras whan activated take us to different realms.
maybe i should try drugs?
only with a qualified master who could travel with me on a conscious plane.
does HH Dalai Lama use chemical enhancements - i’m thinking he probably doesn’t need any


I wouldn’t recommend that anyone take psychedelic drugs (it sounds like that’s what you’re referring to) outside of a safe and legal context – luckily both contexts (and the crucial Venn diagram overlap between them) are gradually becoming more common. Psychedelics are strong medicine and definitely not for everyone but for some people they can be an important part of a spiritual path and/or useful for psychological growth.

You may be interested in the book Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics, which presents a diverse array of opinions on the topic. Pretty sure the Dalai Lama isn’t in to dropping acid or whatever, but there are some on the spiritual path that do, and a lot of people first got interested in Buddhism that way.

I found the original edition of Zig Zag Zen quite interesting when it was published back in 2002; evidently there is a much more recent edition (link).



LOL, who doesn’t/ isnt?!?!

they are a DOUBLE EDGED sword. Caffeine is on my shit list, and I realize now just how highly addictive that substance is, AND how horribly it affects my sleep and Meditations.

The good that can come from different drugs is that they can block some areas of the brain, which allows you to get in touch with others. BUT they should not be your endgame.

This is a deep thought that took me a while to wrap my head around: the drugs really are not ADDING anything to the brain that is not already there, they are SUBTRACTING.

they are helpful in showing people what the brain is truly capable of when some areas are quieted, or subdued.

Andrew has a great quote in one of his videos, where he said something like: Nirvana is the natural state, we are just conditioned in life to let Samsara cloud it.

I think drugs can sometimes help see through the clouds of Samsara, if being used for a higher purpose ( not to escape reality, or numb pain, but do Research and Development into the nature of mind/(reality))