Dream Yoga book study group and recordings?

Hello All,

Is there a recording for the first Dream Yoga Book Study Group? I am on European time so I will not attend this live.

I do not see anything in the NC Community but I might be missing something other than patience?


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@braddon I don’t know but you might want to ping @Night.Club or @AlyssaModerator (Alyssa)

This link just appeared in today’s email.


Were you able to get the recording?


Plays well, thanks . . . . . .

Excellent. Thank you. It might be wise to start a new category for Dream Yoga here:

I appreciate you already including the book page suggested for the talk since they do not correlate. Well done.


I’d also appreciate an updated link of the latest (October) Webinar-Series like the stages of dream yoga, Q+A with Andrew, Ask the sleep doctor etc. Thanks!

Let me see what I can do!

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Thanks soooooo much for managing these lovely teachings. I mentioned this above but there is a missing section under community where a Book Study Group new category would be nice to organize for the Dream Yoga Book Study Group.

I can find the first two links to the talks here. Thank you.

But it would be appropriate to have it also under NC Community then click categories then Book Study Group. https://community.nightclub.andrewholecek.com

Thanks. You are doing an amazing job.


Hey Brandon!
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I thought I was able to create another Topic in the group but unfortunately I was incorrect. I am going to pass this along again and make sure we get it up! Sorry about that again, but thank you for reminding me.

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Got it fixed! Thanks again for reminding me and being patient