Book Study Group

I hadn’t been on the book study group in awhile but thought I attended 2 weeks ago and Andrew had finished a book. But when I look at the group it looks like Dream Yoga is still being read. Does anybody have any insights? Thanks.


Book finished.

Preparing To Die is next.

I think it is starting in next week, or a few weeks.


Thanks. I Like all Andrew’s books but Preparing was my introduction to him so it holds a special place for me and I don’t want to miss it! I was looking all over the site to find the link to the book club meeting.It was a pretty mind blowing book for me and I’ve been hooked ever since.


I just cracked it open for the firest time a few weeks ago, only read a few pages, but was really impressed, it may end up being the best book he has written so far.

Yeah the zoom links can be tough to find sometimes. See you at Book Club.


Here is the link to find the Dream Yoga recorded links.

I usually navigate to all the material easiest via the NC Community by clicking it in the title bar. Then I drop down with all the sections appear. You will need to scroll slightly in the pop down to get to the Book Study Group. It is slightly confusing because Dream Yoga goes from “Book Study Dream Yoga: 36” - “Book Study Dream Yoga: 43 & 44”. The numbering includes the “Book Study Lucid Talisman Forgotten Lore: 37-42” in the Dream Yoga Section.

This is site is overwhelming with good information and must be impossible to organize so many different sections. We will keep looking out for each other and make it through.


I asked the Moderator to update this so this might be out dated.