Does anyone know about the Book Study Group?

I thought Andrew was going to do a Book Study Group on the Dream Yoga book. The Book Study page still shows “A walk in the woods” which I thought was over. Also is there a way to read the weekly schedule from this website. I can’t find it. Do you have to sign up for it somehow? Thanks for any assistance. I am totally lost on this site!


The Book Study Group will start next month, October 14, as announced in this email. Looks like you didn’t receive the message so I’ve shared it. Hope this helps


We sent out a general update newsletter last week, seems some folks did not get it – perhaps check your promo folder?


Thanks for your interest in the Book Study group. If you are a premium Night Club member, no registration is required. If you are a Free Member, the cost is $99.

For premium members, all you have to do on Oct 14 is log-in to Night Club,

then go to this page

Then click on the “JOIN LIVE ON ZOOM” button:
Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 4.55.35 PM.png

We will see you there!

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Looking forward to the book Study Group and how Andrew augments his work with new information and thoughts and additional references. Thursday, 8:00PM Eastern.