Dreams bleeding into waking reality

Just curious if anyone has this happening to them. Almost everyday during mundane activities ( i.e. washing dishes) I get a flashback into a dream from the night before. Most of the time it only lasts maybe ten seconds or so, sometimes up to a minute. Is there a name for this? Is it a sign of progress? I haven’t heard Andrew mention this before in his materials.


I’ve heard Andrew refer to this before as well as others mentioning recalling things from dreams during the day, happening in unrelated “mundane” moments. You mention “almost everyday,” is this for days, weeks, years? I’ve had it happen intermittently a few times, nothing regularly, so I imagine if this flashback helps you recall your dreams during the day and then you write them down, that’s a good thing.

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For the last several weeks. About a year ago, I was spending lots of time logging my dreams and achieved lucidity a few times. Then the “bleeding” began. It happened a few times while driving my car and it freaked me out a bit, so I stepped back from focusing on the lucid dreaming. About a month ago, I just tried intending to lucid dream at night and it is happening again. That is the only technique, just a mild intention. Now the bleeding is occuring again. It is not frightening, just a bit weird in that two realities are simulantaneously happening and I can choose which one to focus on ( or pay attention ).

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Do you do any Dharma practice or regular meditation?

Hey Paul, happens to me too when I’m in a relaxed setting and basically “day dreaming”. Without knowing for sure, I would say that it is a result of “thinning” the barrier between dream consciousness and daytime consciousness states, which is what we are doing when logging our dreams in a journal, etc.

Personally, I think that these type of daydreams can be fun and helpful, as long as the daytime situational seeting is alright (e.g. sitting on the couch and relaxing), but, I think this should happen on one’s own terms.
On one’s terms would include for me consciously opting to have a lucid (!) daydream, i.e. consciously observing one’s daydream while it is happening in contrast to a regular daydream where one tends to be not so lucid.

I don’t remember which teacher it was who advised in one of the books that it was good to write down the dreams but also important to then let the dreams go and not dwell on them.

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Yup. primarily Shamatha with breath as the object on cushion and then lots of informal meditation off cushion with Tonglen/Four Immeasurables/ Open Awareness.

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