Daytime reality checks, examples of weird or dreamlike experiences?

Hi all,
I am new to this community and eager to learn from others here. I have had success being aware while dreaming and very slightly affecting the dream - for example i can consciously speed myself up if I am being pursued.

Andrew in his tricycle dream class suggests doing a state or reality check during the day to help gain lucidity at night. I can do this (looking at text or my hand) to a cue like when the phone rings or a text comes in. But I’m not getting doing it when something weird happens because I’m not sure what constitutes ‘weird’ or dreamlike.

If you have some good examples of this daytime weirdness, would you be willing to share? Or any other suggestions to go from witnessing to full lucidity.
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I’ve had some success with “All Day Awareness,” rather than using dream signs. This is probably why I miss so many dream signs. My go—to sign is putting my hand through a wall. However, last week I put my finger through my arm, my hand through a wall and then my head through a brick building. Definitely lucid!

I found this article posted on Reddit to be a good description of ADA and when I remember, I try to practice it. The info is typically Reddit, so taken with a grain of (garlic) salt.

Thanks for that article, it was very helpful! As a long time mediator, i am quite familiar with the concept of awareness. As I write this I’m realizing that my practice is most often shamatha, peaceful abiding, which is in essence a witnessing practice so it makes sense that i do that in dreams as well already (that was very cool to realize! Thanks for helping me get there).

I wonder if the step i need to add is an ‘action’ step.
The daytime sequence might go: I’m aware that i am not sleeping. Now I’m going to do something i have to be awake to do (e.g., read something or sit quietly). The night time sequence might go: I’m aware i am dreaming. Now I’m going to do something i have to be dreaming to do (e.g., walk through a wall, fly).


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Andrew and others often talk about how important “intent” is. Charlie Morley emphasizes a sankalpa (dream plan) which is a detailed intention for what to do after getting lucid. In his retreats he has participants write their sankalpas, draw them and even act them out, all to help grease the skids for when we go into sleep. I’ve had a few dreams where I remembered my intent and sometimes I am able to do it (fly into space) but sometimes I just forget the intent in the excitement of being lucid. I remember one time where I was determined to do some healing and as soon as I became lucid I did something quite different and the dream responded by collapsing all around me, which I interpreted as a result of not keeping up my end of the bargain. I also have sleep/insomnia problems so that’s in the mix as well.

Note: see this thread for some ideas

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Thank you for sharing that, I have not heard of that technique before, and it sounds like it is spot on. Looking forward to testing that out.

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