Goody! I went through concrete pillar

Celebrating my first baby steps with gratitude.
2 nights ago, I was watching dream images while falling asleep and turned 2 of them into dreams:

There is a dog.
I become lucid and remember to look at it. It is medium-sized, tawny in colour and no particular breed. Does not seem to have a collar.
There are 2 pillars. This is the void deck of a block of HDB flats.
The dog passes between the two pillars and goes off.
But before it does so, it pees and leaves a puddle of pee on the cement floor.

I remember that I can do anything since this is a dream and I am lucid. I have the freedom and the power. I decide to sink into the pool of dog pee.
I don’t really have a solid body (in the past few years, I haven’t been able to have a solid body and am only a vague energy body OR I am a kind of camera that has all views like a movie director. If I am the movie director, nobody sees me but sometimes, I am the energy body that I can’t quite see but others relate to me as if they see and hear me, like normal).

Anyway, I float over and hover over the pool of dog pee and I drop into it, feet first.
I expected it to be a bit yucky but it’s not yucky at all. No smell, Not wet.
I find myself in a golden yellow light. At first, I try to look for ‘things’ but there is nothing else, just this light.Even my energy body kind of disappears and I’m just an awareness.
I become more lucid and feel joyful.

2nd dream:
*I’m around the same void deck. It is a bright day. *
There is a concrete pillar about 4 feet wide and 2 feet thick. It is in front of me (my energy body).
I become lucid and I think I want to try to go through this concrete pillar.
I try to make a solid body, look at my hands etc but I can’t.
So I move my energy body towards the pillar AAARRGH! but surprise! I go through it.
I’m quite excited and then I think that since I am an energy body, maybe it ‘doesn’t count’.

I start again in the origial position facing the concrete pillar about 8 feet away from it. I try to make a solid body but fail. Suddenly, a young teen guy appears on a bicycle in front of me, facing the pillar. I decide to ‘be’ the young teen guy and I (the teen guy) now ride quickly aiming at the pillar. I go through it. it seems to soften and fold like marshmallow.

I practise going through once more.

Then I remember that I can fly through as a phoenix and this time I manage to manifest as a phoenix. It isn’t very big but it (I) fly through the thick concrete without difficulty. I fly up, up.
A small piece of brown ?food appears at the phoenix’s mouth (I am the phoenix but now, I am also ‘camera’ watching.). The phoenix goes after this goody and it’s almost in its mouth but then the ‘goody’ flies off.

I wake.

Symbols: 1. VOID DECK (‘to void’, to clear. or VOID as ‘Emptiness’)
3. DOG ( in some past dreams this was manifest ‘God’)
4, PEE (small clearing)
5. BICYCLE (? wheel. but why TWO wheels?)

Question: What was the ‘goody’ that was almost in my mouth but flew off?

thank you :pray:


Cool dreams. I love that you sank into the dog pee, with such awesome results. :crazy_face:


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Now this is what I call embracing! Really mind-opening, thanks for sharing


The dog pee! I love it. I would never have thought to do that! Per your question, what impressions do you have on what the goody was?

I also noticed you wrote,

Celebrating my first baby steps with gratitude.

Yes! Congrats! Always celebrate progress. Everything is progress!

Did you do something specific this time that helped get you to this lucid state via hypnogogia (aka dream images while falling asleep)?

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thank you everyone for your encouragement. :pray:

answering your question, Allison, what helped me with the dreamwork was being here at Night Club.just logging into this website, listening to Andrew’s webinars and reading the posts and sharing, all this focused me.

also, usually I just watch the images and ‘listen’ to their messages. sometimes, I am aware of the symbols and occassionally they are predictive but this time, I remembered what you wrote in your post about the ‘triangle window and the old man’ and being pulled to it.
so I decided to try to ‘go into’ the puddle of pee.
it’s the first time, I have done this.

it was easy for me to determine what the ‘goody’ was that was in my (phoenix’s) mouth but flew away.
I went into a very quiet ‘listening state’ and soon I could taste the small cube of goody. it was a cube of steak (and I was sure it wasn’t anything like ‘chocolate’).
from past dreams, this was a symbol for my ‘sacred cow’ something that I valued and put high above anything else and for me this ‘concrete pillar’ was ‘spiritual friendship’, sangha.

but in my life history, this then became my point of weakness (ignorance) because it was wrongly over valued. I see now that, of course ‘friendship’ is not what I am to fall back on ultimately.
I now fall back on ‘the void’ (void deck).

going through the concrete pillar in my dream helped a lot.
after I posted last, I realised that even though I wanted it very much, when the piece of ‘goody’ flew away, I was not very much disturbed (in the dream, phoenix did not mind much).

this reflected a shift in me.

many thanks :pray::relaxed:


@Phoenix Love that “just being” here has helped you in this way, so great to hear! Wishing you continued progress with the support of the Night Club!

I’m also personally glad I could help you go into pee. Hahaha! Well done. Keep sharing!