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Just sharing my progress on the path to support my own practice and all you sentient beings out there. I’ve been trotting along through the webinars (now into stage 4/5 of dream yoga). And I’ve also just recently gotten into Andrew’s book Dream Yoga. The crux of my sharing revolves around how I’ve recently had two lucid dreams. Instead of blasting off with excitement I’ve been extremely grounded. The first dream I was able to transform, hmm, something into a baseball. Then I tried to transform that into a tennis ball, and could not. The object collapsed into a pile of rags on the floor. Go figure!

The next lucid dream, I remember trying to transform the color of the dark wooden floor to Red, but it went splotchy red for a second, like paint had been splattered all over, but then went right back.

The freaky part was the dream felt so SO REAL. I had to repeat to myself, “This is a dream.” “This is a dream.” Just barely to hold on. Jumping felt normal, I couldn’t put my finger through my hand. Looking at my hands, well they did not melt in any dramatic way. I kind of got the feeling that my pinky was a little shorter than it should be, but all in all I guess I was not very awake. Any advice on raising the level of “energy” to the higher levels of dream yoga where things become more fluid and dreamlike?

The practice I leaned into was the eastern technique of visualizing the Red Tibetan “A” and imagining the “AH” sound at the throat chakra. I’ve struggled with having the belief in the chakra and energy channels, and I decided to suspend that belief and try it with an open mind and heart. This is how it went. I woke up natrually in the middle of the night. Some might call this mild insomnia, but I was ok with it. (Thank you Sleep Dr. for all the helpful advice to not panic and doom spiral). Instead I got Andrew’s book and read until I was sleepy, and went to bed. Lion posture, Red “AH”, visualization, sound and all. “Tonight I will have many dreams, I will have good dreams, I will remember my dreams. I will wake up and become lucid in my dreams, so that I can Heal. For the sake of all sentient beings, I shall practice the illusion like Samadhi, and I shall attain perfect Buddhahood. For this purpose, I shall train in Dreaming.”

Also, instead of “May I have lucid dreams…” “I WANT to become lucid tonight.” And really generating that desire, rather than asking for a gift and sitting back without any emotional connection to it.

Also, I feel the shift Andrew always talks about in the webinars. About not getting discouraged, and confident that the practice is continuing even though there are not amazing incredible lucid dreams every night. Even the nights when I am too tired to do anything. Oh well, no problem. The path continues, and this inner confidence and commitment is a huge shift in my practice.

I have also been pondering the notion of emptiness. I can “understand” it intellectually to a certain level. But I realize in this department I am really a novice. I wish to have this innate understanding, and deep knowing of it, like how you just know what the color blue is. How do Andrew and these advanced teachers really understand it and let that understanding permeate their being.

Thanks all for enduring my ramblings. I appreciate any and all comments and insight.

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This is a huge step in dream yoga. Just carrying enough awareness into the lucid dream state to work on these things is a great accomplishment. It sounds like you have an understanding of how to transform these objects. One thing that may help it become more natural is by holding the object you want to transform in your hands then rotating it around. When rotating it in your hands, make sure the object breaks your line of sight. While doing this, think about the object you want to manifest. This is the most consistent method I’ve found for transforming objects like baseballs and the like.

Push harder and rotate your palm as your pushing. I’ve found if you keep trying to push your finger through it almost always works. Sometimes it takes a while though to get it through the hand. I think the reason for this is how often we use our hands while ‘awake’. We have solidified what we imagine their border is. I went through a phase of testing reality checks thoroughly to find the most effective one and pinching the nose/trying to breathe was by far the best.

Worth noting here is when you want to go through walls, when starting, it is easiest to use a body part we don’t frequently use, like a shoulder or something.

I think this is one of the most important things for success. The silent, kind of nonchalant confidence along with caring, but not caring too much about the results.

Sounds like your dreams were a lot of fun :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Very cool, sounds like you not only had a lucid dream, but also had success with Dream Yoga! Very big accomplishment, nice work!

It looks seductively real, and sometimes more real than reality.

Not sure what you mean? if you mean stabilize the dream to keep the lucidity longer when its fading, I have heard stomping your feet, spinning your body in a circle. and pin wheeling your arms are all good methods.


Thank you for the advice!! Great stuff… I will have to try it all. This is the first time I’ve heard of the nose/breathing reality check.

And yes, raising the energy as in level of awareness/lucidity. I’ve done the spinning as a method to keep the dream going, but it also teleports you or transforms the dream location. I’ll try the stomping and arm spinning. It sounds like intense movement is key.

Thank you and happy travels!