Hello new friends!

What a joy it’s been to encounter both dream yoga and this community! I’m writing from Barcelona, and I’m so happy to connect with others who are interested in these topics.

As I read about dream yoga and started practicing it this spring, I’ve had some truly wonderful experiences. In this life, I’ve been practicing the dharma for a good while, and for me, meditation is a 24/7 thing. For anyone interested, here’s a couple of fun things I’ve experienced in my dream yoga practice this spring and summer:

In one lucid dream I married my dream maker, which felt like making peace between the conscious and subconscious parts of my mind. I put on a semi-transparent four-armed smoke-coloured body to go see him in Versailles, to show him the depth of understanding that was occuring - and he was so damn happy I was there. He made a garden for me, we made golden, 4-armed bodies for ourselves and had a very symbolically tantric wedding of creating unconditionally loving unity. Then we visited the dark sea for as long as we could until popping back into the lucid dream garden. That dream had such a big influence on me being able to love more and more aspects of this small separate self unconditionally. I still get so happy when I think of that dream and my dream maker! In yogic terms I guess one could call him the (inner) guru, and maybe also the masculine aspect of my life energy. I truly feel like he loves every aspect of what “I am” and what I could be!

Another delightful dream yoga practice I had was when I was walking through this beautiful dreamy mountainy/cloudy/watery Tibetan/zen garden landscape along a white Buddha. (He was walking with his eyes closed cause he could see everything by looking inside, lol). He was holding my hand as he walked on the water and I stepped from one stepping stone to the next, and the funny thing is that he had his hands behind his back at the same time, and since he only had two arms, that was a neat trick! I asked him when I’ll learn to do that, and he told me “Level 11” :smiley: :smiley: So he’s got a great sense of humor too <3
He took me to different practice halls where a huge gong rang every time I completed the task of the hall and then the back doors would open to the gardens and the path to the next hall.
For example, in one of these halls, there were mirrors showing my body in every different way a person can be, pleasant and unpleasant. When I told the Buddha that all of these reflections are exactly the way they need to be and that none of them may be excluded, all the mirrors broke into small pieces and there was just me and the Buddha left as the gong rang deeply and the back doors opened up in the training hall. It was sooooo cool.

Most nights, I’m not able to remember my dreams, and I’ve only been able to practice dream yoga in a rather hypnopompic/gogic state. I keep a journal next to my bed, but lately my mind goes straight into a subtle resistance of reality, engaging in thought, as soon as I wake up - and all the dreams melt away. I’d really like to deepen this nightly practice, and also spend more time in bed, as I tend to stay up too late! It’s kind of hard tho, living in Spain, cause everything ends late at night here :slight_smile:

For me, dream yoga is a part of my commitment to be aware in every moment of this life, for the benefit of us all. I’m so grateful for this sangha, and for the teachings that have been so helpful as guidance on this path! Looking forward to all the cool experiences yet to come, for all of us!


Welcome to this online community. What excellent experiences and such great detail! Wonderful to be able to practice Dharma 24/7 and know it (some of us are not able to do that yet).

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Thank you Barry! Well, practicing 24/7 is my intention, and I have plenty of opportunities to remember that intention as I forget it very frequently!

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Great to have you with us Sara, and thx for sharing these remarkable dreams. Marrying your dream maker, fantastic metaphor for uniting with nature of mind.

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Bienvenida Sara! Happy to have you here and thanks for sharing those formative dream experiences with us. Looking forward to hearing more of them as they continue to develop :slight_smile: