New Dream Teachings!

Hey friends,

In the last 2 weeks I’ve received 2 new ‘teachings’ in dreams. I was instructed to ask for teachings, and it worked well!

Curious if anyone else has any interesting teachings to share :slight_smile:

One of my recent teachings was a new stabilization technique!

I was told to, once lucid, recite outloud what had just been happening in my unconscious dreams. The instruction basically said that if I get lucid and then recall where I just was and what I was just doing in vivid details (while also rubbing my hands or spinning in a circle, etc) that I could have longer and more vivid lucid dreams!

I don’t know if this is true yet, since I haven’t had a lucid moment to try. But I thought I’d share it here in case anyone else wants to give it a go.

My LDs have traditionally been short lived and not too stable, so I’m excited to have more prolonged moments of lucidity.

P.S. I’m new to night club and was referred here by Dustin DiPerna and some other folks from the Mahamudra meditation community

Nice to meet y’all!



And my other teaching from last week was given to me by a woman sitting at a cafeteria table in one of my dreams. She told me to 'take refuge in the dharma, buddha, and sangha ― especially sangha right now in my life ― and to ‘live my life like a parade of Christ’ (not for, but of)

‘Christ’ could also be translated as ‘unconditonal love’, I think.
But yea, beautiful message to recieve


Welcome! Glad to have you here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Very cool and great idea to request teachings in dreams. Sounds like a good technique, engaging your mind fully into the previous dream state seems like a good way to improve stability/grounding and vividness. I like it.

It is silly but sometime I yell as loud as I can inside a dream “stability”. It seems you know a lot of the common stabilization techniques. One common one people suggest is engaging your senses. Primarily touch, but this never works for me. It is an interesting experience though.

I’ve heard of people asking their dream characters to help with stability so gave it a try. In the one dream I tried this my dream character handed me a suitcase right after asking, when I took it the feeling of gravity on it was intense and it stabilized me in the dream extremely well.

The most common technique I use is spinning. It works quickly and well and I usually pair it with a quick speedy exit from the old dream into a new dreamscape.

One of my old time favorite methods was called ninjaing. As soon as you become lucid play along with the dream. Don’t change anything and let the dream play out and be as subtle as you can. When you reach a door or feel like you’ve become stable fly away, go through a wall or use any kind of transition you’d like. Portals are the most fun :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hope my rambling makes some sense :smiling_face:. Happy to have you here, Welcome again!


Welcome to the Club James, nice to meet you too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very curious how you asked for these teachings? Incubation technique?

This is such an awesome topic! I unforunately have yet to recieve any official teachings. Have had some precognitive dreams, but the only ‘teachings’ i have gotten were from having to interpret the symbols:

Heres one I had Last week:

I was for some odd reason throwing uncooked steaks out of my apartment window.

At another point in the dream I was looking out the window, and A bald eagle was carrying one of the steaks in its beak to the top of a tree where it was also building a nest.

(end dream)

After some thought, I interpreted the apartment to be my body, and the eagle to symbolize ambition and goals. I had been eating unhealthy foods like MCD, more often than usual, and feeling the negative effects of it.

I think the dream was telling me to eat healthy, in order to accomplish all my goals in life.

The following day I went to the grocery store and steaks were on sale. I took it as a sign, and bought some, and have been eating healthy since (and feeling the positive effects of that!).


Welcome James :slight_smile:
Amazing sharing.
Thank you. I will experiment it! :slight_smile:
Looks like your lucid dreams are high lucid! wonderful. You can do basically anything with this bridge already with your “unconscious”.

Most of the times, I receive amazing teachings in dreams… Since I have a dream diary, I can easily make a bridge from the dream world into my life. And yes, sometimes, it’s a direct teaching from a master. The most amazing one I already shared it here:

Infinite Blessings to you, James :dolphin:


I did it tonight! :slight_smile: just woke up from a lucid dream.
at first, as soon as I realized I was lucid I came back.
then, I used a technique that I learned with @mbready - I meditated and went back.
Then I used this technique you shared: I said the previous non-lucid dream and I was SO stable! :dolphin:
For the first time I jumped into a car (because it mirrored my image so I went through it) and the feeling was amazing! I was sliding and shouting so loud! :slight_smile:
thanks for this amazing tip.

PS: yesterday I had dreamt that I was singing (not lucid) and the feeling was so wonderful that I decided to sing 40m during the day… perhaps it helped! :wink: :feather: :cowboy_hat_face:


I am so happy to hear this technique worked for you!

Awesome synchronicity too for me because I just finished listening to all of the Golden Light Sutra (Golden Light Sutra: The Sovereign King of Sutras, the Sublime Golden Light - #5 by mbready) and to me this is what they would call merit!

AI’s summary:

"The Golden Light Sutra, like many Buddhist texts, suggests that positive or virtuous actions (merit) can lead to positive consequences(me: hearing this technique worked for you right after listening to the sutra is profound, and a “positive consequence” to me because I understand this type of lucid dream very well!!). (Back to AI) This is part of the concept of karma. Merit can manifest itself in a variety of ways and at different times. For some, it might take a long time before they see the results of their actions (could even be in another life), while for others, the effects can be more immediate.

The immediacy of the “reward” might be due to various factors. There is a belief in Buddhism that the intensity or sincerity of your practice can impact the speed at which you experience the results. This might be the case for the person who experienced an immediate reward after listening to the Golden Light Sutra. If they approached the sutra with a high level of reverence, openness, and sincerity, it’s possible to believe that the merit accrued manifested quickly.

There is also an idea of ‘ripening karma’, where past accumulated merits done might suddenly bear fruit due to a small trigger, like listening to a powerful Sutra such as the Golden Light one, which could be the case in this scenario. However, it’s important to remember that these are interpretations based on Buddhist philosophy, and individual experiences of spiritual practices can greatly differ."


I LOVE the AI drawing. I am aware of what it takes to produce such a piece! Congratulations :slight_smile: :feather:

about merit… yes. I would say it’s connected directly to the extent of your faith and how you bring yourself into this world :slight_smile: plus the intensity and sincerity, indeed.

I believe that through experiencing this, I can help many people - that is my main intention. And to have fun and become more of who I am.



I’ve waited over 3 years for one of these! Last night I finished putting together our “sweat lodge” as I call it :smiling_face:.

Another cool synchronicity.

While I was at Menla this is the picture I took after finding a feather in what I called my alien green shirt :alien:. I took it for my mom to tell her I found what I was looking for on my last walk through the woods there (felt very connected to my ancestors).


u a u! :slight_smile:
congratulations on your sweat lodge!
I do sauna, usually, three times a week and when my intuition gives me “the green”, I join Temazcallis (sacred saunas) on Sundays.
I would say warmth (from deep within) is highly important for lucid dreaming. and being happy :slight_smile: :dolphin:


Can you share the dream with Andew you posted a few weeks ago. I forget what was said but it was really deep stuff.



I think also listening to the Sutra, or any Spirtual or Buddist teaching with the sincere intent to help all Beings, is a very powerful way to deepen your practice. Andrew has mentioned this many times, so you know it is very very important.


This is Soooooo important! Many people overlook this. Andrew has a very powerful video stressing this, highly recomend people watch this:

[#24] An Introduction to Merit – with Andrew Holecek


here it goes:


Awesome. Its a time tested practice, used for 1000s of years.

Did you figure out which bird the feather came from? Very curious to know


it looks like an eagle feather… and I was listening to them this morning… :feather:


This is the dream I was thinking about. I LOVE this powerful teaching!:


Really amazing dream. One of my all time favorites.


Ah! yes :cowboy_hat_face: that one was also AMAZING!..


the link doesn’t work @NightHawk999


Great minds think a like :slightly_smiling_face:

In the summer I do it only 1 or 2 times a week.

Winter its 3-4.

The power of ‘Fire’ is not to be under estimated :sunny: