Hi from Montreal

Hi Folks,
I m from around Montreal in Canada and here to present myself.

It s been years that I am interrested on the subject with unregular practice and sometimes lost to have just books to talk about it and frustrated of the effort with no effects.

I found this place by chance and looks like it s exactly what I was looking for. A Community with live contact through zoom to talk about it, ask question, share and grow.

My passion are surrounding medicinal plants and nature and wander if I can connect with them through lucid dreams.

I m here to kind of go back to the basics and learn through a more interactive way.

With the pleasure to read you all,



Welcome K!

Sorry couldn’t resist, saw that recently and thought it was a great scene :smiling_face:.

Very cool! I know a couple members here are into plant medicine and most of the members here love to wander in nature too!

As far as connecting with the plants and such in lucid dreams, it is open to speculation but it would not surprise me at all if something like this was possible. I’ve heard some genius minds have had breakthroughs on things they were working on for a long time by taking them into the dream realm. Specifically the lucid dream realm.

Happy to have you!



If you haven’t already, why not check out this great exhibit at the Montreal Science Center:


Hey @Kalios , welcome to the Club!

Lots of great resources and great people on here.

I was in the same boat as you when I joined 1.5 years ago, had gone to the library for 3 years and gotten books, watched youtube channels, and was not having success. Finally stumbed across one of Andrews youtube videos, and it lead me here. Withing about 90 days of joining Night Club and being laser focused and consuming as much of the material as possible, I had my first Lucid Dream in years! In the first year of being a member totaled about 12, which ma seem small, but was huge for me, because I was getting discouraged after the 3 years of not being able to do it on my own. If you are tenacious and persistent, and work hard with the right techniques, you will for sure start to have Lucid dreams. I am very greatful for Andrews brilliant works, and all the members here that helped me.

Have you started doing a dream journal?

What is your meditation practice like?

This is a passion of mine as well, great minds think a like :slightly_smiling_face:

Check out Andrews most recent Q&A video, around the 15min mark to the 21min mark:

He says its totally possible to communcate with plants and nature. Have not heard about using dreams to do this, but I think that is a brilliant idea! @BlessingsDeers may have had experience doing this in her dreams (shes amazing!), if not, she is very skilled and talented and might be able to test this method out for you. @mbready this might be a great homework assignment for you and @_Barry as well (they are rockstars too!).

It makes total sense to me that the Shamans and Indiginoius tribes around the world would use dreamwork to find animal herds for hunting, as well as areas with lots of plants and trees producing food, as well as natural springs with clean drinking water.

It would not shock me if the prophecy was given to them via dreams:


“The legend says that the Aztecs left their home to look for a place to start a new life. Their god had told them to find a lake where an eagle with a snake in its beak would stand on a nopal cactus growing from a rock. That would be the place to
build their new city.
After much travelling, the Aztecs eventually reached the Valley of Mexico. In the centre of the valley was a large, salty lake. On a small island in the lake, they saw the eagle stood on the nopal cactus, holding a live snake in its beak.
The Aztecs were sure that this was the sign they had been seeking, and in about 1325, they established their capital city on the island, calling it “Tenochtitlan”, which means place where a cactus grows from a stone.”"

The story of the Pharoh and Joeseph in the bible is kind of similar to your question, here God gave a warning to stock up on food during the 7 good years, becuase 7 bad years of famine would follow. God & or Mother Nature gave a really nice heads up, and that prophecy saved many lives.


Hello @Kalios … I’m sure its more than “chance” you’re here. We’ve recently been chatting here about synchronicity and i think you’re here for a good reason. Wecome! :tada::sunflower:


Thank you all very much for this warm welcome. :slight_smile:

That was funny

I haven t check, thank you for the link, I ll have a pick.

Yes I do have a dream journal, but I need to get back to a mourning hygiene to write in it, because what I do right now it s trying to dream till the last moment of the beginning of my job hours to try to have a lucid one. So once I wake up, I have to go quickly to work and don t write anything because no time.

I don t really have a meditation practice, I jump from video to video but I don t know wich one is the best for dream yoga. If you have a guided meditation that you can recommend, I ll take it :slight_smile:

Thx I listened to it yesterday but I ll re-listen to it more focused.
When I said I wander if I can connect, what I mean is more I can t wait to experience in a lucid dream to talk to a plant and see where it leads me.

It s a beatifull story.

My world was poorly chosen. I think you right, I m here for a good reason and I believe that I found this place because I m ready to go further :slight_smile:
For the synchronicity, I grasp the concept, but I m not yet able to see them.

Thanks again all for all your comments and welcomes. :slight_smile:


I am no expert, but Andrew has said Shamatha practice will help with lucid dreaming. Allen Wallaces The Attention Revolution is great at walking you through the stages in detail. Andrews Reverse Meditations book is really helpful in setting up the basics for meditation, and then moving into advanced meditations.

Meditating with your eyes open is more difficult, but I think more rewarding.

The meditation videos on this site are fantastic, they will walk you through the basics, and then some of the more advanced stuff.

I faught doing this consistetnly for the first 3 years. Then watced a video where Andrew said it was VERY important, and so I started doing it every morning religiously, and in 3 months had a Lucid Dream.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears” :wink:


Aloha Kalios (I love your name),

Welcome to this awesome community :dolphin: :sunrise: :cowboy_hat_face:

@NightHawk999 thank you for calling me here… at the moment I’m very focused and not so much around here physically, but I do love this community and as the saying goes “sometimes you need to get our of the frame to see the whole picture” :slight_smile: in my case, in all areas of my life, magic is stronger when I follow my intuition and heart, leading me sometimes to spend some time away from beloved ones.

having this said, indeed it’s possible to dream lucid with a plant :evergreen_tree:
I have two important questions for you:
» why do you want to dream with a plant? will that help people? this because our inner strength and manifestation ability aliveness rocks to the stars when we REALLY WANT SOMETHING with all our hearts and in doing so, we will be benefiting others. These two together is MASSIVE power;
» what are your dream themes? (suggestion in case you don’t know: check your journal to see your last dreams and bring out three or four main themes).

If one of your themes is nature it’s easier.
If not, one thing you can do is with your heart and a strong purpose ask for that.
in both cases (whether it’s one of your dream themes, or not), you can focus your attention by saying affirmations (to yourself) in the hypnagogic state, for example. Meditation during the day is also very wonderful, so that when you reach your bed, you can relax and enjoy those wonderful liminal states of the “hipnagogic highway”, as my beloved teacher Charlie Morley would say.

Another hint: check out the series of videos with Ryan Hurd, author of the book “Lucid Talisman Forgotten Lore”:

this is #41 of a rich series with precious creative/ancient tools for creating sacred spaces and a whole context for dreaming lucid with safety and maturity.

I strongly recommend that you enjoy the way, with no rush, LOADS OF PLAYFULNESS and deep compassion towards yourself.

Infinite Blessings.


thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
sometimes the truth for one, is a crazy thing to another who does not understand it :wink:



This is such great advice. And can be carried over into any other lucid dream senarios that your heart is wanting to complete.


Thank you for your answers @NightHawk999 and @BlessingsDeers

I watched the first video of the group meditation and love it to start build some habits and base. I m watching it in loop now to be able to have the hang of it without the instruction.

I am studing herbalism to maybe becoming herbalist therapeute and I would like to have diferent lvl of understanding of the plant, specially if I could connect with them like that and have straight the teaching from the plant itself.
For now it s more about curiosity and see where it could lead and feel the magic of it but I think it could help other on the long run.

The recurent theme that happened are
-being with my familly at my grand parents house
-fighting (often with powers like telekinesis)
-they are really close of what happened during the day

I ll do thanks.

after my last answers, it was last thursday, during the day I practice like every time I was earing a plane I was questionning myself if I was dreaming and doing a reality check and I put an alarm for every hours to do like “illusory of form” where I was telling myself “I am in a dream, I am dreaming” and i practiced the meditation of Andrew from the meditation group #1
And At night, I had a multiple lucid dream. The first one was quite long but the other where super short.
and it s only at the end of the long one that I remembered that I wanted to talk to a plant but it was too late and I came back to the waking world.

After I felt like depleted of energy and couldnt remember my dreams for few days.

Thanks for your advises :slight_smile:


Awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Very happy to hear this. I think meditation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

The Reverse Meditations book will show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes. I was really impressed with it, you could tell Andrew made it very accessable for beginners, as well as skilled meditators.

Have you heard of Panpsychism?

Andrew gave a shout out to Rupert Sheldrake in one of his recent Q&As and I am really digging him, @BlessingsDeers shared this video with me, you might like it:

Ekhart Tolle in one of his videos talked about sitting and meditating with a tree by just looking at it for a while (shamatha meditation). He said something I will never forget, that while you sit there with the tree, you start to take on its characteristics of stillness, and and the tree in turn starts to take on some of your ‘aliveness’.

You might like this Thich Nhat Hanh quote:

" “One autumn day, I was in a park, absorbed in the contemplation of a very small but beautiful leaf, in the shape of a heart. Its color was almost red, and it was barely hanging on the branch, nearly ready to fall down. I spent a long time with it, and I asked the leaf a lot of questions. I found out the leaf had been a mother to the tree. Usually we think that the tree is the mother and the leaves are just children, but as I looked at the leaf I saw that the leaf is also a mother to the tree. The sap that the roots take up is only water and minerals, not good enough to nourish the tree, so the tree distributes that sap to the leaves. And the leaves take the responsibility of transforming that rough sap into elaborated sap and, with the help of the sun and gas, sending it back in order to nourish the tree. Therefore, the leaves are also the mother to the tree. And since the leaf is linked to the tree by a stem, the communication between them is easy to see.

“We do not have a stem linking us to our mother any more, but when we were in her womb we had a very long stem, an umbilical cord. The oxygen and the nourishment we needed came to us through that stem. Unfortunately, on the day that we call our birthday, it was cut off and we received the illusion that we are independent. That is a mistake. We continue to rely on our mother for a very long time, and we have several other mothers as well. The earth is our mother. We have a great many stems linking us to our mother earth. There is a stem linking us with the cloud. If there is no cloud, there is no water for us to drink. We are made of at least seventy percent water, and the stem between the cloud and us is really there. This is also the case for the river, the forest, the logger, and the farmer. There are hundreds of thousands of stems linking us to everything in the cosmos, and therefore we can be. Do you see the link between you and me? If you are not there, I am not here. That is certain.

“I asked the leaf whether it was scared because it was autumn and the other leaves were falling. The leaf told me, “No. During the whole spring and summer I was very alive. I worked hard and helped nourish the tree, and much of me is in the tree. Please do not say that I am just this form, because the form of leaf is only a tiny part of me. I am the whole tree. I know that I am already inside the tree, and when I go back to the soil, I will continue to nourish the tree. That’s why I do not worry. As I leave this branch and float to the ground, I will wave to the tree and tell her, ‘I will see you again very soon""


So, if it was my intention of connecting to a plant in my lucid dreams I would do the following:

  1. for, at least, 1 month, it would become one of my priorities (with flexibility, loads of self-love and joy). this naturally happens to me because I’m very passionate…;
  2. I would go to my grandparents’ home and connect with one or two plants there, with whom I would feel more connected to (if not possible going there, then bring memories for some time while connecting to a plant you love) - this would joint two themes of your dreams. I would add the fighting to help the plant and help it fight something :slight_smile: - giving your help to do it. in this way you would have all the themes in your dreams! :slight_smile:
  3. I would pray everyday or whenever I would feel it. And here’s a possible music and prayer for your plants :slight_smile:
    A Chant for your Plants
    It has a flute - remember Krishna? and his powers of awakening people with his flute? also PAN… ;)… I also LOVE the beautiful voice/prayer of love and recognition of the plants in the video.
  4. I would speak about this with as many people as possible:
    There’s a community in Italy www.damanhur.org where they develop the connection with plants, and have come with a device that transforms their energy into a song and they sing with them - they have concerts with them - all over the world. I would perhaps contact them and ask if they have any book with their discoveries, to inspire me.
  5. I would not force the lucid dreaming. When we do that, we have that feeling you had: depleted energy. we don’t need to force anything. If you’d have the gift of talking with a plant, it would come from your heart and it would be blessing from life to you… “what you are searching for, is searching for you” :slight_smile:
  6. I would plant trees or plants :slight_smile: that I already do in my life… I’m a writer and a part of the royalties of my books go to plant trees. We have planted 111 in 2022 and will plant 111 more this year! it’s an incredible feeling…
  7. in the process of listening to them during the day I would not look for what they would be saying, but I would empty myself and be opened for their thoughts to come to me, with no effort. so probably I would spend a lot more time in nature, lying down and enjoying…

I send you extra blessings.


@NightHawk999 I sent you another video from Rupert Sheldrake… but this one is also fantastic - and more useful to Kalios! thanks for sharing :pray:t3: :feather: :sunrise:


beloved @Kalios,

I have a big MERCI to you :slight_smile:
Inspired in the video I discovered, thanks to you (the chant to the plants) I had the idea of me or a friend reading the text on the video (I will soon translate it into Portuguese), with a friend on the flute, on the day we plant 111 trees from the royalties of my third book (it will be very soon) :dolphin: we will do it either before or after the planting.

I am SO happy, this is such a beautiful way of thanking our green friends :star_struck:

Thank you, and this community for all the inspiration you are in my life! :pray:t3: :sunrise:
I share a poem from by Jean d’Ormesson (in French after the English version):

The Train of My Life

At birth, we get on the train
and meet our parents.
We believe they will always travel with us.
Yet, at a station,
our parents will get off the train,
leaving us alone to continue the journey…

As time goes by,
other people get on the train.
And they will be important: our siblings,
friends, children, even the love of our life.
Many will get off
(even perhaps the love of our life)
and will leave a greater or lesser void.

Others will be so discreet
that we won’t realize they left their seats.
This train journey will be full of joy,
of pain, of expectations, of hellos,
goodbyes and farewells.

Success is to have
good relations with all passengers
as long as we give the best of ourselves.
We don’t know which station we’ll get off at.
So let us live happily, love and forgive!

It is important to do so,
because when we get off the train,
we must leave only beautiful memories
to those who continue their journey…
Let’s be happy with what we have
and thank heaven for this fantastic journey.
Thank you for being a passenger on my train.

And if I have to get off at the next station,
I’m glad I came a long way with you!
I want to tell everyone who will hear these words
that I thank you for being in my life
and traveling on my train.

Le train de ma vie

À la naissance, on monte dans le train
et on rencontre nos parents.
On croit qu’ils voyageront toujours avec nous.
Pourtant, à une station,
nos parents descendront du train,
nous laissant seuls continuer le voyage…

Au fur et à mesure que le temps passe,
d’autres personnes montent dans le train.
Et elles seront importantes : notre fratrie,
nos amis, nos enfants, même l’amour de notre vie.
Beaucoup démissionneront
(même éventuellement l’amour de notre vie)
et laisseront un vide plus ou moins grand.

D’autres seront si discrets
qu’on ne réalisera pas qu’ils ont quitté leurs sièges.
Ce voyage en train sera plein de joies,
de peines, d’attentes, de bonjours,
d’au revoir et d’adieux.

Le succès est d’avoir
de bonnes relations avec tous les passagers
pourvu qu’on donne le meilleur de nous-mêmes.
On ne sait pas à quelle station nous descendrons.
Donc vivons heureux, aimons et pardonnons !

Il est important de le faire,
car lorsque nous descendrons du train,
nous ne devrons laisser que des beaux souvenirs
à ceux qui continuent leur voyage…
Soyons heureux avec ce que nous avons
et remercions le ciel de ce voyage fantastique.
Aussi, merci d’être un de ces passagers de mon train.

Et si je dois descendre à la prochaine station,
je suis content d’avoir fait avec vous un bout de chemin !
Je veux dire à chaque personne qui écoutera
ce texte que je vous remercie d’être dans ma vie
et de voyager dans mon train.


This is great to hear! Many blessings!! :pray::heart::pray:


Thank you so much @BlessingsDeers for the guided steps. Very helpfull.


Welcome Kalios,

In my experience lucid dreaming comes to you more than you go to it. I understand that there are different techniques or practices that can help but i am quite sure that being any element of frustration could be a blocker somehow.

Maybe also reflect on your motivations. When I first lucid dreamed, some years ago, I was able to astral travel and it was mind blowing, but now I dont think that kind of thing should be a reason to try. A better motivation is self discovery.


This is my experience too. The more you let go of the desire to lucid dream the more it naturally arises. Non-lucid dreams, while waiting for lucidity to arise naturally can be amazingly powerful, no nights are wasted when you focus on dream recall and dream journaling.

My non-lucid dreams have been interesting at times, but the most powerful I’ve experienced are lucid. The non-lucid dreams often allow my mind a place of rest or contemplation during periods of intense lucid exploration.

Happy to see you here, hope you enjoy the forums!


Thanks @carlmorton1970 and @mbready and I agree with you. maybe my word “frustration” was a bit too strong, because I enjoy all my dreams, lucid and non-lucid. But since I m on the forum, I regain some motivation for journaling and writing at least one dream a night.
I might be addict of the feeling to realise that you are dreaming in the dream hehe

I totaly agree and it s one of my motivation of why I m doing this.

thank you and yes I enjoy the forum. For the moment I m passing through all the video of group meditation and book study, that are great content.