Nature's pharmacy

I am very interested in learning more about natural medicines, drugs, and herbs that have been time tested and used for generations. I feel that many of these drugs and treatments have been lost, ignored, or purposely buried.

Is it true that Willow bark is a natural pain killer if you chew on the inner bark of the tree?

The Caduceus of Mercury has become a common medical symbol in the Health care sector.

One theory is that it used to represent a stick to wind parasites around in order to pull them out of the body.

Another theory is the snake venom had medicinal purposes, and or pharmocological affects.

My one friends said he observed a Yogi in a remote forest mountain area in India trying to collect a wild cobra in a basket to take it to the temple (dedicated to cobras). At one point the man poured water into the cap of the container and let the cobra drink the water from the cap while he was holding the cap in his hand! then the yogi took a sip from the same cap. Then the yogi picked up the snake and pit it in the basket. My friend asked him why he drank from the same cap as the snake, and the yogi said it helped make him immune to the cobra bites…

I did not know that Horse racers in China and America have been busted for injecting their race horses with cobra venom, very fascinating.

At the end of this video they talk about the reseach that is being done with Copperhead venom, and how it may help destroy cancer cells and tumors.

I dont recommend anyone repeat the things done in this video. But I do find it mindblowing that there are so many unique forms of medicine that many people never hear about.

I have heard of Doctors using Bee stings to help slow the progression of parkinsons disease.

Please share any plants, herbs, animals, unique medical treatments, or anything else that uses the gifts of mother nature to help heal, prevent sickness, and promote wellness.


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" Calea Zacatechichi

A Mexican dream herb most famous for inducing lucid dreams belongs to the Oneirogens group of plants.

Parts to use: Dried leaves

How to Consume? It would help if you consumed it before bed, either internal in the form of tea or through smoking dried leaves.

Dosage: You can consume 5 gm of this herb for consecutive days.

Effects: Increase dreams frequency and responsible for more apparent dreams.

Taste: Bitter taste

Silene Capensis

It originated from the west coast of southern Africa and is famous as an African dream root.

Parts to use: Roots are used in dried or powdered form.

How to Consume? Best to use before bed, use it as an infusion.

Dosage: Add a small amount in cold water and drink it.

Effects: Intensify dreams and improves dream recall.

Taste: Bitter taste

Nymphaea Caerulea

It is famous as Blue Egyptian Lotus and grows in Egypt and certain parts of Asia.

Parts to use: Raw flowers are used.

How to Consume? Take in teas, extract or even smoke them regularly.

Dosage: You need to take care of in taking this herb because of its sedative property.

Effects: Improves deep sleep because of its sedative property.

Taste: Slightly bitter taste and intense.

Artemisa Vulgaris

A common name for this is Mugwort.

Parts to use: Leaves and flowers.

How to Consume? You can use it in the afternoon through smoking to induce lucid dreams in the night or increase LD duration; drink it before sleep.

Dosage: I teaspoon per cup or smoke same quantity.

Effects: Promotes vivid, lucid and prophetic dreams.

Taste: Distinct and bitter flavour in tea and floral taste in the smoke.

Heimia Salicifolia

It was used by ancient Aztecs and is called sun opener; it is a memory booster and helps people improve their memory recall.

Parts to use: Fresh leaves.

How to Consume? Use its elixir in small amounts.

Dosage: Add fresh leaves in cold water inside a jar and leave them in the sun for 24 hrs.

Effects: Responsible for vivid dreams and helps to recall forgotten memories.

Taste: Really bitter taste.

Although herbs can play a significant role in inducing lucid dreams, they work best to induce lucid dreams when used with other lucid dreaming techniques, especially the MILD (Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming) approach. Also, it would be best to research correctly before you start consuming any herb and use that in a moderate amount."