Lucid Dreaming experience inspired by Andrew :)

A few days ago I watched Andrew in the answers and questions or one podcast where he was sharing about an experience and recommend that we do it.
I was with this possibility for a few days, and two days ago, I did the dream plan :slight_smile: tonight I had a short Lucid Dream and it happened.
But I did it differently… instead of stop breathing I took a big breath and only after I let my self fall on my back (which is not anything like the experience in the body but I will not share many details so that you, who are reading this, can have your own experience).
I woke up right after and thought of doing the MILD technique and go back, to go deeper, but today I go into the forest and it’s such a pleasure doing it in the early morning (it’s 5.33 here in Portugal).

But I will keep this dream plan (usually I put them in a specific file with all of them and dates) and do it again.

Also another confirmation (from happening several times) is that, at the moment, what brings lucidity to me is surrealism :slight_smile: this time I was in a small city in the countryside and when seeing the landscape I thought I had seen the Eiffel Tower. I looked again and it wasn’t there. Great sign for this exercise, han? :slight_smile:

Thank you @Andrew for the idea.

Wishing you an amazing day! :slight_smile:


Awesome to hear you had success with this technique!

I want to know the details, but am also curious to experience it for myself.

Andrew keeps on mentioning it in his videos, so it must be something pretty amazing :star_struck:


It is amazing! :dolphin: and a couple of days after, I realized that I did it correctly after all… I was breathing all the air I could, to stop breathing, and then fell back. Also in the days after I could discern and understand better what happened.

The other night I had such an interesting dream with Andrew… he was going to give a talk in the USA (I think/felt) and I asked him what it was about and he said “I’m helping these folks with preparing for death”
And he was talking SO fast! Saying so many things (and this was before the talk!).
At one point, I nodded my head as if I had been listening to it all, but he noticed that I hadn’t really listened because of a name (I don’t remember… hihihi), and went away somewhere near, after saying that I was not present in our conversation! As he left, five or six cards flew away (I somehow assumed that they were cards with topics for his talk). I picked the cards and when I saw him again, mentioned that the cards had flown away.
He was So positively surprised… because he thought I was going to give him an excuse about not being present in our conversation! before that he had said that he has a color pencil that I can use if I want it.
And then… he asked:
What’s the space between two people?
to which I commented:
“That’s a good one”
I woke up after he said something totally funny and hylarious: “peanut butter” (as an answer to that question), in the hypnopompic state my answer was:
Love is the conductor”.


OMG absolutely love this! What powerful messages!

I wonder if you and Andrew actually did share this dream? His statements sound like that of a Buddhist Master, would not shock me if it was actually him!

Really great dream!


Beloved @BlessingsDeers I had 2 dreams about Andrew this week, which is really irregular, I have only had 1 dream with him in the past

I had this dream midweek:

I was at a house party at Andrews home (I think), we were all in the basement, like a frat party lol. There was a young beautiful Hindu girl, who I sensed had a very strong connection to the devine, or could have been a goddess. I went to go grab something up the stairs, but as I tried to walk up, a monk in a red robe grabbed me, and told me you do not want to miss the presentation. I followed him to a pair of double doors in the basement and he swung them open. It was a huge auditorium underground, and there were 100s of people in the crowd, with their hands in the air cheering for Andrew on the stage with some other people on stage with him ( possibly a band). The crowd was so thick I was not able to move through it, and was disappointed I would not get the special teaching or empowerment being offered. Then I woke up.

2nd dream happened last night:

I am on a rocky cliff beach walking along the rocks at dusk or dawn, very little light. I come up to a cave and go inside. Inside is Andrew and he shows me some pictures of Asian beatuiful women drawn as cartoons, they look like the anime Sailor moon kind of:

(And no, I did not used to watch the show lol, but saw commercials for it when I was younger).
He showed me about a dozen drawings, and then I woke up.

[I will note this dream happened on International Womens day]

Bizzare dreams, I wish mine had been as cool as the one you had about him!

@_Barry Your turn my friend. Very curious to see if there are any similarities??



Different wavelength bro. I’m walking with some people and we’re outside of a house and all of a sudden I see finger on the floor in the house, a little bloody, as if it was cut off and it was pointing. I said holy cow and I asked the people inside the house. I said come out and take a look there’s a bloody finger here I didn’t want to pick it up and then it kind of gets moved around and one person came in and he did see it. He is a Hispanic person he said yes “I saw it.” Then I was explaining to Andrew about it and at the same time there was this plane, like rocket ship plane landing, and it is noisy and landed nearby. Andrew is telling me about the significance of the finger with a paper that had it all written down and then I drifted out of the dream. The next day I woke up with bad sciatica and am still suffering . . .


At first glance yes, they appeared completely different. Reading it a second time I noticed one striking similarity:

Andrew used paper to try to relay a message to us both. In mine it was paper with pictures, in yours it was paper with words,

Are you interested in a dream interpretation of it? (I was going to dive right in, but I have ruffled some panties in the past for doing that, so figured I would ask permission first).

If so:
What was/were the emotional tone(s) in the dream?
Did the tone shift at any point?
How did you feel when Andrew provided the knowledge and wisdom to you?
Who were the people you were walking with in the beginning of the dream? Strangers, friends?
Which finger of the hand was it?
The Hispanic man, stranger or someone you know in real life? Any intuition that he was representing someone else?

I have been saying prayers and sending out white light healing to you after I heard your back was hurting in our last Sangha meeting. Will do some Tonglen tonight with the new moon, this one hopefully will amplify the energies. I sincerely hope other members do the same for you, and keep you in their prayers. Really sorry you are in so much pain, excruciating back pain is so debilitating and demoralizing. What have the doctors said about it? Surgery came to mind, but I have heard the success rates are less than or around 50%.

Were you like me and gained belly fat over the winter? I picture you being lean and healthy. Ramadan starts on Sunday. What is your experience with Fasting? I have noticed this helps with my back pain, especially when my belly plumps up in the winter time.

How much sunlight have you been getting every day? I would try to sit or lay by a window naked (if you dont have nosey neighbors) or with your shirt off for 30-60min and let your body absorb the healing light. Vitamin D I have heard helps with join pain, along with many other ailments, and is a big moral and psychological booster.

The pool is your best friend when you get to a point where you can move without serious pain, it is low impact, and I believe being in the water is very healing, just walking slow or floating, dont have to swim.

Sending many healing blessing and much love your way my friend.



Have you heard of or tried Peptides before?

I have not, but its a buzz word I have heard floating around by some who claim the injections of these can help speed up healing.

No clue if it is snake oil, or legitimate. Might be worth doing some research o them or asking doctors about them.

Neuroscientist Dr Huberman Explains PEPTIDES


I see here a huge similarity of my dream with the boat falling from the sky: it was a convention of “monster-men” and Andrew was saying some words to everyone. I didn’t share this before, but amongst all those monsters there was a human… and I thought of you @NightHawk999 :rose:

this is also similar to the boat falling into the ocean :dolphin:


My dear friend, please excuse my French, but you are fucking AWESOME!

Much love and infinite blessings to you my heart <3 :green_heart: <3

I hope you have a very special womens retreat :innocent: :cowboy_hat_face: :innocent: They are very LUCKY to have you as a leader


hihihi… your French is amazing! it’s very assertive! hihihi

to us “deer” friend :heart_eyes:

:dolphin: :pray:t3: :heart_eyes:


What did he say the significance of the finger was?


LOL I had really good French teahers

“Accurate and Bold”

I’ve told you before that is what I hope my Grave stone reads :wink: :innocent: :wink:



Don’t remember . . . . . . . .


you are a breath of fresh air beloved friend. thank you for being exactly as you are. Indeed Accurate and Bold! :star_struck:


Hi there @NightHawk999 I have never tried Peptieds - but I recently started using Redlight therapy and have fantastic results - helping to fix aches and pains, headaches - bellyaches, arthritis, and even help me sleep better - also helping the dog who is 15 with fatty cysts - dramatically shrinking the size of the cysts in just a few weeks and the doggie is also sleeping better too. Got a simple LED redlight and far infrared light device on Amazon for $68…
Best Wishes… Peaceful Happiness, Judith


details . . . . . . . . . . ?


Very cool Synchronicity, I was talking to a guy 1-2 weeks ago, he highly recommended the peptide injections (for different medical reasons), and before talking to him a nurse and another guy told me similar things. Not sure if it is snake oil, and insurance doesnt cover it.

He told me he got a Red light as well when I recommended to him to get more natural sunlight (which I believe is the ‘Gold’ standard of light therapy). He said the results were very positive from the red light. I cant vouch for it though, when it doubt, I always recommend going ‘organic’ or the most natural route.

@_Barry something in your diet may be upsetting or inflaming your body and making the pain worse. Might be worth cutting sugar and bad food out. Anytime we eat, it causes inflammation in the body. This is one reason why fasting is so powerful.

Happy Ramadan :innocent:

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Right back at you my heart :green_heart: :heart_decoration: :green_heart:

Very blessed to have you in my life :innocent:


Hard for diabetics to fast . . . .