Lucid Dreaming experience inspired by Andrew :)

A few days ago I watched Andrew in the answers and questions or one podcast where he was sharing about an experience and recommend that we do it.
I was with this possibility for a few days, and two days ago, I did the dream plan :slight_smile: tonight I had a short Lucid Dream and it happened.
But I did it differently… instead of stop breathing I took a big breath and only after I let my self fall on my back (which is not anything like the experience in the body but I will not share many details so that you, who are reading this, can have your own experience).
I woke up right after and thought of doing the MILD technique and go back, to go deeper, but today I go into the forest and it’s such a pleasure doing it in the early morning (it’s 5.33 here in Portugal).

But I will keep this dream plan (usually I put them in a specific file with all of them and dates) and do it again.

Also another confirmation (from happening several times) is that, at the moment, what brings lucidity to me is surrealism :slight_smile: this time I was in a small city in the countryside and when seeing the landscape I thought I had seen the Eiffel Tower. I looked again and it wasn’t there. Great sign for this exercise, han? :slight_smile:

Thank you @Andrew for the idea.

Wishing you an amazing day! :slight_smile:


Awesome to hear you had success with this technique!

I want to know the details, but am also curious to experience it for myself.

Andrew keeps on mentioning it in his videos, so it must be something pretty amazing :star_struck:


It is amazing! :dolphin: and a couple of days after, I realized that I did it correctly after all… I was breathing all the air I could, to stop breathing, and then fell back. Also in the days after I could discern and understand better what happened.

The other night I had such an interesting dream with Andrew… he was going to give a talk in the USA (I think/felt) and I asked him what it was about and he said “I’m helping these folks with preparing for death”
And he was talking SO fast! Saying so many things (and this was before the talk!).
At one point, I nodded my head as if I had been listening to it all, but he noticed that I hadn’t really listened because of a name (I don’t remember… hihihi), and went away somewhere near, after saying that I was not present in our conversation! As he left, five or six cards flew away (I somehow assumed that they were cards with topics for his talk). I picked the cards and when I saw him again, mentioned that the cards had flown away.
He was So positively surprised… because he thought I was going to give him an excuse about not being present in our conversation! before that he had said that he has a color pencil that I can use if I want it.
And then… he asked:
“What’s the space between two people?”
to which I commented:
“That’s a good one”
I woke up after he said something totally funny and hylarious: “peanut butter” (as an answer to that question), in the hypnopompic state my answer was:
“Love is the conductor”.


OMG absolutely love this! What powerful messages!

I wonder if you and Andrew actually did share this dream? His statements sound like that of a Buddhist Master, would not shock me if it was actually him!

Really great dream!