Wet behind the ears, saying hi from Crystal Palace, London UK

I discovered Andrews’s podcast appearance by accident, looking for something else. Perception is creation. I had no idea about Andrew or the subject matter three weeks ago.

I’ve listened to it eight more times, and some parts of the talk have stopped me in my tracks. Remarkably I hear something new each time. Specifically, the last part which discusses the closing chapter of Matthew Walker’s book.

My current fields of exploration are the gut microbiome and lucidity. The two are probably related.

I look forward to learning and sharing what I uncover in these beautiful fields of study. Forums have always been an excellent resource for learning. Very grateful this community is here.


This is exactly how I feel about his work, like a good movie you have to watch it multiple times in order to fully grasp its essence. So much great material on this site, I have watched many of his videos 2-3 times to extract all the information.

Reading his books with the commentary video playing in the background really helped me realize just how deep his content is, especially the Dreams of Light book.

Looking forward to hearing more about your work and your progress with lucidity. :slightly_smiling_face:


love that pic btw, the reflection off the water is really beautiful


Thank you NighHawk, I’m about to get my feet wet.


Welcome to the Night Club. Your experience with Andrew’s recording sounds amazing. Can you share any of the insights that stood out?

There was a very good presentation, maybe more, that focused on the microbiome and sleep at the just finished Super Sleep Conference and I would be interested to hear/read some of your thoughts about “gut microbiome and lucidity”.


Hi @masey
What a remarkable accident! We’re so glad you are here. I’m Alyssa and I help moderate the page! Let me know if I can help in anyway.


Hi Barry,

Sure, Andrew talked about a section in Matthew Walker’s book, “Lucid dreamers may represent the next iteration in Homo sapiens’ evolution.” The lightbulb went off in my mind.

It’s in the closing segment from Chapter 11: Dream Creativity and Dream Control.

Of course, I didn’t own the book, so I had to purchase it just to read that part as it struck a chord with something I had already been practising, which Matthew calls “Ideasthesia.”

I’m highly dyslexic, so I have always used other means to problem-solve complex things. Naturally, it piqued my interest.

I loved chess growing up. My mum entered me into competitions every weekend. So I have always been a fan of Joshua Waitzkin and was familiar with his work.

I realized at that moment what Josh had always been talking about with the subconscious mind translated directly to what Andrew mentioned in Matthews’s book. You can listen to it here > #210: Becoming the Best Version of You. 18:33 / 01:32:56

With slight nuances, they are both speaking about the same thing and tapping into the most potent part of the brain to solve/create anything.

I don’t want to say anything about the gut microbiome yet as I can’t formulate anything as it’s a scrambled mess. I’m still mapping concepts in my mind, but I’ve found the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic (YouTube Channel) an excellent resource for my learning.


I have been patiently waiting all week for this. There is no more incredible feeling than to make myself completely unavailable all weekend to go deep into the subject matter. And so it begins.

Having just read the Prologue, I’m hooked already. The Prologue is the story every Hero must go through.

  • The ordinary world.
  • Call to adventure.
  • Refusal of the Call.
  • Meeting of the mentor.


Introduction: My Key Takeaway

Three Wisdom Tools/Three Prajnas. "Hearing or reading, about something leads to contemplating upon it, which leads to meditating on it.

Once you chew on the material and bring it into your system through the embodied practice of meditation, the teachings can transform you because this is when you feel them.

The Three Wisdom tools take information from your head and deliver it down into your heart and guts. This is where you really feel things, and where you’re truly fed. This is where you transform cerebral data into somatic fiber.

Instantaneously, Andrews words made me think of something I had digest before from another Author. The Intellectual Yet Idiot what Andrew politely calls Samsara hit’s home on the mere appearance of things.

Note taking tools

The one I like now is Obsidian, it’s free, and you own the data.

It caters to my non-linear mind very well.

Wrapping up sounds like Andrews’s Three wisdom tools is what Matthew walker calls Ideasthesia .

Andrew, thank you for the treasure chest.


Wormhole, aka Acres of Diamonds

I am breaking the dimension of time using a wormhole. I leave tomorrow on a journey where I will arrive on 1st May 2023.

Andrew made a great point about checking one’s motivations for doing something. Mine is simple, I can’t wait, and it’s life or death. That’s simply the way I perceive it.

Kip S. Thorne gave me ideas on where to look for Wormholes to travel through hyperspace. Kip mentions wormholes are exotic matter .

My instinct tells me my wormhole is near my pain, darkness, problems, fears, insecurities and f**k-ups up until now.

The synchronicity of things sometimes is quite remarkable. The lightbulb went off again to use (Self Authoring) as my exotic matter , which consists of Past Authoring, Present Authoring, and Future Authoring, which is funny as I remember Andrew talking about the third way in a chapter I read yesterday.

Chapter 14 of Black Holes and Time Warps.
Kip asked:

Can highly advanced civilizations build wormholes through hyperspace for rapid interstellar travel and machines for traveling backward in time?

I’m about to find out.


Welcome @masey, I love 220 miles further north than you, just outside Leeds. Welcome this a very friendly group with some lovely people on it. Welcome!

Thanks and much love, Steve


Take pictures . . . .

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Absolutely will, Barry.

Page 23. A map for practices of the night.

“If we really want to wake up, we need to follow our fear (Exotic Matter ) into and through the darkest aspects our being, that is where the brightest light abides.”`


If the darkest matter holds the most mass, then it follows that it also holds the most [potential] energy, that can be tranformed into the brightest light.

Really glad his words are resonating with you. I just bought a journal to start taking notes while I watch his videos, there is so much info to digest.

If you like complex ideas, and are vibing with his Dream yoga book, then I think you will love his Dreams of Light book. I feel like it is PHD level materal, very advanced , very powerful.


Wow I could not of said it better myself.

Andrew was right. The more I go deeper into myself. We have to question the appearance of things. How stable is it? Really…

Breaking my exotic matter has been difficult. Dreams of light is on my shelf. I’m going slow and steady. Depth over distance is the only important thing for transformation.

A beautiful community of people here. Stay the course, people, as Joeseph Campell said.

Eternity isn’t some later time. Eternity isn’t a long time. Eternity has nothing to do with time. Eternity is that dimension of here and now which thinking and time cuts out. This is it. And if you don’t get it here, you won’t get it anywhere. And the experience of eternity right here and now is the function of life.“


Absolutely, and I feel the more I question the stability of things, the more it seems like the only true stable part of life is instability. Or put another way, nothing (No-thing) and emptyness (limitelessness, boundlessness) are two of the very few things in life that are truely eternal (stable).

The pic you posted was of a fast? What type of fast did you do?

It is not for everyone, thats why they call this spiritual path the path of the warrior. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Depth over distance is a great way of putting it, well said. Not sure of the exact page in the book it refers to, but one of the most meaningful parts that he reads is found in this video:

" Session #11 | “Dreams of Light”"

I have watched it half a dozen times, and still have not extracted all its wealth of information.

Very true. Love that quote, beautiful!


Hello Hawk :slight_smile:

48hr fast, it is the most efficient for autophagy.

Thanks, Hawk. I’ll give that a watch. I have momentarily stopped reading Dream Yoga. I want to go back to the beginning and put all my notes into Obsidian. I’ve practised waking up in my dreams a few nights now. It’s quite a surreal feeling.

Campbell was a maverick. This one makes me laugh.

I will participate in the game. It is a wonderful, wonderful opera – except that it hurts.

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Congratulations on the fast. I swear by them. Started doing them a few years back, and found if the hunger pains did not keep me awake, I would fall asleep and get a mcuh deeper and more restful sleep than normal.

I also think it helps with meditation, along with having many mnay other benefits!

Longest I have ever gone is 5 days. I am hoping to one day get a 7 day fast under my belt.

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Fortunately the shadow of pain is pleasure, and vice versa. Without the contrast, life would be hollow.


Could you elaborate?

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