Q+A w/Andrew | 90 | February 23, 2023

Q+A w/Andrew | 90 | February 23, 2023

Questions submitted in advance:

  • Do you know are there physiological changes happening in the capillaries (e.g. increased blood flow) OR is it prana that moves and I get to sense that? If this is physiologically measurable, could focusing one’s mental awareness to a specific body part be used to signal lucidity in the sleep laboratory? Do you know what type of equipment would be needed to measure changes in the capillaries?
  • I have looked intently at an object like an apple, closed my eyes and tried to see the apple, but all I see is black. Is there a more basic step that I can start with
  • Do you recommend that we preorder the Reverse Meditations book, or wait to buy it when it comes out in July?
  • How can I learn how to have some control over my dreams?
  • What might be the difference between “mere reflections” and the “real thing”? And differences between the ways reaching them?
  • Do you think that learning astral projection can help a person prepare for death?
  • One time I was floating in the clear sky. And I thought at that point “am I dead?” My question is “how do I know?” Would the Bardo experience be like this? How do you distinguish?
  • How come we perceive the world outside of ourselves as solid, and that people perceive the same shape or forms, for instance moving around in a neighborhood? Are the objects in our day-dream created in every instant, or are they “solid” dream images, constant, in some way?
  • What were your first few thoughts directly after waking from your first lucid dream?
  • Can 2 (or more) people share a lucid dream together?
  • Will the retreat in Spain just cover liminal states (I do yoga nidra) and lucid dreaming, or go in to dream and sleep yoga too, depending on the group

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He mentioned an interview with someone he did, do you know when that will post?

Within the next week