Q+A w/Andrew | 94 | June 15th, 2023

Transcript → Q+A w/Andrew | 94 | June 15th, 2023

Submitted Questions:

  • How would you, or someone who is able to maintain awareness throughout all the stages of sleep, describe the phenomenological experience of light sleep (NREM Stage 2)? I can align an experience with Hypnagogia (NREM1), REM, and Deep Sleep (and would be curious to hear your thoughts on each of those as well), but I’m having a hard time putting my finger on what the experience of Light Sleep would be.

  • How frequent do your lucid dreams have to be in order for you to realise you are dead in the Bardo of Becoming? Presumably the more frequent the lucid dreams the better but is there some level of frequency that produces a reasonable likelihood that you’ll realise you’re dead in the Bardo?Relatedly, if you’ve been frequently having lucid dreams for a few years but (perhaps because of the illness that kills you) you weren’t lucid for a significant period before your death, does that make it less likely that you will realise you are in the bardo of becoming?

  • Would you consider inviting Sean Esbjörn-Hargens and/or Fariba Bogzaran to teach a short course for Nightclub at some point?

  • In the early days of my spiritual life 3 decades ago, I was very visual and had psychic sensitivity… awareness practice seems to have lessened rather than increased these capacities. Listening to you I’m now getting a bit suspicious about my dream experience and wondering how I might brighten and bring more clarity?

  • I was hoping you could elaborate more on the cause of these void states (eastern vs. western? simply neurological?) and possibly ways to continue through, or preferably circumvent altogether.

  • People are leaving my life through death and disease. I find I am grasping at those relationships because I have less and less long term relationships and connections. I feel more alone in this world as a result. Probably normal as a result of aging. Is it grasping and if so, any advice on practice for this grasping?

  • The other night I had the dream where I was chasing something and ended up on the bedroom floor with a broken collarbone. Any suggestions on how I can go forth with a lucid dreaming practice, when I’ve had such an experience? Is once enough to assume this is a permanent condition or should I see if I can experience something similar again under much safer circumstances?

  • Why do you think that other (non Tibetan) Buddhist schools/lineages have not developed a Dream Yoga tradition, particularly if we assume many of the practitioners are lucid at night.


“Lovely jubbly” as me ‘ole mate ‘Delboy Trotter’ would say!
As I watch these sessions…(and being a visually orientated type) I offen focus on the background and allow my mind to visualise different scenes occurring. Over the years some quite entertaining scenes have manifested involving statued deities and ‘inanimate’ objects or even the sage dog.
On this occasion perhaps picking up on another community member who dreamt Andrew was in a space ship (I previously also had this dream :rocket: ) ……I saw all the books and material freed from the book shelves…and moving weightlessly around the room….with Andrew out of sight perhaps attending to a coffee maker in a kitchen or playing piano. Perhaps Toystory style this always happens when the bookshelf is not being observed. :books: :closed_book: :open_book::memo::prayer_beads::crystal_ball::comet::zap::fire::ringer_planet::star2::earth_asia::ocean::pray:t3: Perhaps I’m delirious due to pre apocalyptic heat. Peace. Abbraccio fortissimo!!!


Very cool! I don’t think your delirious at all :slightly_smiling_face:.

We are on our way :rocket::woman_astronaut::man_astronaut:


Thank you everyone for sharing questions and answers.

One of my most amazing conscious dreams was being in a void, in between two other dreams.
I could hear my breath though and there was an observer guiding me to just be. In that case, nothing.
It was such an amazing peaceful experience.
It was a good practice to not engage in anything: just witnessing pure presence inside a totally black void.

blessings to all :slight_smile: