Q+A w/Andrew | 93 | June 1st, 2023

Transcript → Q+A w/Andrew | 93 | June 1st, 2023

Submitted questions:

  • I’m curious about physical pain in lucid dreams. I’ve had a couple dream scenarios where things have attacked me while I was lucid, and I feel actual physical pain. Not a crippling pain but enough to wonder about it inside the dream.

  • May I ask you following question our dream circle is still pondering on: In case we experience a sudden death and doesn’t recognize that we just have died – how can we find out that we are dead and in a bardo state, given the possibility that we might recreating our existence through the power of the unconsciously mind and/or old habits? What would be a way out of this mind-trap?

  • What would be your advice to your average lay practitioner who is still quite dedicated, but would like to advance their practice (given responsibilities/time constraints etc.).

  • I recently had an unsought lucid dream. In the dream I was trying to pack a large amount of luggage in order to make a flight on time. I then decided “I really don’t need this luggage” and the dream was immediately replaced by a rush of energy that lasted a long time. I have experienced an increase in energy in general since this dream. I have not discerned what the luggage represented. Any suggestions on how I can find out what part of my life the “luggage” represented?

  • I’m curious about the nature of samaya, and how to move on to study with another main teacher - whether that constitutes a break, or not.

  • I think I have some form of what is called aphantasia – inability to create visual images in the mind, or difficulty doing so. I think this may make it difficult to lucid dream. What do you think? I cannot, for example, recreate a reality check in a dream since I don’t see details – I never see my hands, or any part of myself, for example.

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Only half way through……very beautiful so far
Bardo of becoming descriptions are scintillating



Awesome to have you back Andrew! You Rock!


this was SO helpful and inspiring.
thank you.
infinite blessings.

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