The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Yesterday someone mentioned this book on a post here which inspired me to go and find out a bit more about it.

I have found this video with a brief resume of the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

I loved it so much that I decided to share it with you, also inspired by the Summer Solstice, this huge Portal of Light.

Here’s what I discovered on this video:

The three sections of the Bardos:

  1. The Bardo of Life
    present moment and all of life’s experience
  2. The Bardo of Dying
    sub-bardo of the inward experience of dying
    sub-bardo of the outward experience of dying
  3. The Bardo of Dharmanirvana
    sub-bardo of the experience of the “Clear Light of Reality”
    sub-bardo of the experience of the “Ground Luminosity”

I was fascinated to learn about the bardo experiences and the connection of the inward sub-bardo with near-death experiences.

Highly recommend it.


Pretty cool synchronicity again! :smiling_face: Last night in my non-lucid dreams I was explaining to 3 dream characters the Bardo after they told me to goto hell. Explained to them I’ve already tried to goto hell while I was lucid. Saw the devil and he was chasing me around hell. Explained to them lucid dreaming and the reason for trying to explore hell (to help navigate and recognize hellish realms in bardo). It was an interesting bunch that was with me last night. Before our conversation they broke into my home and were eavesdropping on me doing a chubba wubba chant while I was peeing into my toilet. :smile_cat:


Sole this link from @_Barry

Part 2 link is in the other thread too along with some other great videos.


Part 2


amazing brilliant class! :slight_smile:
nice synchronicity.
Sometimes I also pee in my dreams - not the lucid ones though.


Thank you so much for extending this knowledge in a way that I enjoy so much - video.

I could not hear these videos though - perhaps because I’m in Portugal. I’ve noticed that some videos (fortunately only a few) I cannot hear them or don’t even have access to. So I researched and found a whole version that has a good sound and better image:

Will watch it today.


Same it happens to me a lot in my non-lucid dreams for some reason. The strange part is I usually have people monitoring me while I do it.

One time in my lucid dream I was in my mom’s house and opened an insane portal where her toilet was.

It looked like this:

Except it was horizontal and was coming out of the wall and stretched past the toilet replacing it completely. Since then I’ve been having dreams of peeing. Always wondered if it had some kind of link.

I went inside the portal and to this day it is one of the craziest lucid dreams I’ve had (top 5 for sure). It was when I was delving into biblically accurate angels.

After I went through the portal there were transitions through energy tunnels then I was dumped into a square room where I was free falling. The walls of this room were completely insane. They held perfect angles in the corners and were made of hyperrealistic psychedelic geometry that was rotating constantly. All the geometry was moving in opposition to each other holding perfect shapes and patterning. I’ve never seen anything like it while I was awake, still to this day.

When I was about to land there was a floor with a desk and a statue. I couldn’t make out the statue but I said “Anubis” and was pulled out of the dream.

It is hard to describe but those walls were one of the first things I saw inside of a lucid dream that made me believe it was possible to be in another beings dreamscape.

Yes, I looked over my dream journal before going to bed last night and after talking with them about Bardo they took me on a car ride to a city I’ve never been to before. I also had a dream earlier with a dolphin launching me out of water which was pretty vivid and really enjoyable.


I have this of going to a place I had never been before, driven by someone before a lucid dream.

thanks for the sharing. If I ever come cross anything like such a portal I will feel my intuition and if I have a «go» I will share how it was… :slight_smile:

“Anubis” and out of the dream… interesting having in consideration that the eye of the first biblically accurate angels (baa) had an eye in his heart :wink: I didn’t know about this (baa). thank you.

I never had anyone monitoring me while I pee… hihihi…
do you drink a lot of water? I do! at least, 1 litre and a half everyday. could it be because of that?


oh… and I LOVE dolphins. Deeply connected with them. I think in one dream once I was a dolphin and the feeling was of an invincible energy of joy, clarity and focus :slight_smile:


In the mean time, I found this video where Robert Moss states that he knows some people who have been in the “bardo” more than the 49 days and that they had a good time in there :slight_smile:

I’m in the middle of it and it’s super interesting.
other topics included:
“dreams are journeys and connections where we learn” (loved this resume)
there are three types of dreams:

  1. realistic
  2. symbolic
  3. experiences in other realities and dimensions

Synchronicities as a rupture in time (and space).

The aborigines are very simple and wise on their sayings that everything is alive and talking with us. Everything is conscious and communicating.(this is aligned with a recent post 🍎 Apple Vision Pro blinders - #16 by NightHawk999 where @NightHawk999 mentions how ancient cultures are so advanced.)

How the hypnopompic state is so great for conversations with God ( I agree).

I found out that Andrew makes a distinction about:

  1. lucid dreams
  2. conscious dreams
    this makes a lot of sense to me.

Love this and agree 100% with this one. I always say “the universe is an intelligent design” to people which goes right along with this idea.

I think synchronicities day after day is the way the universe reveals its intelligence and gains the trust over time.


Dolphins are amazing, super intelligent beings. I have to admit when I first saw the dolphin barreling at me at full speed I was taken aback and a little afraid but that quickly dissolved as the dolphin approached I could feel a playfulness about it.

Octopuses are amazing beings also, only reason I add them to this conversation is because I just learned the other day they have nine brains. One for each arm and one central brain. Pretty cool stuff.

“The arms can perform independent actions while the central brain focuses on higher-level processing and decision-making. This unique brain structure contributes to their adaptability, problem-solving abilities, and incredible capabilities in their aquatic environment.” :exploding_head:


One of mynfavorite animals, truely spectacular! One of the smartest out there, with intelligence on levels of a house cat.


I agree, Robert Moss says “let the Universe be your tarots cards” or something to that nature in his interview.


Really loved this interview, so much depth. Funny you mention that line, i feel the same way as Robert, that that 49 number is not set in stone, and there are many exceptions.

What is his distinction, what is the difference?


Yes, even though it might be a different experience and, in some cases, a different number, I find the Buddhist ceremonies and reading the book of the dead deeply touching and inspiring.

More than his distinction (which he didn’t elaborated about - at least, until now) is how I felt it.
Many times I’m not lucid in my dreams but I receive precious information, such as guidance, precognitive information and many other helping forces are infused in my conscious dreams - I’m deeply conscious (of who I am at the moment, my friends, my past, my life) even though not lucid.
Most of my dreams are directly connected to my perception of the world helping me to play with it. Sometimes more practically, others more conceptually, others full of light, but it’s amazing how, then in the awake state, it dances with the world through synchronicities, signs and connections.


I yes I remember in the interview where Andrew says that he had really changed his tune on conscious dreams, and they are as important as lucid dreams.

The most impactful dreams in my life have been non lucid.


yes, I agree.
My most amazing dream was in the presence of three-dimensional fairies, highly vivid, and not lucid.

For many years I receive teachings in non-lucid dreams that then I pass on. Sometimes from masters, other times directly from consciousness.

Sometimes in non-lucid dreams’ details I can notice a fundamental inner shift in my psyche. I realize how towards something that happens I no longer react, for example or not letting myself by influenced by something that occurs. Other times it can expand my awareness on what I still react on at a deeper level.


I examine my thinking in non-lucid dreams to see how they have changed—or not—from my daytime thoughts, unencumbered by societal programming and environmental circumstances. Am I kinder than before? Do I act ethically? I think any dream I can remember is a useful dream, and my daytime actions also reflect progress I observe at night.


Don’t ever change :+1:

Same here, it is where I got my deep rooted state of peace. Observing what my higher self is capable of in some intense situations really helped expand my beliefs. One dream in particular where many dimensions were collapsing it was incredible to observe the process of protection I was capable of performing.

This is how I live my life too. Observation. Watching the signs, listening to the universe and tweaking my actions based on direct feedback. Worth noting too your two quotes here are something I’ve been wanted to express but couldn’t find the exact words. Another instance for me of “when nothing is done, nothing is left undone”.

Exactly, 100% :+1::muscle:. I remember a teaching in which some one said “think good thoughts”. Nighttime non lucid localized dreams seem to be a reflection of this peactice.