Bardos Class/es discussion section?

I’m seeing how all these teachings and practices are interwoven.
Dream practices can ultimately be Bardo practices if one takes that route.

Andrew’s retreat/program “Death and the Art of Dying” with Bob Thurman was so amazingly dense - I was in heaven! View and inspiration are starting to return.

I had to just ‘digest’ for a couple weeks, honestly. Now thoughts and questions keep popping up related to that material. Reading “Glimpses of Abhidharma” brings up Bardo questions now. If I was a good practitioner, I would just sit with the questions.
But I’m not.

Silly questions like, “do I do 1 contemplation for a month, or 1 a day and mix it up?” - per the document provided about contemplation.
Or other noodlings about ‘5 Elements In Everyday Life’, hashing out what I thought I heard, knowing how my ears have preference-filters, etc.

As it was ‘advertised’ here, can it be supported here?

The retreat group (in the chat area) was frantically trying to figure out how to continue the discussion as students during the last 10-15 minutes of the program. Someone created a FB group in the last minutes. It felt a little too haphazard but maybe that’s how these things happen.



Followup here.

Already registered :sunglasses:

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How about this? Lucid Dreaming: A Deeper Dive Virtual Retreat. An online retreat over two weekends. Oct 30 - Nov 1 and Nov 6 - 8, 2020. You get a discount.

Or this?

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Prolly gonna die before I lucid dream.

Gotta sell this first to pay for it.


Bought in 2012 for sucking wind at tryathlons, but never completed another one. Has maybe 100 miles on it? All these years, the only place I’ve dropped it is in my now-kitchen to get at what’s in the closet. :roll_eyes:

'Cuz of these - no room to expand. (some pleural things and calcified things in there too, the report said)

Guess that means Tummo ain’t in my future now either.

Now I’m on a spiritual pisser. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

:pensive: How about focusing on liminal dreaming? I realized today that I have been having a lot of Hypnopompic dreams, but sort of lose them when I wake up feeling disappointed from not having a lucid dream. I’ve been reading about them for a long time, but it never really registered till today. As they say in Nepal, “The Light strikes the pot!”


Hi @mycoses - I think @Andrew’s always happy to entertain questions about any topic - either at the live #virtual-events or in the #mailbag - that’s a big point of emphasis for him :slight_smile:

As for creating a separate “support” track for this particular course - I think it’s a good idea - the issue we run into is the event was hosted by Menla. If it was run by Andrew I think we’d have some more flexibility to make that happen. And put the course content online - so it can be discussed, referenced, etc.

Sorry about that! But definitely don’t hesitate to ask Andrew your questions - as he says every week, it’s his favorite part of the live events :slight_smile:

I will say that your point is one we’ve considered a lot for Andrew and NC moving forward, that is, offering specialized support venues for Andrew’s offerings - because they are so dense.

You can see an example of that with the new “Book Club” Andrew’s creating for Dreams of Light. There will certainly be a category here for even further review and discussion!

Thanks again, @mycoses for your input! :pray:


Slowly going through re-listens of events co-hosted and a plethora of newbie questions arise. Ones probably best bounced off other newbs or those more familiar, looking to square off their notions - it’s all new in a sense…

2nd time through and I still miss tons, even taking notes ver-batim.

(lots of writing like mad, forget mid-sentence, pause, scooch back, play - d’oh too far oh well - here it comes, pause, write like mad, forget mid-sentence, repeat…) And that’s after I realize I can’t “multi-task” during a replay - like draw and listen. Oh no.

And I LOVE IT!!!

Excited for the Book Club! And the “let’s take our time going through the material” - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred a dense book to a power reader and they’re done 1 week later. No way they got it! I even ‘got on’ a friend for this very thing. We were reading “Radical Responsibility” - she was my ‘accountability partner’. But cussing & discussing Ch. 1, she missed HUGE dharma bombs! So I ended that little project. And I’ve concluded that I can’t ‘study’ with others, I go too slow, read too much into it for good or bad, basically go deeper than most are willing. This stuff is meant to go deep. Words are chosen with such care (I’m assuming) because how nuanced language can be, and hence mistaken.


Thanks for the perspective of managing all his offerings!

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Guess what? I got a book on it! :rofl:

I notice when I’m nodding off, not in bed, I wake myself up laughing or smiling about something in that liminal phase before nodding off. (not up to the 'gogic lingo yet) Not sure what that’s all about - a regurgitation of the day’s ‘stuff’? Pure fantasy? I thought that’s what dreams were for.

Or when I’ve been at a program and it’s before 10am, and I’m taking hand-written notes. Same thing happens. My notes scrawl off the page, sometimes I’ve found some nonsense words that I suppose were related to that liminal fading out.

Something about 10am-ish and my brain being alert and ready for action. 23&me says 7:36 is my ideal rising time and I can work my way into it (by going to bed at 7pm and taking naps). But my brain doesn’t want to play until 10am. Strange.

On second thought…both Tibetan medicine and Ayeurvedic schools say a person is predominately 1 disposition, but may be a different disposition given life circumstances and karma up to this point. I think 10a was when one of those ‘disposition cycles’ started (10a-2p). My health thingey that now has a name [FHL5] just has me more sensitive to them I guess. :muscle:

Good point on liminal tho. Kind-of an “in-roads” perhaps. Funny that you’ve been experiencing them for a while but it didn’t ‘register’ as you were so focused on the lucid part of dreaming!

Silly minds…

I’m about half-way through the audio-book and it’s interesting to hear Andrew with a different voice. Looking forward to reading the same material but integrating it in a different way.

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