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I started meditating over 30 years ago and focused on the Theravada Buddhist tradition. However, I have read and enjoyed many teachings from other schools of Buddhism. There is so much information now on so many different forms of practice. Currently I have been very successful with the jhanas and how this samadhi has improved my insight into non duality.

I have heard Andrew interviewed several times and enjoyed them all. I find the dream yoga especially intriguing. I would love to incorporate it into my practice. I am currently reading “Dreams of Light”. I was thinking about doing his audio course or the video course on Tricycle, does anyone know which goes into more depth?

Lucidity in my waking and dream lives would be my initial objective. I am looking forward to working with you all as we explore these depths. Any ideas on the best way to get started in the practice would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the Night Club! Not sure which Tricycle Course of his covers Dreams of Light, but he read the entire book and commented on it for the first Book Club reading most of last year. That series should be available on this site with the Emerald membership. It was a wonderful experience and highly recommended.

I took his Dream Yoga course on Tricycle and it was very good, as well. There are several opportunities on the site to interact with Andrew, The Q&A meetings, the Book Club (currently reading Dream Yoga) (on alternate Thursdays, and the meditation sessions on Mondays, where he sometimes leads meditations along with other meditation teachers. As aNC member you should be receiving a weekly calendar for the online webinars.

You’re in the right neighborhood as most of us here share the same goals.

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the reply! I may not have been clear about comparing Andrew’s audio course line and his Tricycle video course. I realize they both are on dream yoga, I wanted to know which is more extensive?


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Which audio courses are you looking at?