Q+A w/Andrew | 89 | February 9, 2023

Q+A w/Andrew | 89 | February 9, 2023

Submitted Questions:

  • How has your nighttime dream yoga practice affected your daytime life? How is it affecting it now? What is your daytime dream practice like?
  • What is your opinion of the usefulness of the currently offered program with Alberto Villoldo and Bob Thurman on Shamanic and Buddhist teachings on death called The Deathless Elixir of Immortality?
    Is this the best way to learn about the connections with the two traditions? What other options do you suggest?
    What is your impression of Alberto Villoldo?
    What is your understanding of the shamanic teachings on death? What is similar to Vajrayana? What is different?
    How useful is it to understand them?
    Have you used ayahuaska and/or psylocybin? How?
  • I wonder if you can offer some guidance on integrating the two wings of bodhicitta, specifically how can the practice of Tonglen be integrated with the illusory form practices?
  • Last week you said when we die we don’t dissolve into oneness but into noneness. Can you please elaborate?
  • I’m doing my best to cultivate ways to control my dream content to limited success. Am I being impatient? Should I simply go with these wonderfully creative experiences that so easily appear, and allow the deeper levels of insight to arise on their own? I certainly feel the benefits of the illusory form practice in the waking state, and hope to continue progressing toward the bardo and sleep yoga practices. Any suggestions for influencing my dream content?
  • I’ve heard that mandibular advancement devices are contraindicated in periodontal disease; could you please comment on that?

Only half way through. So fuckng beautiful. I have so much to say. Will build a note collection and then stay up half the night to make a live session. I do feel the need to channel Dennis my deceased merchant navy step father with the expletives….just to add some ‘je ne sais quoi’. :heart_on_fire::heart::comet::fire::mending_heart::earth_asia::cupid::ringer_planet::purple_heart:


Another synchronicity thought to share :blush:

I went to Soundcloud today to listen to the last Q+A podcast, but alas on my account the last download is podcast 89. So I listened to it and Wow!! At 15:20 the answer (after the joke :wink:) @aholecek gave to Beverlys question:

is so informative!!! And a book Andrew recommended by Francesca Fremantle: Luminous Emptiness, seems to be a link for me to read.

Thanks Andrew xx