Pure Lands 2024, Practices, Experiences and Mistakes

It seams that AH did a “mistake”…

here’s what I truly think about mistakes:

and he posted some files at the “Participant Resources” for the “Pure Lands” journey that starts today! :slight_smile:

this was on the 17th of May… so I included it in my daily practice together with my meditation to astral travel.
What I did was watching this video in full presence and attention that AH shared on that file:

before my usual daily meditation that lasts 40 minutes.

On these three days I expanded so much during the meditation, that I had to cry two times… I felt in my whole body and beyond what true fortune is…
I am deeply grateful for this, so I share it here with you.
I will also share other practices, experiences and perhaps more “mistakes”…
yehaaaaay! :dolphin:


Thank you for sharing this, late friday night I did (saturday your time) I did a Loving Kindness standing meditation (where you start small and work your way up to the whole universe) , and it was one of the deepest standing meditations I have ever done, if not the deepest.

Curious if we mixed Mind more than usual during that time? Maybe we were meditating at the same time?

Fantastic video!

Did you catch the hand mudra at 2:23 in vid?


beautiful :heart_eyes:

interesting concept of mixed Mind… not sure what it means. the more I experience meditation and spiritual practices, the more I realize there is no time… nor space…

yes, and for me the good thing is that I did not let it affect me at the physical level, and let my body do the Mudras it feels… :cowboy_hat_face: on the spiritual level I received SO MUCH… :pray:t3:


I did another “mistake”… tonight I connected with AH and did the visualization to bring him to my heart, to find that the recommendation is to do it with Amitabha… will do so in the next days. the thing is… I downloaded the fundamental teaching of today’s class in a dream tonight. When I woke up it was SO strange but my body took me to walk in nature, and I could download it totally… this embodiment is also another important topic on this journey… yehaaaaay! :heart_eyes:

It could be that I will be less engaged here at NCC in the next days… I have just realized it’s gonna be a very intensive journey… enjoy!..

Infinite Love and Blessings.


Enjoy the trip, dying to hear more about it when you get back.

Sounds like this was a truely profound experience and download :star_struck:


just passed by to share about yesterday’s highlights (literally):
My preferred expression of the day was that when we recite a mantra (and visualize), we do “Spiritual Archeology”, since by doing so, we uncover the Amitabha within (which is present in all of us at a very deep level of our unconscious). The deepest we go on this “archaeologic excavation” (this is my term now), we disappear and Amitabha becomes present.

I resonated 100% when Andrew mentioned something like this “when we do the practice for some time, the practice starts doing us” hihihi… so true from my experience.

I learned Amitabha’s mantra and recited it until going to sleep. Just before that, I went walking with my dog and…. The feeling was that I was entering an enchantment and leaving another! Fantastic. It’s so wonderful that there is always more path to discover, along with SO much creativity for letting go of the lawyers in our own rhythm.

Here’s an audio with Amitabha’s mantra (ON AMI DEY WA HRI):

(Thank you, birds and “Koshi Shanti” of earth.)

Tonight, I became lucid and said in the dream: “I want to be with my Love”. My left hand came to my eye sight with a blue heart on my palm, and from there, expansion happened and nothingness came to stay (as that), for some time. It was not a void… it was in front of me and all 360 degrees, in total expansion. When I woke up, shared my dream with some friends (my dream circle) and realized it must have been what Andrew calls “Formless Awareness, the ultimate purity”.

Yehaaaaay! :dolphin:


This course by Andrew is pretty affordable for anyone interested:


Spiritual Archeology is a genius term!
Minds me drilling through the bedrock of mind to get to the deepest Spring.

Yes, sounds very much like you experienced what AH calls a Dream of Pure light, its also been referenced as the ‘God Mind State’.

A monumentual achievement! Cery well done!


this video was shared yesterday and it’s just… so delightful…


I did this meditation practice of bardos and “died” today in a very rich way!


Youre not going to believe this:

I started listening to this meditation, and right before he got to the actual meditation, around the 1min mark, a Great Horned Owl started hooting off in the distance.


Might not seen like much, but it is almost summer, and the last time I heard one was back in the heart of winter.

Thank you Wise Medicine Woman



when death came, I felt the movement is very similar to birds movements… delightful feeling… thought of you… :heart_eyes:


Thought of you today when a song came on :heart_eyes:


You are also in the Pure Land program? I am finding it just mind-blowing!!!


Been looking to take this when I have more time. Appreciate you saying that it is good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes love, I’m also in.

what mind? hihihi

Here’s my “Pure Lands Highlights” from yesterday…

At some point this sentence emerged: “Precision creates fuzziness” yes. I have always been very precise, especially with words, to discover that the more I try to explain something to the most infinite details, the fuzzier it gets, contracting the original message. In certain domains sharing a music or any piece of art is much more effective – this is one of the reasons why I LOVE communication here at NCC. Since we all have different perspectives of the same thing, art allows us to honor that, speaking to many people, transcending the binary way of thinking…. Living now in a quantum era, communicating through arts, such as drawing and singing, is a key aspect for allowing all ideas to live and dance together, permitting thoughts to be set free from the cages of the ego.

Connecting to Amitabha through the drawing made and shown, at some point made me realize that I was perhaps channeling the energy of the artist who did it….! So, I decided to create my own perception of Amitabha and visualize from there, allowing it to live and breath.

Also decided to create a drawing from the experience with Amitabha until now. It was made in 15 minutes on my “Crystal Notebook”, made of tracing paper, where I draw my spiritual/human impressions of what touches me, with all layers speaking to the others because the paper is transparent. It’s an intention drawing, not technical as you will be able to see:

Two new expressions were born in my life thanks to this pilgrimage:

I GOD You! (another way of saying “I love You”)

We are so Blissed! Hihihi yehaaaaaay! :dolphin:


@Michele1 didn’t say it was good… she said it was mind blowing!.. you can take it into your heart beloved, not the mind! :heart_eyes:


It’s not just ‘good’, it’s excellent. So many things falling into place for me.


Got you! Uhm… GOD you, sorry! :pray: :star_struck:


hihihi… God You :heart_eyes:

indeed… it makes me wanna dance and sing! hihihi