Q+A w/Andrew | 82 | September 8th, 2022

Q+A w/Andrew | 82 | September 8th, 2022
During our session we covered being “too tight” with the breath in meditation, and now to handle that.

The following questions were submitted in advance:

  • In Tibetan Buddhism there are many ways to purify your karma, but in listening to your interviews with Delson Armstrong, it sounded like he says the only way to eliminate or purify the karma you are born with is to experience it. And, how you deal with it determines if it is purified, diminished or adds to your karma. Did I understand him correctly? Do you think you can purify karma through various practices like Vajrasattva, pujas, tsoks etc.?

  • Do you need a lot less sleep if you do several hours of meditation a day? Does meditation serve as a substitute for sleep and meets the need of our physical body for sleep?

  • Hello, Andrew

  1. Have I understood correctly that one who recognizes/realizes clearlight in the death process is liberated from the impulsive rebirth? 2) Are the persons who recognize clearlight in the deep sleep or in tantric practices then already liberated?

  2. Have I understood correctly that the liberation from impulsive rebirth doesn’t mean automatically buddhahood because there are many bodhisattva levels before?

  3. Do the kleśas manifest as knots at the subtle body level?

Thank you so much! I have no one to ask about these things.
I wish you the best!

  • Why do reality checks if the assumption is that you are dreaming?

  • In one of your mediation videos (I forget which one), you asked the members the question of “Where does the anger come from when it arises?”
    A few members answered the question, and you said their responses were close to the right answer, but not quite there. My answer to that question would be that the anger arises/manifests from nothing, and that is ultimately the same place where it dissolves back into. Is this correct? If not, I am wondering if you can tell me the right answer, or point me to the direction where I can find it? Thank you

  • In your recent conversations with Delson Armstrong, he indicated that awareness (rigpa) remains through deep sleep, and if memory serves me, that he doesn’t really dream anymore. Aren’t these indicators for enlightenment? My understanding is that enlightenment can be defined by being “locked in” to rigpa without interruption. Is that how you might define enlightenment?


@aholecek Your responses to my question in this Q&A about “too tight breathing” were incredibly helpful. At your suggestion, I listened to your second interview with Charlie Morley, and found it profoundly beneficial in so many ways. I feel that our exchange yesterday is helping to reorient and recalibrate my relationship with breathing. And I am looking forward to my shamatha sessions, rather than dreading them! I’m so grateful for your teachings, your practice, your sense of humor, and for your profound warmth and generosity as a teacher! Thank you, Andrew. It is so meaningful to be able to pose questions to someone I trust so deeply. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


i am happy you asked that question, i found his answer very helpful as well


Thank you so much! Glad to hear that.

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Got it fixed!
Sorry about that