Q+A w/Andrew | 77 | May 5th, 2022

Transcript → Q+A w/Andrew |#77|

Andrew started this session answering questions submitted in advance, and followed with live questions and offerings.

Submitted questions

  • I wanted to get your opinion on powerful synchronicities such as the one I was able to record on my dashcam.

I was listening to an audiobook called “The Laughter of God” and to summarize it, the book read “you are atop the heights of manifestation” then asks the question “where is the father” and at that moment a power line exploded, lit up the night sky purple, then it says shortly after “It is well, all is well heaven is here and now… why worry I speak to you from out these pages and say it is well do you hear? Then rest. There shall be no sluggish waiting and imagining things action is my name… be at peace.”

  • Is it possible or have you ever spoken to your subconscious mind in a lucid dream and asked it to make it easier for you to have more frequent lucid dreams? I once read that affirmations spoken to your subconscious mind in a lucid dream are many times more effective than affirmations when you’re awake. Do you have any experience with this?

  • I am gradually reading through all your books (although not in order}. I have read “Dream Yoga” and “Dreams of Light’, and am now near finishing “The Power and the Pain”. In the beginning of this latter one you mentioned the great experience you had with TM, the mantra form of Yoga. With such a great and successful meditation experience why did you not just stay with the TM (or do you still practice TM also) as your main Spiritual practice? What made you switch to Tibetan Buddhism as your current and main approach to Spirituality?
    Also as I get older and the concepts of Impermanence and Emptiness sinks in deeper “things” do not have the importance and value they used to seem to have. Have you noticed this happening also and with that in Mind how do you find :Meaning” in your Life? As Viktor Frankl discusses in his book “Man’s Search For Meaning”, having a meaning in our Life is of very essential importance. With the ideas that nothing lasts and everything is basically empty , how do we get that important sense of Meaning? I appreciate your thoughts, and whatever you can share to address these questions.

*As an agnostic curiousist I don’t feel able to devote myself to one specific doctrine or traditional teaching as I think you are practicing it. I can’t create enough devotion for doing aspiration mantras or generation state visualizations as you recommend in your workshops. As a non-Buddhist, I don’t feel a ‘heart-connection’ to it which would be essential for success, I think.
Why can’t I devote my practice directly to the ultimate Guru in my heart, to ‘my’ Amitabha in my own way? Maybe Zen could offer such an ‘open’ approach?
Quotes from your workshop: “Real devotion is an unbroken receptivity to the truth to reality. You’re devoting yourself to what’s real, real news, not fake news. The ultimate Pure Land, ultimate Guru, Amitabha, is in your heart”.
(And in my opinion, that’s exactly what Seth is teaching, too, by the way)
Devotion is my key for Lucid Dreams. In your last Q+A somebody suggested to ask for more frequent lucid dreams inside the dream state. Therefore, I dared to try it and shouted out: “Please let me experience a lucid dream each night, for the benefit of all beings!” But as the circumstances of the dream scene didn’t feel ideal for success, it didn’t work. I think I had to trust 200% that my ‘dreamer behind the dream’ will grant me my request. Only then could my ‘self-hypnosis’ work. I may not have any doubts about it.
Did you try it? Do you have any other recommendations on how to proceed?

*If humans manage to succeed at turning this planet into an uninhabitable wasteland, what would this mean for the cycle of rebirth, if this realm is no longer available for incarnate beings?

*Do you have any meditative tips for these breakthrough/extreme moments of clarity/growth and how to sit with/ process and get the most out of them?



Only half way through but so grateful….Mingyur Rinpoche’s book for help with panic attacks. All deeply helpful. Thank you :purple_heart:

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