Q+A w/Andrew | 83 | September 22th, 2022

Transcript → Q+A w/Andrew | 83 | September 22th, 2022

Pre Submitted Questions:

  • I have tried to lucid dream for 42years but have not managed to be successful. I have tried all methods many of which are in your books. I meditate regularly I have tried masks, brain wave reading machine (zen), dream inducing drugs etc but to no avail. I know when I dream and have recorded them many times. I wake up several times a night after dreaming remembering I have dreamed. I am still determined to wake up in a dream. Have you any suggestions or are some people not suited. Many thanks.

  • Dear Andrew, I recently watched your batgap interview and enjoyed what you had to share about enlightenment, and consciousness and lucid living. For the past few weeks I have been really struggling with the idea of relationships and how they fit into the grand scheme of existence because I have deep love for my parents, siblings and fiancé and I wanted to ask about your perspective on relationships.I also wanted to ask what your thoughts are on life after death and whether or not the beautiful relationships we share and create with each other in this lifetime last and transcend beyond. Thank you so much for your time.In love and friendship, Ajay

  • Have you or someone modified lucid dreaming work for the Western mind way of thinking that will never change enough to adapt the more Buddist or eastern mind outlook and approach?

  • Can you recommend the best books and resources on premonition and precognitive dreams? Do these types of dreams come in different types of levels, meaning, do the details have to be exactly right, (like dreaming pf someone dying and waking up to find out that person had died) or can the details vary: like if you dream of seeing a red Model T Ford truck parked in a field, only to wake and see a Blue model T Ford drving in a parade? Does the later less accurate form of these dreams have a name?

  • Hello, Andrew1) What is the benefit of taking vows? Why isn’t it sufficient to try to live a modest, compassionate and ethical life, study dharma and practice without taking vows?2) So much is written about the illusory quality of the relative reality - “form is emptiness”. But how to understand the other side of the equation – “emptiness is NOT OTHER than form”? It seems to contradict the 4 formless realms & formless meditation. Thank you so much!


Really uplifting session. Would like to know more about Andrew’s prophetic dreams.

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Yes me as well.

I asked him to share one of his prophetic dreams in a Q&A a few weeks ago, but I thinkmthat question got lost in the mail.


I think I told you my reading list was 3 years long, now it is at least 5 :upside_down_face:

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You’re young . . . . . . . . . . .

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Was able to find one of his recommendations on google for free. I think most of the book is free, have not read it all yet, I skipped to the chapter on Precognition.

Have you read Consciousness Unbound or the other two books?

I think if you ask Andrew to share some of his precognition/premontion dreams he will be far more likely to oblige.

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I have the James book, having met the author at a retreat some time ago. Haven’t read that chapter, nor the consciousness unbound series, but they’re on the list that will keep me busy till 2047.

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Would highly reccomend you check out the chapter on precognition in the James book. Abraham Lincolon and Mark Twains premonition dreams listed there are very impactful.

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Sometimes, in reflection, I try to think of what my future self is messaging me. Sometimes I hear something and make decisions based upon that. However, other times . . .

Hear them in dreams, or in wake life? I have said it before, I think your intuition is powerful.

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