Q+A w/Andrew | 88 | January 26, 2023

Transcript → Q+A w/Andrew | 88 | January 26, 2023

Submitted Questions:

  • I was wondering if there is a spiritual reason for why people experience heavy psychological effects after a heart surgery?. Could it be that when the heart is “disconnected” from the body and the brain – that the spiritual dimensions get “confused” about what kind of is like a death, but at the same time not, since blood is pumping manually through the system?

  • I wonder if you can describe some examples of “realizations” in meditation.

  • In your experience with many in Night Club and with dental practice years, does the dental mouth device offer a viable option to explore? This has been a long and frustrating journey.

  • Do you have thoughts about what this blue “liquid ceiling” might represent? Do you have any suggestions about how to “navigate” this state/experience from a yogic standpoint? Is there anyone you think it would be helpful for me to talk to?

  • What do I do when I get in there to start transforming these “nightmares” into dreams that count as work towards the “cleaning up of karma” in my sleep hours.
    For waking hours- I’m wondering, if Buddhism is the path for me what would be the first steps- for example- is there a base laying book I can read to start getting familiar with all of the terms? Anything you can recommend to read if the mind is chasing MANY rabbits (it’s like a weighted wheel- always trying to get to the next thing). How do I find a sangha- and a teacher?

  • In your earlier interview with Pema Chodron she mentioned a book by an Adam Tripton? about use of the pause in daily life and in Bardo awareness. I could not find it,If possible could you let me know the authors name and/or the title of the book. I am not able to listen to this presentation live so could it be part of the voice recording as the chat is not available through the recordings.


Glenn asked a question about itching and thought. Andrew mentioned the following article from The New Yorker, called The Itch. “Its mysterious power may be a clue to a new theory about brains and bodies.”