The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

I am curious to know what happened in this dream?

The two most impactful ones for me were 2 premontion dreams, one I had while camping in a very remote mountain area, and the other I had last summer, about my cousins new born baby.


I have heard Claire Johnson mentioning getting teachings too. Andrew as well. Would love to hear about your most impactful teaching dream if you are interested in sharing.


Not exactly a shared dream, but this Winter I had a very impactufl lucid dream where I saw my Grandma for the first time after her death years ago.

I found out a few months later that @mbready had also had his first dream about his grandma (who passed as well) and that our dreams were less than a week apart (like 72 hours or something), that was pretty mindblowing for me.

Dont think that was a coincidence. Maybe. Both incidents occured in the peak or dead of winter.

The only other dreams where I was visted by the dead was with my dogs who have passed.


Thanks for asking :slight_smile:
The more I share about these things, the more they happen!

I share with you the most recent one:
I was with two men.
And one of them gives us (me and the other man) a look as if he was in love, and said “I love women”.
At that moment a Shaman who works in Portugal, from whom I have received some direct teachings and healing, came into the scene and I said to him “He loves women” with a similar expression of the other man.
Then this shaman said: “Men love women and women love cars”. He then started walking and we were with him, and he entered a space. There were many people there and one image was stronger: a teenager full of fantasies about this man (who had said that he loves women).

This dream was so STRONG that I wrote an article on that theme “Men love women and women love cars”. It was a success - it touched people and put them closer to Love. Also the scene of the teenager with fantasies was in that article in the sense of women being pure and men taking that veil away in a distorted way. In the second part of the article I gave several ideas on how we can establish a deep connection with one another. And on how a man and a woman can really meet and go beyond the obvious and false motives of attraction.

This information was also a connection with a patient who is a teacher. The fact that in one of our consultations, I touched this subject, was healing for him. Because he sure notices when some students have a crush on him. So we worked together on noticing it and dealing with it in a way that it does not cause a distance. I think it worked! He sure was happier to go back to school :slight_smile:


this is so cool :slight_smile:
I feel my grandmothers with me many times but never had the privilege to dream with them… amazing experience. thank you for sharing.

I already shared with you an experience of dreaming together here: PREMONITIONS, PROPHECY, and INTUITION (in dreams and wake life) - #48 by BlessingsDeers (precognitive dream #1)

The energy of a dream can be so sparkling that it can also go away. For me the keys are: 1. sharing the dream; 2. maintaining the lucidity about it; 3. being able to capture the magic of it; 4. asking questions, also in time and space for being able to recognize the alignment.

In the last years more and more people dream with me :slight_smile:
In April a patient dreamt of me full of light and above the waters - on the same day of a powerful healing I received (in my Vision Quest this year in April).


LOL love that line, and love even more that the article was a success, I think there is definitely a message there that resonated with the collecticve.

Sounds like a really good read. Lust and Materialism might not be the best bedrock to build a relationship on if you are in it for the long haul, although it seems like the Media disagrees strongly.


Really loved your dream you shared in that thread, I shared it with a friend and it deeply touched her (as it did me). Hearing these dreams and stroies from you and other NC memebers is really inspiring to me.

Here is a link to a thread about the dream:

“5th LD since joining NC”:


@NightHawk999 did you see this post? 5th LD since joining NC - #15 by BlessingsDeers
It’s another synchronicity! (yuo invite dme to take a look at your dream after me watching Indiana Jones two days before. (and I’m not the kind of woman who watches that many movies, especially Indiana Jones!! - many times I do things just because I feel it and then… when I see the whole picture I’m amazed at myself!)

I wonder what all these synchronicities want to say to us…let’s keep attentive :slight_smile: