The Five Niyamas

I’ve been going over my notes for the recently completed Bardo (2) retreat, probably both in the waking state and the dream state. I woke up thinking about The Five Niyamas. I remember you mentioned the following about the Five Niyamas.

I also want to say very briefly then a teaching that surprisingly I have never heard taught in the Tibetan arena of teachings and and I’ve actually asked Tbetan masters about this and and I hate to say it they kind of draw a blank when i came across these teachings on the Niyamas, the orders of reality . . . . Karma doesn’t explain everything and the five Niyamas, when I heard about them said “oh my gosh this is in the sutras, even the Buddha said this,” and so you know I’ll say more about this later. In my opinion this is somewhat important because it makes, it reveals a blind spot, it makes students of the Eastern traditions perhaps a little bit more open-minded towards other ways of looking at causality.

I don’t think you were able to get to this during the retreat so I looked it up and found this and I wonder if this is what you were talking about? If so, I’d like to know more about The Five Niyamas from your perspective. Thanks.