📕 Looking for books about reincarnation from buddhist perspective

Has anybody some recommodations for good books on this topic? I remember Andrew recommending some, but I forgot the titles.
Thank you.


I dont know any, but @_Barry recommended a great book to me i read last year about the 6 realms Animal, hungry ghost, God, etc. Forget the title.

Andrew talked about these states of mind making us live in a Hell realm, or hungry ghost realm in his latest meditation video. My guess is the states of mind that occupy our heads most, is the realm we will reincantate in.

Great thread, the topic of reincarnation is very deep and fascinating.


"After researching, I found three highly regarded books that focus on reincarnation from a Buddhist perspective:

  1. “Rebirth: A Guide to Mind, Karma, and Cosmos in the Buddhist World” by Roger R. Jackson: This book delves into the concepts of mind, karma, and the cosmos as understood within Buddhism, offering a comprehensive view on the subject of rebirth within this religious and philosophical context [❞].

  2. “Good Life, Good Death: Tibetan Wisdom on Reincarnation” by Rinpoche Nawang Gehlek: Rinpoche Nawang Gehlek, a renowned Tibetan Buddhist figure, shares his insights and experiences related to reincarnation. The book presents Tibetan Buddhist wisdom on this topic, providing stories and teachings that explore the notion of reincarnation in depth [❞].

  3. “Rebirth in Early Buddhism and Current Research” by Bhikkhu Analayo: Written by a German Buddhist monk and scholar, this book offers a rich examination of the concept of rebirth, tracing its development from early Buddhist texts to contemporary discussions. It’s an academically rigorous exploration of the topic, suitable for those interested in a scholarly approach [❞].

Each of these books provides a unique perspective on reincarnation, reflecting the rich and varied interpretations of this concept within Buddhist traditions."

Asked AI to research it for you, these were the top 3 books it came back with.


Bingo, thats the one, thank you


@Karin_Paties1603 this book ive seen on Q+A @Andrew recommend a few times about dying and rebirth if that was your meaning.


Thank you so much, I can always rely on the group wisdom of my dream sangha


Hallo Karin
I have found an article in buddhaweekly:

that leads to different studies for example from Dr. Ian Stevenson Ian Stevenson - Wikipedia

Stevenson has found birthmarks in patients which correspond exactly with the remembered story from their last death - for example being shot in the head in the previous life and having a birthmark at the entrance and exit place of the bullet in this life - pretty dazzling

some of his studies are even translated into german : 2003 Reinkarnation: Der Mensch im Wandel von Tod und Wiedergeburt. 20 überzeugende und wissenschaftlich bewiesene Fälle. Aurum im Kamphausen Verlag, [ISBN 978-3-89901-019-0]


from the article:

So, buoyed by my dead intellectual forebears I fully immersed myself into the search for “proof” that we continue on after death, and that the synchronicities and supernatural information I was being inundated with were real and not just some form of wishful thinking or worse. I was shocked at what I encountered in my search for understanding. The evidence for the continuance of consciousness after death was overwhelming and as strong or stronger than for any of the scientific claims I, as a neuroscientist, have encountered.