5th LD since joining NC

2 weeks ago I had my 5th Lucid Dream since joining this site in May. That night was warm day (30 degress) sandwitched in between two cold days (around 0 degrees), so I cracked my window open to take advantage of the ‘heat wave’ and covered the airducts to the room. Wanted to sleep with some fresh air, and threw an extra thick blanket on the bed to stay warm. Sleep was resful, but lighter than usual, and I woke up several more times in the night than typical bc my face was cold, but was able to fall back to sleep easy with the fresh air. Heres the dream:

Sitting around talking to 2 actors, one is a younger man, and one is Harrison Ford, he is doing a sequal to a movie. I am taking off my outside sweater and layers becuase inside is warm, while I am doing this the Old lady talking with us comments on Harrison Fords age, and how old he looks. I throw my sweater on the couch, and it hits and falls on the floor. I walk over to pick it up. The old lady who I am now realizing is my dead grandma, mistakenly thinks that by me getting up and walking away to get the sweater, I am offended by what she said. I walk to her in the hallway and she points to my left chest where there is a sticker, close to where my heart would be. I become lucid realizing that it is a dream becuase she has died. I give her a big hug, not saying anything but letting her know how much I love her and that things are ok (im not offended by what she said, I thought it was kind of funny :upside_down_face:). When I hug her I realize how real she feels, and how warm, its just like in waking life. I think from lack of movement and standing still, the dream destablizes and I end up waking up.

When I wake in my bed, my arms are crossed and I am hugging myself, my finger in one fist touching my left chest. I had kicked one of the blackets halfway off the bed, becuase it was too warm, and now I wasnt shivering, I was comfortable, but I think huging myself for extra warmth or to say warm.

Really cool how the physical placement on my arms transfered into the dream. I had been wondering for a few years when she would appear in my dreams, if ever. Very glad it happened, and greatful for this site for helping prompt that dream. :innocent:

Later that week, I saw a trailer for an Apple TV show with Ford and another actor play about 2 dozen times on the Peacock app, where I was watching Yellowstone Wondering if this may have also been a minor precognitve dream?

Interesting side note, a family member told me they dreamed of a friend who committed suicide and visited them in the dream to say they are okay now. That same night they dreamed that, I had the dream of my grandma. For both of us this was a very rare occassion to be visited by the dead. The family member rarely remembers their dreams, but that one was extremely vivid and memorable.


Five, no six LDs in less than a year is a great start!

Excellent show, 1923!

I’ve had some visitations, two by my late brother, who was fine, and one by my mother, after 40 years, who wasn’t. We were in India at the time and my wife arranged for a Tibetan prayer service to help her through her troubles. I hope it helped.

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What a great LD. So warm and loving. I love how the hugging motion spanned across physical and psychic spaces. That’s cool. Do you think your Grandma is stepping forward as a spirit guide for you? You could ask her to point the way forward for you.

My parents like to show up in my dreams in my clothes closet, together. Once when I woke up from that dream my dog Mattie was sitting facing the closet door, looking upwards… may be at them. Dogs rock.


Which one? Yellowstone?

Could not have done it without your help, thank you my friend! You know my first LD manifested the week that your package came in the mail. Knowing the contents of it now, theres little doubt that it helped precipitate the LD.

I just read in Robert Waggoners book, chapter 17, page 228, that often the dead will visit the dreamer to let them know that they are ok. He cites the book:

The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts by Patricia Garfield

I have not read it, but I am now excited to check it out. Thank you for letting me know about your brother. If you are interested in sharing those 2 dream, I would be very interested in hearing about them.

If your mother did not visit you again after the prayer, I think that is a strong sign that she is at peace. Babys dont cry when everything is perfect, its usually to let people know something is wrong. I think a similar thing can be said about people. When we are at peace, there is very little desire to go around the world shouting from the roof tops about how peaceful and complacent we are.

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Yeah me too. I think you are definitely on to something with that insight. Not sure what your definition of spirit guide is, but I can definitely see her as being a force that is helping guide me on the spiritual path. In my second lucid dream since joing here, the dream took place in her house. It was also a lucid dream where I first was able to fly and do reality checks, I had been wanting to dream fly for almost 3 years before that, so she may have helped answer my prayers.

Love that story, pretty amazing how they can pick up on things we often cant. You reminded me that after I had the 2nd ld flying dream, the night after I was thinking about my grandma, and if she was the one that helped me have that dream. And while thinking of her, right outside my window, loud and unmistakable was a great horned owl calling out. Wondering if it was a sign, I imagined her and imagined giving her a hug and sent that image to the owl. After I did that there was complete silence. (usually owls will do a couple rounds of hooting before flying away). Not sure what it means, but some very interesting ‘coincidences’ for sure.


No, 1923, the prequel. I like it much better than Yellowstone because it has fuller/richer written/acted characters, a kick-ass African story for one of the settings, and it addresses several things lost in history including Native American schooling, of which I have some interest/knowledge.

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I want to watch it now

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@mbready I had this dream on 1.28.23

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Very cool timing. Within + - 48 hours of mine. I remember recently I had a dream trigger lucidity in a similar style but it was from me being inside my grandmother’s old house. I knew it had burned down and it triggered me to become lucid. It was a strange one though because after I became lucid I had trouble stabilizing and it seemed like the dream characters were trying to get me out of the dream which they did successfully. The lucid dream was only like 30 seconds. Very abnormal compared to my other DILDs.


I dont think its a coincidence.

I was trying to think what if there was something astrological going on or meterological.

Will have to do some digging but, the thing that popped into my mind first was the Dead visited us right in the DEAD of winter! Your dream was about 40 days into the season, or about 44% of winter completed. Looking at the monthly weather in my area, the coldest week of the year (and of all winter) came after my dream and during the week of yoir dream.

That is really odd, what did they do to force you out of the dream?


Astronomical events always interest my mom, that’d be an interesting thing to look into.

I will have to go through my journal tomorrow to find the dream but I remember off the top of my head her house had expansions built on it, it was like she got an upgrade. Then I walked out of her house and there was a giant house next to hers that had this cool ornate rug in the middle of the room.

I got the feeling I wasn’t meant to be there and remember waking up quickly after that. It may have just been my mind set that woke me up but I remember something going on with the dream characters in the dream that seemed to interfere with my dreaming but don’t remember what it was at the moment.

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I am curious to know what went on with the dream characters, epecially becuase it was so out of character for them to do that.


Searched quite a while to find this dream and I remembered it almost completely opposite of what happen.

The dream was all non-lucid and I noticed I was in my grandmother’s house. I told one person it was a dream and they didn’t believe what I said and I repeated then added look at all the old wood I know the original house burnt down and it was not rebuilt, the old wood that was in her house is still here. Then I said to the people around me I know this is a dream but I don’t know how to get out of it. They started treating me like I was crazy and I left going out the front door where there was a giant building that had been put next to her house. Walked into the building and shortly after I woke up.

So they were actually trying to keep me non-lucid and keep me in the dream not pull me out of it. Even though I said I knew it was a dream I was non lucid. I remember in that dream I thought I was in waking reality talking to people.


Ah, a simliar experience triggered my first Dream yoga experience. I was having a conversation with a girl and trying to convince her that it was possible to become aware while dreaming. Then I showed her telekinetically, and walked through a wall.

I dont know what to make of these types of dreams. It may have soemthing to do with our egos or subconsciousness not wanting us to become more aware, and fighting us tooth and nail.


this is so amazing.
I saw Indiana Jones two days ago :slight_smile:


OMG I fucking love these crazy synchronicities!

I completely missed this post, I am REALLY glad you flagged me on it. This was when I was camping, I did not get back into town until after the 4th of July.

So awesome, read your other posts, really loved what you had to say, will reply to them tonighht when I have more time.

I dont know what all these synchronicities mean, but they have happened wirh a few other memebers on this site, who have helped me learn a lot, so I think if anything it means we are in good company :slightly_smiling_face: and on the right path. :wink:


Yes, I guess it’s the universe saying that we are on the right track.
And connected already - sharing dreams has that magic… we tap into intimacy much faster than usual.
thanks for that.
and thank you all for making me feel at ease here and, at the same time, honoring my depth.


Thank you for all that you have shared I think this community is very lucky to have you, its a Blessing :slightly_smiling_face: