I had a very vivid dream of a woman I had felt close to on a psychotherapy training. After the training we had gone different ways and I did not reconnect with her neither did I hear from her. When she appeared in my dream over twenty years later, I felt the same deep connection of the past and decided to see if I could find her online somehow. I managed to get her partner on the phone. I asked to speak to her but he said that she had left her body. It turned out that my dream had been a sort of premonition - for an unknown reason she had come this way to say Goodbye. I was very, very touched.


It was absolutely a premonition dream! This type of dream is what caused me to dig deeper into the world of dreaming, and eventually lead me to this site, I write about a few of mine here in this thread:

Very beautiful. I love hearing about dreams like this! I feel like they are so powerful in showing us how connected we all really are, and really hlep in deepening peopls faiths.

In my personal expereince in reading about hundreds of peoples dreams like this, I have observed that some of the most common preconitve dreams are ones where the dead person has recently died, and visits loved ones.

Thank you for sharing this. I would really love hear the details of this dream if you are comfortable sharing it.

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Sorry to hear that about your friend. I have experienced similar phenomena when people close to me have died.

These things have always instilled in me that dreams, while on the surface seem simple, are very complex and connected to the cosmos. I have a stramge take on dreams, I believe these realms are more alive than illusions. Reason being is my actions within lucid dreams have manifested the following day in waking reality on multiple occasions.

An event like this can be viewed as concrete personal evidence that dreams are at the very least interesting and worth your time. I’ve found that over time and as these types of events add up, faith in the dream realm can be built.

Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you for your response. This whole page is a real discovery for me as I have been blessed with the memory of dreams all my life but - beside my sister who was also at times very much into it - never found a place to exchange thoughts and experiences.
Well, this dream in particular was actually not a premonition but it seems my friend from the past visited me in my vivid dream exactly the day/night she died. I only started recently writing down my dreams, so all I remember is how vivid and present she appeared in my dream and happy - smiling, laughing, just glorious - and how strongly that dream impacted me. I was surprised that she had appeared in my dream at all as we had lost contact for years. And I was just amazed and surprised somehow that she would come to ‘visit’ ME. Why me I kept asking myself. What I learned from it is that you never know how you impact people. THAT in itself I found amazing and it helped me to not view myself in such a negative way, but use the ‘gift of communication’ to deliver a rather positive vibe - no matter how negative I felt. Not as a sort of pretense, covering up my actual mood, but rather as a deliberate meditation and act of kindness. It was like a tool I discovered which I found very helpful as I expereinced a lot of trauma in my childhood and consequently went through many years of depression and ending up with not exactly high self esteem. Refelcting upon it now, I think it was actually one of several turning points - helping me to approach life in a more positive way as it appeared so mysterious to me.
While living in a spiritual community with a spiritual teacher I did experience moments of ‘no I’ and intense dreams but only after leaving that community I started having again a full nocturnal life of dreams and ‘the void’ experiences shortly before ‘waking up’ in the morning. Only seconds perhaps, but seconds that reminded me to stay on track, not give up…
Then months and months of nightmares and now trying to get into the lucid dreaming state…

Would love to hear more from your nocturnal experiences with premonitions, etc.


Yes it is a shame how many societies these days place little to no value on dreaming. I almost wonder if this is done purposely to keep people blind?

Dont sell yourself short, the fact that you do not remember the full details of the dream (which often give clues of the message), and the actual details of her death happening in such close proximity to the dream, makes me believe it was a precognitive or premonition dream. Based on the few details you remember, this part really stood out to me:

Very interesting choice of words with the use of Glorious, another way to phrase that word is “Full of Glory”:

“the splendor and beatific happiness of heaven (ETERNITY)”

I think your subconsciousness picked up on this and chose the word Glorious for a reason.

It sounds like in the dream, she was the personification of Glory, or heaven with a human face.

Such a cool, beautiful, and powerful dream! I am very glad you shared this!

This is why these dreams are so profound. They carry with them mutliple ‘messages’. The precognitive message that she had died I think is the smaller message and take away, the really big message she was trying to deliver to you was exactly what you wrote about above. Its more or less a message that words dont do justice in describing, its one that had to be deeply felt, the way you experienced it. Talk about having an ‘angel’ of God deliver you a very powerful message! I love this dream!

This book I found deeply meaningful, I think it may resonate with you as well:

" The DREAM MESSENGER: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts" by Patricia Garfield

There are at least a dozen precognitive dreams listed in it, many of which are very similar to your dream circumstances.

Your friend gave you a very special gift. Thank you for sharing that with this community.

For sure, I tagged you in the thread where I have written about a couple of them.


Hi folks,

I can share the only dream of this kind that I remembered.
It wasn t with a person passing but with my godson that was around 8 years old at that time.
I m leaving in Canada and he lives in Belgium.

I never dream of him, but that night I had a dream where I was in my bed room and I heard a scream. It was my godson that lost a teeth. The next day I sent the parent a message telling them that and they told me that he just lost a teeth when he went to sleep the night I dreamt it.

I found that pretty funny and amazing. If we can connect to each other, to what else can we connect that we are not aware of? I found that facinating.



Very cool! These are the types of dreams that can really spark interest in further exploration.

Congrats :slightly_smiling_face:


Fascinating indeed! How amazing that ‘coincidence’ or rather connectedness.


Here is one:

"Not sure if I shared this dream yet, but it was a really meaningful premonition dream that I did not listen too, regretably.

I am hiking in a forest with rock bluffs. It is my favorite woods to hike and camp in. I came up to a small clearing where there was a table and chairs and a attractive black woman sitting at the table. I joined her in the empty seat accross from her, with the table in between us. As we talked I realized the things she was saying was exactly the things a friend of mine (a white lady) would say about her family and life. (In the dream i realized she was my friend, but with a different voice body).

At one point in the conversation she looked me in the eyes, and reached accross the table and put her hands over mine, like something was wrong, but she could not voice it, and was trying to communicate the sadness with her eyes and facial expression.

I woke up.

The friend referenced in the dream was someone I hadnt seen in about 9 months, and had I reached out to her a few times before the dream and had not heard from her, I was hesitant to reach out again, but did so after the dream, but didnt get a reply.

Over the next few months she would pop into my head randomly and I had a very strong intuition to go and find her. I didnt listen, instead I let my ego and insecurities convince me she didnt want to talk to me, and approaching her would make her feel like I was a stalker.

About a year later, and with the monthly intuitions to find her not diminishing, I finally ran into her, shocked she was happy to see me, we went and got coffee. She told me she was sorry for not getting back and that things were kind of overwhelming at that time. She then told me that she had been diagnosed with cancer, and did not tell anyone about it. No chemo, but surgery, and a pretty quick recovery.

I didnt tell her about the dream becuase I had forgotten in the heat of the moment, but after we parted ways, the memory of the dream hit me like a ton of bricks.

I wish I had listened to my intuition,and found her sooner, but I also can respect the desire to be alone and desire for privacy.

It was the second precognitive dream I had had up to that point in my life, but like the first, it took about a year to reveal its full meaning.

I dont know why the woman in the dream was black and in the forest, but that summer, while camping in that forest, I spent time at a sacred site that was part of the Underground rail road. Geologically unique and really beautiful and well hidden, I knew it was sacred long before freed slaves meet there.

I wonder if one of the spirits associated with that site sent that dream message to me?

On the last day of my trip I was told by a local man that not only was that site part of the underground rail road, but it later became a church where freed slaves would congregate. The message hit home deep, becuase it confirmed what I sensed about the local, that it was a place used not just to do Gods work, but also to connect to God."