PREMONITIONS, PROPHECY, and INTUITION (in dreams and wake life)

I posted this in Dream Jounral, but thought it might be a better fit here. Pretty new here. I know this is going to be very taboo for many in the ‘cult of science’ (Lord knows, I was a card carrying member for decades), so I have hesitated sharing this dream with people.
Around 5 years ago, my mind began to open.
I would really like to hear from other members who have had similar precognitive/ prophetic dream(s). I am also very interested in the religious texts (of any religion) that mention these gifts. The reason I chose to share publicly here, was becuase Andrews work provided a great many answers to and explanations for what I have expereinced in the past few years.
Please be patient, most of this text is not of the dream but the circumstances surrounding it.
Back in the Spring when Covid and the lockdowns were raging, I decided to camping, in one of forests that I had first visited during a solar eclipse years prior. I fell in love fell in love with its wild jungle like nature, and have been visiting every year since.
Before I left for the trip, a freind asked me if I wanted to go and meditate with a real life Buddhist Monk. I had never met one before, and jumped at the opportunity. The meditation was one of the deepest I had done to that point, (coincidence?) and I will never forget what he said that day:
He explained the universe was made of 4 elements (fire, water, earth, air). I had heard that before, and it resonated with me because I know people take on those ‘elemental’ traits as well. But what resonated even deeper was when he said there are 2 more elements that permeate reality: CONSCIOUSNESS and SPACE. “All the elements take up space, AND when they or the objects they created are doing what they are designed to do, they flow with a consciousness”. A tree, a rock, a car, etc. That later part was something that went way over my head (I thought he was nuts, how the hell can a rock have consciousness). However, I am deeply greatful he said it, because I believe it helped shape many of the subsequent events:
The week long trip out of dodge ended up turning into 3 weeks, and I will never look at the world the same again.
By the 2nd week, I was ready to head home. i was exhausted, had met some really interesting people, made some great memories, and seen places that only deepend my love for the forest.
Being a novice meditator, only about 3 years old, I had recently cracked a technique that took my meditation to the next level. I had heard about the stone Arch monuments out west being sacred to the natives, and on the ‘last’ day of my trip, I decided to go and meditate on a large land bridge that was tucked away in the back woods.
Finding it was difficult, and took a bout 2 hours of hiking. I was amazed when I sat in the middle of it, the stone was worn into a perfect grove that looked like a seat that had been sat on for hundreds of generations. I had read about projecting consciousness in a book on animal communication (crazy I know, buckle up, because it gets crazier). I imagined those who had lived before on that land and projected my mind into theirs (or theirs into mine), while I sent a thank you offering of mental gratitude and one via a peace pipe and small amount of green ‘tobacco’. My intention was to let whoever /whatever had shown me such a good time know how thankful and greatful I was. I saw the smoke billow and was really touched by its beauty with the rays of sunlight hitting it. I expressed a deep gratitude for the memories that forest had given me, and for keeping me safe. In less than a 60 seconds I heard voices.
It wasn’t the ‘tabacco’, there was a couple below the land bridge talking. The quiet talk was brief and it soon changed to very load moaning. The surrounding rock face amplified the sounds even louder like an ampitheatre. I know this is a family site, so I won’t elaborate, other than to say it was one of the hottest things I have ever heard (I couldn’t see anything).
I waited about 10min, and then decided to go down and investigate who was responsible for that symphony. By the time I hiked the trail down, the couple was gone. Hiking back to my car, I came to a stream with big boulders, and on one of those big rocks was 4 people swimming, 2 being the couple.
After talking with them for a little bit, I shamelessly told the girl and guy that was the hottest thing I had ever heard. They laughed and smiled. They told me they had popped a pill of ecstasy, which really explained a lot!( the ‘song’ she sang was of pure ecstasy! )
Looking down at the girls leg, I saw a dream catcher tattoo and a tattoo of a wolf howling next to it. Feeling a bit like Neo, seeing the ‘white rabbit” tattoo, I told her I liked it and asked her what it means.
She smiled and said simply, “it’s my spirit animal”
Not sure if anyones read Dantes Inferno, but the (she) wolf symbolism is meaningful.
Long story short. I ran into some college students after who knew the area and asked them a question that I had asked hundreds of times to different locals in the area,” Where the hell are all the Indian sites?”
They said they didn’t know, but they could show me where the man lived that did know.
My mind was blown for the second time that day! I had been asking that question for years, only to get blank stares or lies. The areas were known, but kept secret.
That night, well past midnight, I parked my car, and prepared for the hike back to my camp site. I had the headlight brights on, and I looked up in horror. Out of the forest was a man walking who looked eerily similar to a ghost. Realizing it was a man and not a ghost, my fear dropped a little. I had been warned by the locals of mountain lions, 4 typed of poisonous snakes, and of the meth heads, all lurking in the forest. Up to that point I had encountered none of the above. I asked the man if he wanted some water and gave him some water bottles.
We ended up talking for about a half hour about some deep stuff, and I taught him the same meditation technique I had used on the land bridge earlier that day. Then we parted ways.
I back at the campsite I slept. Woke up eager to go and meet the man who knew of the sites. When I got to his house I asked “are you Mel”
he replied “I am Mel”
He was an elderly white man in his early 80s. I told him what i was looking for. He gave me and my car a look over, stopping when his eyes saw the book in my dash( The Art Of War.)
He said then promptly said come have a seat, and we spent the next half hour, with him listing off the names of sites and me writing those names frantically in a journal trying to keep up. I was in utter disbelief at the chain of events, and even more so by his openness and willingness to share the information freely. Night was starting to approach, and he said he was going to bed, I thanked him, and he then said," Come by tomorrow morning, and i will take you for a horse ride throught the woods."
I explained my reservations and that I did not know how to ride a horse, and he said he had a sure footed mule that was very safe. We agreed to ride early the next morning.
I drove back to my campsite. It was dark, and after my spook with the ‘Ghost’ the other night, I was on guard walking back.
While I walked I said a prayer to God, and to the Universe, and to the forest (mother nature) to please protect me and please wake me up early in the morning so I can be on time for the ride. I kept my cell phone in my car about 2 miles from the campsite (so it did not get damaged or dirty or destroyed), so i had no alarm clock.
Reaching the last 10% of the trail, my fear began to rise, and intensify as I got to the campsite. No one was there. But I had a very strong feeling like I was being watched. I went to bed sleeping with my Machete, something i had not done ever before.
Despite being on edge, Sleep engulfed me quickly.
It was a beautiful summer night in a city park, where there was a big wedding type event going on. Lots of tables and people, everything and everyone dressed up nice. As with most big social events, I decided to step away from the noise and go for a walk in the park, enjoying the beutiful night air. after walking for a while, I had a bad feeling that Someone was stalking me.
I looked over my shoulder, and my fear skyrocketed when I saw a creepy man in a trechcoat following close behind. He reached his hand into the coat and pulled out a curved knife scalpel. Now I was terrified.
I woke up
My hammock I was sleeping in was being shook back and forth by the force of 2 men. I was petrified, between the fading sleep paralysis and the ‘striaght jacket’ like grip of my sleeping bag, and the fog of sleep still lingering, I knew I was a dead man.
The fear was a 10 out of 10, it felt like an eternity, but was literally seconds. A lightning strike of consciousness made me react without thinking:
In under 3 seconds, I kicked off my sleeping bag, spun around and swung my machette, hard and fast 2 times into the hammocvk bottom, having it collide with the body or bodies that were violently rocking me back and forth.
Whatever was rocking the hammock stopped. It was pitch black outside.
My eyes were adjusting to the darkness. And kneeling in the bottom half of the hammock, I listened for footsteps running away. Or any noises.
There was no one there.
I grabbed a flashlight, began combing the woods with light. Not a soul. Had it been a person they would not have been able to get away that stealthily.
Now I felt like a complete idiot. Did I really just dream all that?!?! Now I got 2 gaping holes in the bottom of my hammock.
I knew from the darkness the moon had not risen yet, so it put the time roughly around 3am. I waited till dawn to hike back to my car, Still terrified that something was out there.
In the early morning light of dawn, I examined my hammock to look for any signs of human activity.
On the top half of hammock, where my head was resting, there were claw marks in the bug net on either side of where my head and upper torso was when I slept.
My first thought was it was from the machette when I cocked it back, but upon further investigation it could not have been.
I believe some animal (most likely a bob cat, jouvenile mountain lion, or 30LBs plus racoon) had asummedly gotten its front claws caught in the webbing of the bug net, which caused it to swing its bottom leg claws on to the other side, making a U shape hugging my upper torso.
And as it struggled to get free, its body weight felt like the force of 2 men, 1 on each side of the hammock, pushing back and forth as hard as they could.
My gut tells me it was a feline, knowing the terrain (rocky bluffs and very little water) and the stalking behavior (that eerie feeling of being watched before bed), big cats love to hide up in the tree branches and wait for their prey to stumble into the kill zone.
Whatever it was, it scared the shit out of me. I was sure I was going to die, or end up having half my organs harvested.
The sun began to rise, and hiking back to my car, a thought poped into my head:
“I had prayed to God/the Universe/Mother nature, to protect me, and to wake me up on time, and they had delivered 100%!!!”
I had to laugh out loud at the irony, and at the truism: “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH/(PRAY )FOR!”
When I hear Andrew and others talk about the dream like nature of reality, the above true stories, leave no doubt in my mind that reality has an infinite depth to it that is far beyond the physical world.
I spent the next 7 days helping the old man with chores on his ranch, and in return he taught me how to ride a horse/mule and showed me areas of the woods that very few knew of.

Where does Phophecy or Precognition fit into this?
I would not find out till a year later.
I came back for my annual trip to those woods, and while a the Dollar General store, I met a woman who seemed to know that I was not from around there.
I think She knew something I didnt. She saw me buying water and camping supplys, and we did small talk and I told her I was camping, and I was visiting a friend who had taught me how to ride. She then said something that was deeply ILLUMINATING:
“There is an old retired doctor in the area, who likes to take people from out of town and show them the woods.”
I had no knowledge that the man was a retired doctor (surgeon). Neither the locals who pointed out his house to me, nor the old man himself, had told me that he used to work in Emergency rooms.
I had a flash of the dream from a year ago when I had first met the doctor. The man stalking me in the dream was carrying a scapal in his trechcoat, that he pulled out when I turned around and saw him.
My jaw dropped. I didnt tell the woman anything else, and left the store quickly.
In subsequent weeks I learned from him that he used to work as a surgeon in prisons and in hospital emergency rooms. At first I thought maybe he was a medicine man. But as time went on, I began to get the creepy feeling that he was ‘grooming’ me. He often offered for me to stay with him in his house, which I declined.
Nothing bad happened, but I attribute that to the fact that my guard was way up, while I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, once I figure out where peoples hearts are at, what their agendas are, and/or intentions are, I jet if any of those are tainted with negativity. I had made it really clear what my intentions were, was a little sickened to find out my agenda was being manipulated to try and satisfy a wolves appetitie.
I definitely learned to be much more on guard for all types of preditors…
Very verbose story, but I devoted the legnth becuase, the events that took place in reality were so surreal they could have been a dream, but were not. And the dream I shared was so real, so ILLUMINATING that it rocked the foundations of my psyche. The fact that my prayer was answered in such a profound way, and the fact that it served as an even bigger warning and premonition, is utterly mind blowing to me.

The last time I was in those woods I was driving on the road, and I had a flash of insight that “this would be a really great place for deer to hang out”. I reduced my speed. Sure enough within 10 seconds I was face to face with a family of deer.
At the end of that trip, a storm hit, with rain and high winds. Driving again, another flash of insight of a tree falling down and blocking the road hit my mind. I reduced my speed. Sure enough, within 2min of that flash, I almost hit a tree that had fallen on the road, had I not slowed down earlier, because of the rain and poor visibilty, I would have hit it. I was able to safely manuver around it.

If you take nothing else away from these stories, please understand the power of Meditation, the power of intention, and the power of Nature. I believe that all have profound power to put the mind in a state that is beyond words.
It is very difficult for me to share these stories so publicly. The reason I do so is not to try to convince anyone of supernatural forces at play. I have no interest in changing peoples minds. I do however, have a very big interest in hearing other peoples stories about following your intuition, premonitions, and especially Dreams that predict the future.
Thank you


Your marvelous story reminded me of something that happened to me several years ago, that I had forgotten. It wasn’t precognitive, but the experience did give me a feeling that I couldn’t shake for a long time. It was in '68, when I reached my first military base and was assigned a room in one of the older barracks. I didn’t have a roommate and was thankful for that, being new and just trying to fit in I didn’t want to face the inevitable harassment that usually comes with being the newbie. Trouble was I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because I kept dreaming I was shaking, or being chased, and once even fell out of the bed. Too much to drink?

About ten days after I arrived one of the big shot sergeant supervisors visited my room and when he came in, started to search the walls until he found what he was looking for. It was a hole that had been filled in and repainted over to match the rest of the wall. He looked at me and smiled and said that’s where the bullet hit the wall—the previous occupant had killed himself in that room and this sergeant had been assigned to clean and fix up the room after the body had been removed. Yikes!

I was totally shocked when I realized that this poor guy had blown his head off but had never left the room. I later learned that no one wanted to bunk there, even though everyone else was doubled or tripled up in other rooms. Luckily I knew a Yogi in my pre-military days and I called him up and asked him what to do. He said it was not uncommon for people who commit suicide to not realize they’re dead and stay where they are. He recommended that I communicate with the poor fellow and let him know he was dead and that he had to move on. I followed the Yogi’s instructions and from that night I had no trouble sleeping.

Interestingly, the same sergeant grabbed me for a similar “cleanup” detail in base housing about a year later, when a very drunken man blew his head off after catching his wife in bed with a “friend.” It was a gruesome experience cleaning out that house, but I used the same technique from the previous year to let the deceased person know that he had passed on, hoping that he would find some peace in the next world.

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Hey Barry, nice to meet you, I really appreciate you sharing that story, that is a very powerful experience.

How often have you fallen out of bed??? I dont think it was just the booze (the booze may have been a mitigating factor, but i dont think the main culprit).

I know when someone walks into a room and the vibe they are giving off is deeply dark (like they are ready to kill someone, something, themselves, or all the above). The vibe is so strong you can almost taste it. Not everyone can pick up on those energies in others, but those that do, can often feel it very deeply.
My guess is that was the energy you were absorbing/picking up on.
And my heart really goes out to the poor guy.
I really loved this line:
“He said it was not uncommon for people who commit suicide to not realize they’re dead and stay where they are. He recommended that I communicate with the poor fellow and let him know he was dead and that he had to move on. I followed the Yogi’s instructions and from that night I had no trouble sleeping.”
That really moved me.
I think that you not only found a solution but the right solution is very powerful (that is pure intuition, that lightning flash of insight to consult a Yogi, I doubt many people would think of). I think it is also very moving because that poor guy may not have had anyone in his life to pray/communicate with him or anyone who showed him love. You did both. That definitely showed him where your heart was at.
In an environment where tough love, harassment, and negativity can often be the norms, and the suicide rates are off the charts, a little love, openness and understanding can go a very long way.

Thank you for sharing.


Only one other time, in Nepal, during an earthquake in 1976. Otherwise, I’m a pretty stable bed sleeper.

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Well I think most mathematicians, statisticians and true ‘scientists’ will tell you the numbers don’t lie:

(2)/ ((365^n))= a statistical anomaly, (with n being the number of years you have lived)

I don’t know what the standard deviation calculation for that would be, but I am guessing it is at least 4-5 standard deviations above ‘normality’ for you, possibly much more (if you factor in naps).

Horses can pick up on the tremors that precede an earthquake.
Sounds to me that you may have ‘horse sense’ my friend :wink:

the parallels of the 2 experiences is not lost to me, and I don’t think should be over looked:
In both cases you were feeling the energy of something/someone that was highly destructive.


Can you explain in detail exactly what the yogi told you to do?

This is really interesting, I would love to hear the in depth process and methods you used, or that he recommended you say/do.

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He told me to light a candle and incense, meditate for a while and then keep repeating aloud that “you” are dead and it is time to move on. I forget the person’s name but I used that too. I kept that up for quite awhile until I felt like something had happened. Meanwhile, none of the other guys in the barracks would even go in the room, most having known the previous occupant.

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Not sure where this thread went but it is an interesting topic and wanted to post my take on it with dreaming. This is what allowed me to see time is not linear. For us in the present it is but when I first started dreamwork sometimes I’d have 5-6 premonitions in one dream that would occur the following day. I tried to discuss it with people but when you do not experience this yourself it is hard for others to relate.

After a few years I came to a conclusion on them which is to treat them like signposts. For me it was like the dream world was saying hey look here! We see the future follow us not them. I never tried to develop them just thought they were a cool side effect of being on a spiritual journey.

Felt inspired because I saw scorpion and sub zero in my dreams Tuesday night and woke up this morning to my wife sending me this picture of a car she saw while she was driving.

View rece


LOVE that, thank you for sharing. I can definitely see the parallels between me meditating on the land bridge and you. Really appreciate you telling me that.


I am really glad you posted this! I defintely agree with you that time is not linear, have you seen the movie ARRIVAL with Amy Adams?!? Its adapted from a book, and really well done. Highly recommend it.

No, its almost impossible to share these stories with people. Most think you are nuts, even the more open people, will give you a look of skepticism. 1 year ago I picked uo a book on lucid dreaming by a woman, and it got me hooked. In it she went through the history in detail of different cultures and their high regard for the sacred practice of dreaming. It also highlighted many religious figures in the ancient texts who had premonitions through dreams.

Amen. I did not know what was the cause, but whatever it was I don’t think it came from the material world. I think it was the byproduct of developing an unbreakable faith, and helping people.


It really hammers the point home. The odds of seeing a car like that have to close to 1/billion. Maybe even more rare!

It blows my mind. really cool stuff, thank you for sharing, I really believe it is more common than people realize, but most dreams are flushed down the toilet, never to be seen again. I now realize just how important it is to keep a dream journal every day.


Best story I ever read on Night Club.


Lol, appreciate you saying that. It was a trip that changed my life, and shattered a whole lot of paradigms. Really excited to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes…

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Just ask Alice, I think she knows . . .


Had a flash of insight the other day of a dream I had close to 2 years ago, I really thought nothing of it at the time, other than it was incredibly vivid, and I thought it was just coincidence:


I was in a jungle with 2 girl biologists and we were trying to catch an endangered species of Chameleon in order to get a breeding program started at a zoo.

We climbed the tree up high, 2+ stories. I caught the Chameleon. Then the wind picked up and the tree started to shake a little. The girls got scared, And I let them go ahead of me on the way climbing down.

For whatever reason, one girl slipped and broke a branch, and they fell breaking all the branches on the way down so I could not climb down.
I didnt know what to do, having the lizard in my hand, I was kind of helpless. Then I got the idea to put it on my shoulder like a pirates parat and slid down the wide tree trunk kind of like a fire pole.

Then I woke up
Nothing crazy happened that day, but the dream and its vividness kept popping back into my head.

That night, while going to sleep, I played a YouTube video about African lions. Then in the suggestion box was a video on Octopuses (being one of my favorite animals when I was a kid, and still to this day) I clicked the link to the video.

About midway through the video, while talking about the science behind the camouflage of the different species of octopus, it showed different species of Chameleons, and how their biology and pigmentation of skin acted in a similar way!

At the time I thought it was just a small coincidence, but I do not anymore. I rarely watch those kind of videos on youtube, and never before watched one on either animal.

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not sure what you mean by this?

That reminded me of an experience I had many years back. My grandfather died at home and i was given his bed. Almost every night in ny sleep i felt the bed shake violently. I associated it with my grandfather’s death. I was scred out of my wits but strangely i was confident my grandfather would never harm me so i carried on sleeping in that bed. The shaking persisted for a few months and then suddenly stopped never to recur again. The answers here suggest its to do with violent deaths but in my instance i am inclined to think its to do with the dead not accepting that they had passed on.


That is really interesting.

I would have to agree with your interpretation. Often before people die, or while they are sick and preparing to die, sleep become very restless, and broken up. Where they will be conscious one moment, slip into sleep the next, only to be roused restlessly a few minutes later. Its like the dream and reality are beginning to blend.

That would be my guess, is he believed he was still sleeping in his bed.

That definitely would have scared the hell out of me too.

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So I had a very small but impactful dream 2 weeks ago:

Clarise Starling (the fictional FBI agent) was sitting in her home looking at a big mirror and applying makeup on some sores or wounds on her face/ forehead.

I was observing from behind the mirror.
(one of my favorite lines from a movie is when she is give the compliment: "Would they give you a metal, to remind you of your courage and incorruptibility, Oh Clarisse, all you would need for that, is a mirror…)

I wrote the small dream down, along with the other dreams from the night in my journal.

That night I went to the library and grabbed a book on dream interpretation. Flipping through the pages, I was surprised to find they had descriptions of Mirrors and Makeup in it.

I went to the front of the library to request a book by Robert Monroe.

I was shocked by what I saw. I sat down with the Librarian across from me and on her forehead, covered by thick makeup, was a several large bumps, eerily similar to what I saw in the dream! Not only that, after finding the book on the computer screen, she turned it 180, so it was directly between me and her, just like how the Mirror was between me and the agent in the dream!!!

The book read the following on Makeup:
“As with many dream symbols, remember to think abstractly. The meaning behind dreaming of makeup could be in words alone: “MAKE UP” Is there something or someone in your waking life you need to make up with?”

It just so happens I did, and she was a red head (like Clarisse). We lost touch a few years ago, and reconnected this month.

The sychronitices are really wild.

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Excellent stream of thought/action description that reminds me I ought to look into some of these indications in my own dreams, as well.

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