New here - Found Andrew through Tibetan Book of the Dead class on EP

Fun to be here! I’m in Tulum right now. Currently live in Encinitas. The lucid dream I remember is when I woke up inside a dream where someone was trying to kill me. In the dream, I re-did the outcome of the dream. I didn’t know to call it a Lucid Dream, but it was so powerful. I’ve midwifed a few dogs over the rainbow bridge using the Tibetan Book of the Dead. One of the great privileges of my life. Looking forward to learning more.


Welcome to the club. Very cool dream of Awakening a new part of yoir mind and overcoming a lethal threat within the dream.

I am curious to know more about this process, have not heard of it before. Have heard of the book of the dead, but have not read it.

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Namasté Kenlyn,

I too bought the Tibetan Book of the Dead recently and went and read through the first 7 days of the Bardo.

Nice meeting you here!

Do you have other practices, are you meeting in person with a Sangha ?



Some good threads about the Tibetan Book of the Dead, here too, as well as courses given by Andrew and Bob Thurman, author of one of its most popular translations.

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Welcome to NightClub!
I’m Alyssa and I moderate the zoom sessions and the community here! Please let me know if I can be of any help to you. We’re so glad you are here.

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