My Friend Morpheus Visits

So I decided to post a few of my dreams here. These dreams are all non-lucid. I think I’ll continue posting a selection of my dreams and hopefully I’ll see a progression as I become increasingly aware in my dreams and are able to start doing some of the dreamwork I’m interested in.

EDIT: decided to make this thread into a regular dream journal


Magical Caskets

There are people in caskets sealed with magic and containing spells that will light them on fire after a certain number of days. We need to figure out how to save these people without prematurely setting off the traps. There is a number of the days left next to their caskets. One person who looks like Neo from the Matrix is trapped underneath a lake. Me and another member of my group creep down to such the magical barrier trapping him, he shakes his head and when our fingers contact the barrier we receive an electric shock. Meanwhile there is a woman with black hair who is in love with the leader of our group. Whenever he is in her presence she gets really nervous. One time he poked her in the back with a pencil eraser to get her to move out of the way and she got so nervous she spilled coffee down the front of her shirt. At the end of the dream she was following us to the caskets which we were going to investigate again.


Russian Revels

In a large performance hall, there is quite a crowd there. They are putting on an adaption of a Russian novel set to dance. The first scene two chubby men in ridiculously tall powdered wigs dancing while a third more stockily built man dances with them. He is approached by a bear with a wine bottle. I’m given to understand this is a drinking scene. Anyways the woman sitting next to me is getting up and down, walking in front of me, and telling everyone how excited she is to see this play. She apologizes to me if she is causing a disturbance, I tell her it’s okay, I can understand how exciting it is to be watching, Sometime during the play a suspended speaker swings slowly into the part of the crowd where I am sitting. It sets off some wires above our heads and starts a large fire. We debate whether we should evacuate as the fire grows. I do. Eventually the fire gets really big and everyone evacuates. Someone manages to put it out though and people return to their seats. After that a friend of mine approaches me. He wants to introduce me to someone. He’s trying to matchmake. He says he can introduce me to a princess, or a Romani friend of his who lives on an island in a lake. He says that St Dennis is visiting her- the Romani lady- right now. I get really excited about this, exclaiming again and again “I can see Saint Dennis?! I can see Saint Dennis?!” He smiles at me whimsically, knowing I’m not interested in his Romani friend, but seeing St. Dennis.


Adventures on the Sea Floor

Visiting the sea floor in a large submersible with a group of others When we get to the bottom and settle down I exclaim “Here we are again, I love it every time!” I am shushed by the others. When we make it to the bottom we are attacked by a large sea creature. “What is it?” One of the passengers asks. “A giant squid!” I reply. The squid doesn’t do any damage thankfully and when we make it to the bottom our powers shuts off momentarily while we switch to another generator. When the lights come back on, the squid is nowhere to be seen and seems to have forgotten about us. We start exploring the sea floor. There is a forest of trees with red fruit on them. They looks like regular trees, but underwater of course. A narration says something about Australians deforesting these trees from their continent and something about New Guinea. There is a display on the windows that you can pull up that will provide you information on things you are seeing, but it looks like a reflection on the window rather than a digital overlay. One of the passengers is using it before I wake up.


Battling Ballerinas

Strange place with an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere. A teapot is throwing a child into the air- but sometimes it’s a woman and not a child. Another woman who appears to be a friend of mine enters the scene. She is dressed in black green and red harlequin silks. She’s upset because a party she was supposed to throw was usurped by another woman dressed similarly in black leggings with stiff black ballerina like skirts. We go to this woman and her compatriots. For some reason we bring food with us- broccoli. When we tell them what the issue is they decide to settle it with a fight. They move their food off the table and I take our food and put it on a plastic chair for protection. Then the fight begins. The woman who usurped our friend’s position dances around singing about making it rain while our friend dances around too singing about avoiding the rain. The other woman then sings about being surprised our friend is avoiding the rain. The scene stops mid battle though, and the dream jumps to an Amazon page where you can buy the video of the first half of the battle, the second half to be released at a later date.


Crying over a Cake

We’re at my brother’s family’s house. I’m with my parents. Suddenly we discover that people we don’t know are coming over. My parents are upset set with this, they don’t like being invited to parties where they don’t know all the people who are attending. We decide to go with it however. Turns out we’re all going to be serving members of this family who are coming over- we’ll be their own personal waiters. Two of them are vegans, one just doesn’t drink milk or eat dairy. I’m serving that person. So I guess the people come over… though I don’t ever recall seeing them. There’s a cake my dad takes to set on the table but he either bumps into the door frame with the cake or somehow fumbles it and it falls on the ground all ruined. He then gets really upset and in the living room and starts crying. At some point he transitioned into my nephew, my brother’s son, so now it’s my nephew in the living room crying and being all upset. He says something about “Wanting to sail the ocean in the Atlantic”. I go to him to comfort him and we lie on an ottoman on our backs together. I say “You know if you want to sail the Atlantic, I have family members who have a boat.” The ottoman starts moving gently just as if we are on a boat. I’m not sure what’s causing this motion, in the dream I think it’s my nephew who pushing and pulling the ottoman with his foot. I say something like “hear the waves, and the cry of the gulls flying above, the feel of the sun on your face, the smell of the salt air…” My nephew is cheered up a lot by all this. Someone calls him and he goes over to them but not before promising to continue our discussion when he gets back.


The Neo figure may be an aspect of yourself that you are trying to free, turning that potential energy into something kinetic. The fact that he is under a lake may also symbolize that this is a part of or an aspect of your subconscious or intuition (water). Shocking your fingers may symbolize that you have attempted to ‘free’ this aspect in the past, and been unsuccessful.

It may be a reference to lucid dreaming? Trying to unlock powerful abilities that are in the deep.

More to come, have to disgest the others, nothing came to mind right off the bat after reading them.


Thanks, hadn’t thought of that! I do kind of have a hang up about lucid dreaming because of how I used it in the past for the wrong reasons. So maybe it’s about that? Also plenty of other stuff down there that I’ve suppressed. Part of the reason I’m excited to be on this path again: I eventually want use my dreams to do shadow work and integrate these dark aspects of myself into one whole.



The Subway Mystic

I’m with a group of people in a subway system preparing to travel somewhere. The leader of the group, it might be me but it might be someone else- I’m unsure on this- is a mystic. They have trouble sometimes remaining in conceptual awareness. They tend to see reality in an undifferentiated way. They call the thickness of the conceptual world which most people experience- the “inkiness” of this world. So my group and myself are at the end- or beginning- of the subway line. A trains comes and it looks like it’s going to derail and plow into us. But it stops and I say “That’s our ride.” We start walking towards it but it leaves so we head to another station to pick up another train. The subway stations are close to each other so it’s easy to walk from one to another. There are various people milling about. Some are spies keeping tabs on us for this bad guy and his henchmen who are trying to kill us. While walking to another station I see one woman in the crowd takes her phone out and call this bad guy, updating him about our plan to catch the train at that particular station. The bad guy then updates his plan, he plans to blow up the subway tunnel and kill us when the tunnel collapses on us. Unsure whether this happened- but there was a suggestion that the leader of the group used his “mystical abilities” to allow us and the train to phase through the explosion and cave in. Dream then shifts to another scene of children huddled over puddle and a voice over about our leader and his difficulty in remaining in conceptual awareness.

Cosplay Army

Camping out in the woods on a hill with some people- about 4 of us. It’s dark. We are hidden in the shadows. Below us a bunch of orcs troop on by. One of us asks “Is this just a troop?” But the orcs keep on going by and someone else says “It’s a whole battalion.” We huddle there in the dark hoping not to be seen. A scout comes by with a human or elvish face and peers in our direction but doesn’t see us. Scene shifts. We are in a large mansion. We are meeting a person connected with the orcs. We are trying to negotiate with this person. The talks don’t go well, the leader of the orcish troop gets exasperated and tells us we’re in no place to negotiate with him when his army is so close. He can just call them down on us and we have no cards to play. Then several Apache helicopters swoop in. Lines fall out and all these soldiers in combat gear assail to the ground. They are wearing combat gear and have brought some heavy ordinance including machine guns. They set up a perimeter around the mansion we’re in. Another dream shift. We’re outside but in the perimeter I think. The orcs- who now are not orcs but cosplayers dressed in things like stormtrooper armor and makeshift protection like football shoulder pads and stuff like that- near the perimeter and the soldiers open fire. A few cosplayers fall but there are so many of them that they overrun the perimeter. It turns into a melee with the cosplayers pummeling the soldiers and overwhelming them with sheer numbers while the soldiers fight back desperately.

Gregory Palamas on Non-Duality

I’m in a bathroom in a towel I think shaking with some kind of trauma. Another person holds me while I am shaking. I calm down but soon the person who is holding me is also shaking and falls to the floor. I’m sitting on the floor holding this person’s head against my chest. They calm down and leave the bathroom. Scene shifts. We’re outside the bathroom and it’s dark. We’re walking back to the bathroom. We are talking about contemplative prayer- specifically how would one pray in a nondual fashion. I say that instead of prayer to something- which inevitably creates a duality- you become that something. The person I am talking to doesn’t like this. “Does that mean you become God?” they ask. “That’s heresy.” “Not exactly,” I say, “there’s Saint Gregory Palamas who distinguishes between the energies of God and the being of God. The energies of God are God’s expression in this world. It is possible to become one with these energies. This doesn’t mean becoming one with God however because there energies are an expression of- but separate from- the being of God.”


Love this line, kind of reminds me of the line:

“The Kingdom of heaven is within you all”


The Dream on 2.23. and 2.25 involve some pretty heavy violence. Do you think it is mental static, or do you think some form of conflict from waking life may be bleeding into the dream state? It could be as simple as body pains from a hard workout, or a conflict with a coworker, or something more complex like a conflict of ideas or thoughts.

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One of my favorite quotes from the Bible. :smile: Funny how you’ll never hear a sermon preached on that passage in church.

It’s amusing how my dreaming mind classified this as nonduality. I mean, I guess it could be, but it’s be more along the lines of Vashishtadvaita (qualified non-dualism) not pure nondualism. The difference between the two being that in vashishtadvaita the universe is indeed one whole, but it is differentiated into separate parts, like how bodies have arms, legs, heads, and internal organs. In advaita or pure nondualism everything is an undifferentiated whole, it only appears to be differentiated.

Anyways, I wonder if my interlocutor who was so disturbed by the idea of becoming God represents some part of me from my Christian upbringing that recoils at my current embrace of nondual teachings :sweat_smile:.

Could be mental static. Could be something more significant. I dunno. I haven’t really looked much into dream interpretation so I’m unsure how one separates the significant dreams from the static. I can’t say there is any great source of conflict in my life right now. Sure I have the occasional disagreement with a co-worker but it’s pretty minor. Not struggling with any internal conflicts either, beside maybe trying to eat healthy and failing :sweat_smile:.

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Me too Very powerful and very sacred words!

I dont know, I have not witnessed every sermon at every church throughtout histroy :upside_down_face: But I agree with what you are saying, its not something that most Christians would admit is in the bible or feel comfortable talking about. I brought it up to one ‘devout’ Christian before and he got angry and said it was blasphemy; I told him to go read the Latin Vulgate and talk to a few bible scholars and get back to me. Never heard from him again after that.

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That is a pretty deep thought; its certainly possible. I do not think that nondual teachings conflict with the deepest teachings of the bible; but I am also not a scholar on either. I know Andrew would yell at me for saying that both religions are teaching the same thing, but I think depending on your interpretation of Nonduality and “The Kingdom of God” and God, they kind of are, or in the very least, remarkably similar.

Could also be a replay of a movie or something you saw on tv.

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The Hindus have a neat and useful solution for this. They make a distinction between Nirguna Brahman “ultimate reality without qualities, ie the formless” and Saguna Brahman “ultimate reality with qualities, ie God”. God therefore is an expression and representation of the formless ultimate reality, and can be used by spiritual seekers as an aid for their spiritual quest. It’s hard to relate to a formless reality that the mind has a hard time understanding or even conceiving of. But the concept of God is very easy for people to relate to. And very useful… you can channel all your desires for things like money, sex, food, power etc into your love for God and thereby transmute them into something more sattvic. The Hindus call this bhakti yoga. This is how I approach my relationship with Jesus, who I still have a particular devotion to even though I’m no longer Christian (or rather, I’m Christian, but also Buddhist, Hindu, Daoist, and Muslim :smile:). I think there may be a part of me that gasps at how “heretical” I’ve become. :laughing:

Even if there is no conflict, and I think ultimately there isn’t- every religion expresses in it’s own way the ultimate reality we all share- growing up in a conservative Christian household really beat it into my head that it’s very important that you believe the right things about God and that if you don’t believe the rights things about God you are a sinner and a heretic. I used to believe this wholeheartedly, and maybe a part of me still does.

I haven’t been watching any entertainment for around 2 months now. Just educational YouTube videos. I have noticed however that while I’m meditating or trying to fall asleep, scenes from different movies or shows I’ve watched in the past, many years ago, have started to come up and play around in my head. So maybe it’s something like that.

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Okay so this is an interesting dream. Non-lucid (though I do have some questions if that’s 100% correct for reasons I will go into later) but a dream with themes of dreaming and lucidity, which heartens me a lot. If my concern with lucid dreaming is making it into my dreams, then my reality checks will certainly follow in short time.

This is another violent dream. I dunno what’s up with that. :sweat_smile: I’m really a very peaceful person when I’m awake. Guess my subconscious is working through some stuff.



Apprentice Dream Warrior

I find myself in a large building. I have my voice recorder out and I’m narrating what I am seeing and what I am doing while I am walking through this building. I see a large room to my right. It is very tidy and clean with bright furniture. I want to continue recording so I don’t really want to meet anyone. This is the reason I don’t walk into the room. I’m in a short hallway leading to the large room. There are stairs that go down into the large room. I sit on the stairs and lean my back against the wall and continue recording. Another set of stairs lead upstairs to my left, the large room is to my right. A teenage woman walks into my view. She is wearing a pastel green summer dress or something comfortable like that. She sees me. She doesn’t seem surprised. She says something to me, but I forget what she says. I ask her “When are you going to bed?” I guess I’m pretending to be her parent or something. She makes an annoyed expression and walks up the stairs to my left.

I hear this woman tell someone that there is a stranger in the house. A man comes down the stairs along with the woman. The man looks a bit like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but his face is softer and younger. He threatens to kill one of his sisters that I haven’t seen if I don’t leave (I’m a bit confused on this- how the second sister was involved). Then he kills the woman in the green dress. He shoves both his hands through her back and I seen puddles of red blood bloom on the front of her dress in the chest area. I run away. He follows me. I turn around and face him and we start a fight. I try to use dream control to defeat him. I squeeze my fist hoping this might psychokinetically crush him. I don’t remember it having any effect. Then I pull my fist back and try to “power it up”. I then start wailing on him with my fist while screaming “I AM LUCID! I AM LUCID!”

I wake up, but it’s a false awakening. I am a girl. My dog is right next to me. I have a little claw in my hand which I put into a pouch. Dream me associates the claw with the man in the previous dream who killed his sister and then attacked me. I say “That’s the first time I’ve defeated a monster in a dream.” My dog agrees. There’s something about going on a vacation which I don’t quite remember, and then I wake up for real.


Background for this dream: while I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep I was feeling upset and resentful towards my boss for not responding to me when I ask him for things that I need to do my job. I noticed after I woke up I felt a lot more peaceful about this situation. Maybe this dream was me working through that resentment?

When I first woke up I wondered if this was a lucid dream. The use of my dream recorder as well as trying to control the dream made me think it might have been lucid. I don’t think it was, however. Still, interesting that I tried to control the dream while being non-lucid. Or maybe I was lucid within the dream-within-the-dream, but not lucid in the overall dream? Like some kind of lucidity that wasn’t real lucidity but only present for the sake of the plot? :thinking:

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I think it is termed pre-lucidity, but in any case it has many elements of lucidity. The other night I had an OBE inside a dream. I have pondered how to qualify it too, had many recognizable significant elements in terms of how it appeared and how it played out for me, simultaneously was very vivid but it’s not quite there yet


Thanks, that’s useful! I wasn’t aware of this category. I knew of semi-lucid dreams which I’ve had before but not almost lucid dreams. Thanks for sharing your own experience. I also noticed this dream was more vivid that my usual dreams. A quality of pre-lucid dreams perhaps?

Very happy regardless of where it fits on the lucid non-lucid scale. I feel this is a solid sign that I’m on the way to attaining lucidity in my dreams.


From your description, it fulfills typical scenarios of lucidity, which is why I would strongly suggest that you take it seriously as a trail marker towards your LD goals


Today I found my old dream journal from 2015 when I first tried lucid dreaming. I was amazed to read that I attained my first lucid dream in only 5 days of using the MILD method and doing reality checks. Progress is happening a lot slower this time around. Feeling regret that I abandoned the practice all those years ago. But it is what it is. I don’t think I had the spiritual maturity to use lucid dreams correctly back then. Now I’m coming back to it much wiser and with a lot more maturity. That’s probably for the better.

Been having issues with dream recall recently. Two times last night I woke up and just couldn’t recall what I was dreaming about. This has happened other nights this week as well. One night I couldn’t recall any dreams. Going to be focusing on increasing my recall now. No point in having lucid dreams if you don’t remember them. I think I’ll start with improving my daytime recall with an evening review. And I think I’ll start daytime journaling too. I’ve tried journaling before but always gave it up. My daytime life is kinda boring so I never have anything interesting to report! But if I look at it as an exercising my memory, I might have more success. And maybe my daytime life is interesting, I’ve just dismissed it prematurely by labeling it “boring”.


Andrew Holececk has often recommended trying to work on daytime memory as an exercise of the memory muscle. So, at various times of the day, stopping and trying to remember what the last few minutes were like. What was I doing before this? Journaling is another exercise of that memory, forcing the mind back on itself, in a manner of speaking/writing. Boring is good because you recognize it, you’re aware of it. Many of the people writing here or in dream groups have mentioned cycling through different times of their lives with lucidity practices, dropping them and restarting, usually with good results or with added motivation. Practice makes a difference over the long term and each day is a great day to start or continue, eh?


I have been doing this recently during my reality checks. I’ll ask myself “Where did I just come from?” Or “What was I doing 10 minutes ago?” I’ll start making it a formal practice outside of reality checks as well.

Yeah still the regret is there. The thoughts of where I could be if I had kept up with the practice. I acknowledge these thoughts and move on with my day. I know they aren’t constructive. Also I’m pretty sure I wasn’t in a place back then to use lucid dreaming for personal and spiritual growth like I am now. I agree today’s the best day to practice! There’s the saying “The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The second best time is today.”


Ever see the movie “Excalibur?” Worthwhile for this topic, amongst others.

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Pretty cool, sounds like you did crush the monster if your dog agrees that must be a good sign.

I would agree with @Carolel , sounds like you were experiencing pre-lucidity, which is very good news, that means the daytime work you are doing is starting to influence your dream world. Things are heating up!

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