Premonition Dream

A couple of nights ago I saw a very strange image in my dream which I recorded in my dream journal. Imagine my surprise today when I was reading through a book called “Zen Camera” and I came across a replica of that image! The image is an extreme close-up of a watermelon! Lori :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Night Club. Is this the first time something like this has happened to you? Any significance to watermelon?

Thanks Barry. I’ve had a more detailed premonition dream once before whereby the events of my dream came to fruition a couple of days later. As the events of the dream unfolded in my waking state I got a cold shiver as I couldn’t believe it was happening.

No specific significance of the watermelon. Like the previous dream it’s like the “future” event of me staring at the abstract watermelon image in the photography book imprinted itself in my mind and revealed itself in the “earlier” dream. Time is not what it appears to be!


I haven’t had that experience yet, at least that I’m aware of having, but I’m open to it. I have had the experience where I’d see someone in a dream, only to realize later that was a person I’d painted a picture of months or longer, before.


Its only happened to me 1 time in my life (I wrote a long post about this one in another forum), possibly 2x.

The second time was much more subtle, and it happened this week, I will share it here because i really dont think I would have picked up on it if I was not keeping a dream journal, and actively working hard to remember my dreams, I think these dreams are more common than people thinl, they just dont remember, or only remember the deeply vivid ones:

its not exactly prophetic but here it is:

I was in an argument with a woman at the front desk of a hotel, which for some reason was connected to my gym.

the womans face and physical characteristics were not exact, but very similar to I woman I know in waking life, it was her eyes that gave her away, and made we wake up thinking about her, and how I have not seen her at my gym in over a month, maybe even 2.

I decide to go to the gym that day. And guess who shows up???

We talk and I tell her I had a dream about her and that she was mad at me. She and her boyfirend look at me and their jaws drop, as she begins to tell me she had a dream where she was chewing off her finger.

Crazy, and not quite prophetic, but I have to wonder if I was picking up on her negative energy from her dream, or vice versa.

I think the ‘rabbit hole’ is far deeper than most people could ever imagine.

Thank you for sharing that.