Aug. 18, 2020 Dream Journal – Healing Light Body

Hi all,

This dream was out of the ordinary for me and had a profound impact on my waking consciousness during the day that followed (seeing the world as dreamlike, more at ease). That said, I thought this community might take an interest in it. As far as memory and recall go, this dream was remembered in a fashion different than typical dreams, more vivid and clear. It also seemed to go on for longer than a normal dream – interesting changes in the nature of it.

The dream began to form into a dream with a clearer perceptual state upon seeing a person adorned in a brightly shining all-white outfit, who was floating high in the air contrasted against a cloudless blue sky. The sky was a deep blue that seemed to be made up of a spectrum of color more interesting than what’s typically right above me (or perhaps I don’t look up enough!). The floating person in the sky felt familiar as if they’d been in other dreams but that was not explicitly recognized. I was with others, and we were gazing upon this person from a small outdoor area encircled in beautiful stone at the base of a wooded hill.

The general emotional state shifted into curiosity and inquisitiveness centered around the floating being. I remember distinctly being with two work colleagues and their presence in the dream accurately reflected what I expect in my waking encounters with them. Born from the curiosity about the floating being, I verbally asked my colleagues about what the heck was going on with him. They explained to me that the person we saw was a part of a group of people, unique with special powers to fly and apply healing properties to the world. The mentioning of healing signified to me that this was a special dream narrative to find myself if. I wanted to further know about this group of people. My colleagues said they could take me to the gatekeeper of the group. Finding this person in a busy hallway, I noticed my colleagues immediately began boldly and confidently reciting their intention to join the group as well, this came to my surprise as it wasn’t part of the plan. After the two colleagues got declined, I felt anxious when asked to state my intention to join the group. Part of my train of thought before bed likely disseminated into this dream, and I said that I would like to join because I want to learn how to take care of myself, so I can better take care of others (this was similar to my pre-sleep intention, which was about surrendering). This intention came out of my mouth in a haphazard way and I nervously stammered through it, but it seemed to please the gatekeeper as he instructed me that he’d take me to the next step of becoming part of this group.

The gatekeeper took me to a building structure that seemed to be much higher, if not on a “higher” plane than the environment the dream had taken place in up to this point. I was told I was now with the group of people all working towards refining these special powers that I had been made aware of after seeing the floating person adorned in a remarkably their white outfit, who was now also present. There was a clear and predominant female voice that was the leader of this group of healers. I felt the female leader’s energy was deeply a part of me, a voice well-known but hard to put a pin on exactly. The first instruction to what seemed to be unfolding as a learning process or initiation was quite interesting. Another member of the group took me under their wing and clued me in that to determine what region of the world we would fly to and attempt to alleviate suffering from, we’d first choose to eat that culture’s food from an expansive buffet-style market with food prepared from areas around the world. This felt like a symbolic way to physically and energetically take on the suffering of those regions by literally eating it, the specific qualms being embedded in the mysterious food. I felt a sense of urgency and indecisiveness that led me to jump around the market, eating food from various places. I caught on to the fact that this was becoming too much emotionally, as I gorged and took in as much suffering as I could from the places I wished to help, seemed logical. Overcome by sorrow I was weeping profusely. Eventually consoled by another member of the group, I was provided a pro-tip to simply choose one place. The emotional release that followed is a common theme throughout my dreams, a brief moment of catharsis that is usually followed by stability and confidence. This very well could have marked the transition into the next phase of the dream. Though I don’t have strong connections to Greece, that is where I landed as the food station I stopped eating at (there was a sense of “fullness”, that I’d taken in as much as I could handle for this first round).

The female voice took the stage once again and announced we’d be moving into the segment where I’d learn how to fly. This wasn’t the same type of flying that occurred for me in other dreams, but a type of flying that involved transforming oneself from a dream body into a body of light energy. The instruction held an enormity of wisdom. The voice instructed us (myself and the fellow healers, there were many) to first close our eyes. I followed willfully and noticed a visual field similar to that of meditation with some display of moving color to see but nothing out of the ordinary. The second part of the instruction added the peak part of the dream that I felt had a lot of depth. She (the familiar voice) said to generate a light within, which was intimately cultivated from the connections shared by all people in the room – from the hearts of these people. It would start from within but had to be grown and nourished by feeling the presence of others doing this same exercise around me, not something one could do alone. It is difficult to explain this, as I don’t normally visualize a group’s intention to heal the world as light - this was new for me. Within the visual field of my closed eyes, a profoundly luminous glowing light began to emerge from the void and the voice instructed us to focus closely on how this light is not the work of any of us individually, but something collective that we can give more potency to by putting our close attention towards it. The light became overwhelmingly strong, which seems to be how it led to the ability to fly! Becoming this light was something much different than the dream body, something that could easily move swiftly through the air at whatever speed necessary – this light was more or less the same as the air it moved through, just an awareness that flowed freely, free of any personhood. This all felt like it was coming from a place of compassion, as it was inextricably linked to the shared motivation and not something I had to do alone.

“I” began to see a gaping window that I could continue my flight through and journeyed alone, as the mission to heal the world seemed to require the individuals to set out on their specific place or task. (This reminded me that although we may all want to provide positivity to the world, that might look different for all of us on unique paths). High above the ground, I saw a display of water and industrial buildings that reminded me of entering Chicago from the southern side. Though usually, I do this by road instead of a light body/loving awareness, it made some sense since this is where I currently live an am familiar with the high degree of suffering here. I flew closer to where I could see people, and to my amazement, I could relieve their suffering by simply thinking too! (They couldn’t see me, there was no one to see). This felt like a useful skill, to say the least, but I knew myself to be a trainee in this regard as I was straining myself at times to remember the feeling needed to send that healing energy. As this began happening at a quick speed, I don’t remember the granular details of each encounter. It was all very simple, 1) sense suffering, 2) send healing energy. There was one interaction that felt more difficult but amazed me how I could change the narrative from afar. I sensed a man to have malicious intent towards the female partner he was with and was considering doing something he’d later regret. I cultivated a strong intention to heal and watched as the hardened and frightened look on this man’s face transformed into a happy and peaceful face, directly changing his attitude towards the female partner. This was all taking place in the public space of the city, so I was not judging visual cues but instead felt like I was reading the dream character’s mind and mental afflictions. There was another interesting interaction where I flew closer to the ground and met the gaze of a man that held no suffering to address. It wasn’t gazing in a way of the eyes, but a mutual understanding of each other’s presence. The man was old and wise, walking with a family member. His gaze felt like an acknowledgment or encouragement to continue on. The dream began to fade. I feel this was attributed to the growing sense of straining myself to use my two special powers in this dream, to fly and to heal. Nonetheless, I felt upon awakening a sense that I could further understand how to apply this to waking life. By remembering the shared intention in the growing community of contemplative practitioners to offer a more helpful way of being in the world, a higher state of consciousness, one that cuts through the mental afflictions that so many suffer through, I could partake in this larger initiative.

I will comment on this thread if I somehow make my way back to the setting in this dream.


Hi Max. Thanks for sharing this detail. I teared up a bit as I read through the account of your experience. Perhaps in a sequel/prequel, you’ll sense a 'Soapmaker ’ who looks a little like me interested in joining your group. LOL!

I especially loved the part where you knew you could just ‘think,’ healing. Me too.


This was such an inspiring and treasure of a dream to read about. Thank you for sharing!!


What an amazing dream. Very moved by it. I’d be happy to be part of this group also :gift_heart:

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