OBE or just strong lucidity

I need to share this recent experience so that some light can shine on it and perhaps illuminate it for better personal understanding.

It was a Saturday morning and I had planned for a possible lie-in period after dawn. The dreams during the night were strong and very clear. I arose at my normal time (4:00 AM) and went about my usual routine of mild exercise and yoga followed by T’ai Chi. After a little over two hours I showered and returned to bed.

I have a somewhat personalized meditation protocol that I go to at these times. It involves dissolving my physical body into emptiness, gathering energy from around me, and then letting that energy become light within my body. It can be very powerful and can lead to glimpses of clear light.

This particular morning I spent a great deal of time at this protocol with no goal in mind other than experiencing the luminous emptiness. When I felt myself starting to fall asleep I rolled over to my sleep position. I noticed that there was daylight coming through the window and the clock read 7:39.

As sleep began to take me I suddenly felt myself rushing through space. The feeling was visceral. When I opened my eyes I was in the sky outside of my house looking down at the house and the surroundings. It was daylight but everything was misty. I was ecstatic and I soared up and into the sky. When I found myself back above my house I stopped and tried to gain clarity…I knew that my dreams had been extremely clear and the mist did not seem right. I felt myself waking and went with it.

I opened my eyes in bed and smiled. I looked at the clock…8:13. I have never had that kind of stable and strong lucidity in the dream. I rose and went into the bathroom. When I looked out the window I froze. Outside, the landscape was shrouded in thick fog. There is not often fog in January where I live and there had been no mention of it in the weather.

I entered this in my journal then dressed and went for a long walk through that fog…pondering my experience.

I’m still pondering it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting experience. If this happened to me I would interpret it as an “OBE” type experience, emphasis on experience, with no particular reason to believe I was literally outside my body. And I would be very happy to have experienced it. :slight_smile:

Also, I love fog and would have done as you did and gone for a long walk through it.


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Yes…what I have now read about OBEs is that they tend to find the person outside of their body looking back down at their physical body. My experience was very different than that.

I am still struggling to understand how I was able to perceive the fog…which turned out to be very real and quite anomalous.

So much to still learn about how our brains function in there grey areas (pun intended). :grinning:


Maybe you detected something associated with fog at an unconscious level. For example, things sound different in fog, so maybe you heard sounds from outside that were typical of fog and that became incorporated into your dream.


That very well could be, Arthur. I accept and revel in the wonder of that experience however it was manifested.

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Wonderful experience! I have come to hold these types of lucid dreams as nothing to analyse but simply a reminder that we are indeed more than a physical body and there is more to explore regarding our true nature. In these types of lucid dreams I ask to be taken further, higher, deeper to Truth. I also learned each lucid experience prepares us (energy adjustments of some sort) for exploring a higher state of awareness. Ultimate truth, the clear Light is there beyond the mind created states. How exciting, you are on your way!


I remember being confused for many years about where I was going at night. I thought surely it wasn’t an out of body experience since I never actually saw my body in bed. Although I have seen my body in bed many times since then, I also know that I can and do leave my body and may not ever see my body in bed. I believe one is in a higher realm (for lack of a better word) when we are further away from our physical body.
To not get caught up in terminology can’t we just call them all lucid dreams or all out of body experiences. I don’t think any exact term will ever be correct. I see them as varying degrees of density and attachment to the physical. The physical realm being the most dense and Clear Light of consciousness being the least dense and the least attached to the physical.
I wouldn’t get caught up on analyzing the fog. These experiences are still mind created at some level. I would think more about how it felt when you weren’t attached to your physical body; the taste you got of your true nature. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. I love talking about lucid dreaming and consciousness.

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Totally agree!!!

These tastes…these glimpses through the samsaric fog…inch us closer to the true nature of mind, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

The more I gaze…the more I crave to see.