Making a Friend Who Claims She is Also Dreaming

I met someone in my dream last night who claimed that she was also dreaming. I assume that I met a part of “myself”–perhaps a female archetype of my male identity–but she seemed so real, with a distinct personality, body, name and history, We had a wonderful time together, and she seemed to know many things about the dream location where she lived in real life (Singapore). Sigh. I enjoyed our time together so much. I’m a bit baffled by the whole thing.

Thanks for any insights.


Sounds so interesting. What did she look like?

there is a message and or messages that are laced into that dream. I am not sure what they are, but anytime you have an abnormally vivid dream, and or wake up with a feeling of euphoria, you should take note.

My lucid dreams have an almost physical reality to them: they feel solid and stable. When I try to wake up, consciously willing myself to “go back to my physical body,” I sometimes struggle because the dream has such a hold on my consciousness. This is a new experience which has arisen without any practice. A bit scary when you try to wake up and can’t do it the first time!


I am jealous!

I can also see how it would be a bit scary, but having lucid dreams that are that stable seems like it would be a perfect opportunity to practice some of the more advanced stages of Dream yoga.

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It’s not as if it happens every night!!! I wish!

But yes, my recent lucid dreams feel like a blessing. I have certainly been setting intentions, but beyond that they have arisen spontaneously. But I’ve been practicing without practicing for decades, going back to reading Carlos Castaneda as a teenager and trying to look at my hands. My intention is certainly to meditate when I dream.

And thanks for responding to these words. I don’t really know why I posted here–just felt compelled to share because the dreams were so amazing.