7th LD since joining NC (first 'WBTB')

Funny how thinking about lucidity or even saying the word lucid doesn’t make us lucid. :sweat_smile: I believe Dr. Clare Johnson talked about that in her podcast with Andrew. Funnily I had a very similar dream last night where I was shouting “I AM LUCID” while beating on a monster. :joy: Will share more in my dream journal.

Interesting that you seemed to become lucid then immediately lost it. I’ve heard that when lucidity hits the environment usually becomes brighter? But here it went monochrome. I guess that might have been an indication that you lost the lucidity? Interesting that this happened so quickly.

Might be a dream sign to pay attention to. Maybe you can even simulate this while awake by turning on your taps, going into another room, then returning, seeing the tap running, asking if you are dreaming, then performing a reality check.

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