👼🏾 Happy Dakini Day — Introducing the Wisdom of the Female Enlightened Dakinis

Thought it would be good to alert anyone interested that Tuesday is Dakini Day in the Tibetan calendar, one that is very auspicious and can be useful on the path. This also coincides with Andrew’s just-released interview with Lama Palden. Be sure to check it out! To find out more about Dakinis and the celebration, see the link below the calendar page.

Tsog dates 2023: Happy Dakini Day — Introducing the Wisdom of the Female Enlightened Dakinis - Buddha Weekly: Buddhist Practices, Mindfulness, Meditation

From the article:

Dakinis: Protective, Mother, Activity, Wisdom

Without contradiction to their role as exemplars of Emptiness, Dakinis can also represent fierce activities (Lion-Faced Dakini, aspects of Tara), and protection (Green Tara and Palden Lhamo) — the ferocious protective love of a mother [For a story on Palden Lhamo, the female protector, view here>>]. Most Tibetan Buddhist temples and meditation centres try to arrange a monthly Tsog on this day each month, with celebrants bringing food as offerings. It is always a happy day, that invites blessings not only for the attendees, but for all sentient beings.


Thank you for letting me know, looking forward to checking out Andrews interview


Thanks Barry,
I live in Spain and always connecting through the recordings. So your information is quite beneficial even if I get it a few days late. Thanks for always sharing rich material that fits Andrew well.


So, you can get ahead, Monday, Nov 20, is Medicine Buddha day, so if you have any lingering illnesses or other issues, a good day to channel the deity.


You rock the buddhadharma!