"If you want something said ask a man, if you want something done..."

I think her response was brilliant. :rofl: :heart_eyes: :rofl:

Well played Nikki :sunglasses:

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Oh, did a transphobic fascist who takes women’s rights away say something clever? Good to know I guess. I hear Hitler had some real zingers too.

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Do you think it is healthy to say these things about people without providing any evidence to support your cliams? Name calling is what middle school girls and boys do. Mature adults see how fickle and unproductive this behavior is.

What were the zingers of Hitler that you found so meaningful?

Do you remember when you falsely accused Lisa Marchiano of being transphobic, and tried to destroy her life and career with misinformation? I remember.

Did you know Hitler used toxic rhetoric and misinformation to destroy peoples’ lives too?

Lisa is a single mother and has a daughter she is trying to support and protect, and those hate filled false attacks you did on Lisa have painful ramifications for her livelihood and her daughters livelihood.

In your quest to end hatred and closedmindeness, you must be very careful to not become what you are trying so hard to fight.

I think a far more healthy and productive approach would be to try to use Compassion and an Openness to solve the worlds problems, and navigate the obsticles (people, places, and things) to those solutions.

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