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In light of “waking up”, I encourage everyone to take a peek at a letter I sent my local politicians. I’m frazzled on research so a couple references may be sketch but with a little digging ‘legit sources’ can be found. I just can’t dig anymore. It’s killing my soul, if I had one.

FYI, I am a wee bit expressive. In a Zoom appointment w/ my immunologist, I said “all this COVID nonsense is BS!” (I’ve been tracking truth from the get-go)

He replied: “You are not wrong.”

I probably sound like a 3rd grader but I’ve regressed lately. Please please please! take the essence and go forth. Share for the love of truth. Help this planet’s biped upright inhabitants - globally - pull their heads out of their arses so we can get back to focusing on things that REALLY matter. :purple_heart: :pray:
(as if we ever did…)

As @Andrew states, “If something AFFECTS you more than it INFORMS you, you’re probably dealing with a projection.”

[ Dear politician, ]

I know you are busy and have utmost respect for the work you do. To work in politics is not for the faint of heart. Please make an effort to read this in it’s entirety. I’ve summarized as best I can.

I seek only to share truth. I’ve struggled with what to send in reaching out to you, and decided on sharing an example of WHAT WORKS.

Necessary approach:
• No blame.
• Let’s just get on with the real solution. (educating the masses and “opening back up”)
• Government forced the economic shut-down based on false information (and perhaps fed the hysteria); thus, government stands responsible to “make right” those who were powerless and displaced/homeless as a result of its decisions.
• Attack only elicits defense = stalemate.


Denmark has defeated COVID-19 (1) - by relaxing lock-down measures.
• Kids went back to school April 17, 2020 (2)
• One month later, ZERO negative effects (3)
• Compare Denmark with the USA, currently. (4)
• A current global view of data shows countries with stricter lock-down measures are faring the worst. Continued increases in cases and deaths. (5)

Greenland, while small, never closed schools as children are MOST resistant. (12 - a highly informative article)


NO testing.
• “Certificates of immunity” (Fauci, 9)(10) will only cause more segregation given the current social climate. Segregation and discrimination are enormous social problems at a precarious edge right now. We MUST NOT feed this mindset.

NO vaccinations.
• Will only feed the health care crisis in the US. Why is there still an insulin shortage? This is the result of Big Pharma, profits, and politics.
• “Many of the new vaccines being created use DNA or mRNA technology which use a faster and less expensive technology. Neither DNA or mRNA vaccines have been tested in large-scale clinical trials. These new technology platforms have been used to develop experimental vaccines for SARS, MERS, and HIV, but so far, none have been proven effective and safe for humans.” (6) (emphasis added)
• “On February 4, 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, there were only 11 active CV cases in the USA, yet the U.S. quietly pushed through Federal regulations giving coronavirus vaccine makers full immunity from liability.” (7)(8) (emphasis added)

(see references below)

Please help spread facts, ease the hysteria, and get this country back on track.
Let’s look at 2 countries that have “defeated COVID-19” as role models.

I am immune compromised (FHL5 w/ CNS involvement) and I approve this message,

Courtney Sorensen
Denver, Colorado


Effects and Implications of COVID misinformation:
• GLOBAL recession
• Focus on “droplets” which no scientist can define - when this is a respiratory illness and passed via aerosol.
• Research showing GOOD NEWS is presented in the doom-and-gloom status-quo flavor. (‘herd mindset’ - Why isn’t the fact that NYC has established ‘herd immunity’ breaking headlines?)
• One sign of ‘flu-like symptoms’ and those living in fear due to the media and other propaganda rush to the hospital. They need to stay home. Most will recover no problem. What causes “rush hour traffic?” Same applies to hospitals and fear.
• Supposed “facts” are obtained from epidemiologists, virologists, infectious disease specialists, Big Pharma, wealthy infestors, and government officials. All come from “worst case scenario” stance. True immunologists (with patient caseloads) know the power of the human innate immune system, yet have have not been consulted.
• The nature of the virus is speed. The nature of society is speed. The virus reflects society. And the virus will burn itself out via speed. (It was not created by China - that is military-based anti-democracy propaganda)
• “Symtpom-less cases” are caused by minute exposure to air-borne virus, but not enough to cause illness. As it’s nature is speed, the virus reproduces instantly - hence can be spread. HOWEVER, the innate immune system is already at work at containing the viral infiltration and producing antibodies before the person ever gets sick. (11)
• The CDC is not a source of truth.


1 -

  • 16,127 Confirmed Cases - unknown population to use as denominator to obtain %. (I’m too exhausted to keep researching, I just long to end needless suffering!)
  • 621 Deaths - Of confirmed cases, just under 0.04% resulted in death. This number will drop if unconfirmed estimated cases are added.
  • Note that spikes correlate with phased openings - to be expected. By staying calm during the initial spike (as opposed to the USA’s paranoia and rage), the virus is allowed to burn itself out.

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Note: an epidemiologist.

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