US folks - be a part of the COVID (+!) solution, join research!

Important! Be a part of clinical research. I cannot format this on email, sorry for the run-on. 1) If you or someone you know has lingering neurological issues after recovering from COVID, consider being a part of medical research using a proven biologic drug. Free testing and treatment - I’ve been Rx’d this and cannot afford it. This is my bodhisattva act.

  1. If your life has been somehow impacted by MS, Parkinsons, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other related neurological and/or so-called “age-related” diseases, and if you are “healthy”, please consider being a “control” on the same study. Access via same link, or here:
    Are you a healthy individual looking to be a part of finding a new treatment for COVID-19? — Immunoe Health & Research Centers

You, too, get all the testing and maybe treatment I can’t afford!

This is done under the guise of COVID but it will reveal the root cause of above-mentioned diseases as well.

Dr. Melamed has been working on this “research paper” for years now but couldn’t get funding. Until now. (now that it’s profitability is obvious) So keep an eye on him and what he finally publishes. Groundbreaking.

Speculation is what has made society unbearable these past few years. Media has played up the speculation, not to mention social media. So while I know generally the link, I won’t feed the speculation phenomenon. Do your own research (I had to! Hint: alpha-1 antitripsyn deficiency does more than impact lungs. Keep diging into the root enzyme. Enzymes are the activity of life! They are the Dharma of the meat-body).

The sad part - this “ignored population” (me!) now has a voice due to the sheer volume of folks who recovered from COVID. Pass the word to those who suffer now as a result.

The virus isn’t the problem. Red herring. But it shifted the stagnant research approaches to prove something deeper. All the articles on potential ‘fixes!’ (vitamin D, vitamin K, lysine, etc) are all true, and barely touch the surface. The issue is with one’s underlying immune substrate, genetic variants, and epigenetics.

If you or anyone you know can help out, please consider being a “control”! :purple_heart:

  • Courtney