Has the coronavirus appeared in your dreams?

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I’m going to post an article about this in the next day or so.


I was feverish yesterday and my dreams last night were scattered and foggy at best…they have been very clear of late. I could not get into the rhythm of my nightly protocols. This dream stuck out:

*I am standing at the edge of a field of newly planted trees looking around and thinking that I had planted them. Suddenly I motorcyclist flies from the upper field going backwards through the air. I turn and follow his progress as he lands facing forward and zooms off.

When I turn back around I am facing a large group of very small men. They are all dressed in white. They press in on me as lucidity blooms. The leader of the group comes right up to me…he only comes up as high as my chest. He has longish black hair and a thin black moustache. He is grinning but it is not a pleasant grin. I feel very threatened but I cannot move as I should.

He says that sometimes when life says to zig…you zag…as they all press in on me. I lash out at them and then, as I am waking up, I cry out…“But this is a dream” .

Today I have all of the classic early symptoms of COVID-19.


Take care, @Steve_Gleason.

I’m ordering a mask in your honor (you’re not going anywhere, but you’re the first person I’ve ‘heard’ personally actually come down with the signs).

Just read Day 7 is an important day - linked from The Lancet.


links to the system China set up, DXY:


Which has advice as they were the epicenter…
(it’s in english, or there is a “read in english” button upper left)



From my QiGong Teacher

Hiya, Hope all are well. The focus of this message is “reinforcement”…as in “here’s another reason to keep training”.

I saw an interview of Chris Cuomo (brother of the Gov. and a TV personality) on how he survived the virus…four days in he started to feel worse and he got a call from a doctor who was looking at the x-rays of his lungs…and was alarmed!

He told Chris that the virus wanted him to rest and take it easy…like you are supposed to do with an infection…WRONG!..the doc told Chris that even though it felt really bad, he had to do three things:

Get up and move.

Especially move the arms above the head.

Breath deeply

----This is after you are showing symptoms! So, if you do get sick, keep training, it may make a difference. Let me be clear! Don’t rest all of the time. You need to stay active as long as you can. Work the lungs with deep breaths and movement, especially movements involving the arms above the head.

Sounds like qigong/tai chi to me.

This doctor went on to say that the above would help keep the lungs working, rather then adopting a sedentary response, which makes things a lot worse.

Again, this is Qigong and or Tai Chi—deep breathing, slow movements, hands up.

This info sounds pretty good to me.

Stay Safe


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Sorry to hear you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, Steve. I hope you have a fairly mild case of it. Please do take good care of yourself, and especially seek medical attention if you become short of breath. :heart:


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Take care! Praying its mild

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Thanks so much to all of you for the support. The symptoms have set in strongly but they look to be mild so far.

We will all get through this together.


I had to change my vote! Ended up having one last night.
Wasn’t lucid or anything though and I only remember a few glimpses of it.
In lockdown with my wife and kids at my childhood home wondering where my parents were staying.


My wife is now referring to the virus as Corona Rimpoche.


@Steve_Gleason ^^^^^ that.

A friend who has Tai Chi as “her thing” - in the QiGong family as part of the overall “martial arts” said the same to me. You want to breathe into that 5th lobe.

The way she explained it was while standing, imagine a pool inner-tube around your waist.

(we’ll go w/ a flamingo in lieu of a peacock :upside_down_face:)

Imagine you feel it all the way around. Then as you inhale, you body is pushing against every point of contact of the tube around your skin. So it’s not just “abdominal breathing” where the belly pushes frontally. Your breath is expanding your bodwaist area in all directions.

I just tried it and it had focus to relax all sorts of muscles in the back, abs, perineum, hip flexors. “Where your mind goes, the chi flows” they say. The breath can follow too.

Mini standing meditations! Allow the tickling and “need to cough” sensations and try keep the mind’s attention on feeling the “inner tube”.

Or, you may just blow up into spontaneous coughing!

And to ease your mind, I found the data I’ve been searching for on this. Scroll down to Reported cases. That comes from the data in the first link above, but they added context - FINALLY! The numbers reported are per One Million people.

Do the math. I had to double-check online percentage calculators. :slight_smile:

The speed of contagion is the problem, not the # of cases nor the mortality rate:


People freaking out is the other problem - hoarding food and supplies is an attempt at feeling a sense of control in a situation that is beyond their control. They don’t realize they never were in control until something like this comes along. I’m working on my compassion.

So turn the off the news feeds and set the phone aside. Power off the “crime time victim show” (-Al Jourgenson). Fevers suck (sweats, aches, can’t sleep), but it’s the body’s way to work with invasion. I hope you can find a balance between comfort and the body’s defenses.

Oh and I made a mask!
Just have to sew the elastic then I’ll share a pic. Pretty sure it doesn’t do anything as the “real masks” are reserved for health professionals - this is for a reason. But it will calm down other people and not provoke their [fear → outrage] response.

Off for my bi-monthly FB “inflammatory” post!

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Thanks for posting. I’m blowing up my flamingie as we speak.

My brother was on a cruise in early January. He recalls a passenger being medically airlifted from the vessel during the voyage and then, near the end of the month while in Hungary, having a severe coughing fit and slight temperature for about 24 hours before the symptoms subsided. He went on to feel better in a couple of days. He thinks he may have had the then-unknown virus and it passed through him like the known flu we defend against. With recent information that suggests infections in the USA began earlier, in the Fall—particularly along the west coast, those graphs may need some adjusting, in retrospect.

Masks 'R Us . . .